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This page contains all the newest changes listed in the new section of The Lauderdale County Home Page. The most recent new pages will be at the top. The first three are the same as what is on the home page. This page will keep you from missing anything if you haven't been on for a while. Please keep in mind that older items may have been removed.


The 2007 Lauderdale County Fair Fireworks show.

Unofficial 2006 local election results are here.

Sign up for the Rotary Club of Halls-Gates 4th Annual 4-person Golf Scramble to raise money for improvements at Halls Crichfield Park. The event will take place May 19, 2006 at The Farms in Dyersburg.

Teachers may obtain the forms necessary for the 2004-2005 Bank of Ripley's Expanding Minds Grants (formerly known as minigrants). These grants have been available to Lauderdale County educators since 1996.

Information about the Halls Street Festival.

Every year the tomato festival is the place to be in the summer in Lauderdale County.

The community events calendar is now located at The Bank of Ripley continues to provide this service to the Lauderdale County Community. Contact information about placing events on this page is located at the bottom of the calendar.

The Bank of Ripley has annouced the Mini-Grant Winners for the 2001-2002 school year. A collection of photographs of the winner can be seen on this Photo Page.

A new quick link now appears on the Lauderdale County Home Page. This link allows you to check you lctn mail from most web browsers, from most computers, anywhere in the world using just about any internet service provider. Unlike POP3 mail programs like Outlook, Web Mail uses a web interface and retains your mail on the servers at ECSIS.NET. You can check your mail on the road, and it will be waiting for you on your primary PC using Outlook Express when you get home.

Isn't it time you got a faster connection to the internet? If you already have a second phone line just for your computer, you can go 64K ISDN for about the same monthly cost. Here are the details.

Check out these pictures from Halls Air Sho' 2000.

It is fall! Check out what is happening at Ripley Parks & Rec for Fall 2000 : Gymnastics, Flag Football, Soccer, and Tackle Football.

Just around the corner is Halls Air Sho 2000. Make plans to be there this year.

Although not new, the Want ads have helped many people sell and find many different types of items. Why not take the time to visit this page and see if something interests you or post an item you've been wanting to sell? The Lauderdale County Want Ads are a free service from CSS Internet Services to individuals.

Halls recently hosted the Dixie Youth District 9 All-Star Tournament.

The Tennessee Historical Society brings to Lauderdale County a Traveling Exhibition from the Tennessee State Museum. This will the premier site in West Tennessee and will be loacted at the main branch of Bank of Ripley located on the square in downtown Ripley.

Do you or your children need something to do this winter? See what is happening at Ripley Parks & Rec for Winter 2000.

Welcome to the web Ripley First Baptist. If you would like to put a page up for your church and have it linked into the Lauderdale County Religion Page, just drop me a line at Thanks!

It is Air Sho time. Makes plans now to visit this year's show, "Year of the Fighter". Also, visit the Air Sho Photo Gallery if you need help being convinced that Halls is the place to be on August 28th and 29th, 1999.

Bank of Halls jumps onto the internet offering online banking and more. Check them out!

The 16th annual Lauderdale County Tomato Festival.

Follow your favorite softball or baseball team from Lauderdale Counties Sports Ticker Page. From there you will find links to schedules and standings for several Lauderdale County teams. If your team or league is not listed let us know. If your standings are not up to date, make sure your league commissioner is reporting the standings to the Ripley Parks office or to Robert Jones in Halls.

Oh my gosh! A new virus is out that can delete your hard drive and all floppy disks within twenty feet of your computer. Read about it.

The Learn the Net link has been moved to the New User's Page. We now have a time and temp sticker from the Weather Underground on the lctn home page. It shows the time and temp the last time the page was refreshed as opposed to current information. I'm looking for a Java app that will stay current. It also seems people behind proxies and caches are not getting up-to-date images. These poeple include the school system, AOL and webTV.

A special message to the citizens of Halls from Ripley Power and Light Company.

Bank of Ripley has had a web "facelift" and started their "search for the treasure" game anew for 1999 to encourage users to check out all the new things on their pages. Surfers now look for something Ozzie has misplaced. Visit their site and see if you can win a prize in the hunt for the lost piggy bank. He should have deposited his money safely at Bank of Ripley. On major addition to the Bank of Ripley web site is Ozzie's Page with lots of fun and facts for kids of all ages. And as always in the past, Bank of Ripley sponsor's the Calendar of Events for Lauderdale County. A link is provide on the Lauderdale County Home Page in the Quick Links section.

A tornado bounced through Halls on January 17, 1999. Check out these exclusive pictures.

There have several updates made to the Ripley Parks & Recreation Page.

A local copy of Department 56 1998 Snowbaby retirements is available. Check out Arnold's Drug Company for all your Snowbaby needs.

Arnold's Drug Company is having a grand opening for their Christmas Store from November 5-7. Visit their web page for a sneak peek and be sure and come by for a large selection of Christmas items.

Welcome Mt. Zion CME Church to the growing list of Lauderdale County Churches on the internet. For other local churches consult the Lauderdale County Religion Page.

Halls Tiger football fans will love this page by Jim Vaden.

The Media Page has been expanded to include national news sources. Check it out.

Lauderdale County is a great place to live and visit. Look at 35 Reasons to Visit and Enjoy Lauderdale County from the Lauderdale County Chamber of Commerse. Thanks to Susan Tolene for laying out this page.

Ripley is hosting the state tournament for Dixie Angels Softball. This is 9-10 girls. As host, Ripley's Angels All-Star girls will be in the tournament. State tournaments very rarely come around. Why not catch a few games at Ripley New Park? The games begin July 18 and last at least through July 22.

August is fast approaching and that means Halls Air Sho '98 is just around the corner. Thanks to BV's Electronics for developing this year's air show page.

Halls host Dixie Youth District 9, South Sub-District All-Star Tournament.

Ripley hosts Dixie Youth AAA District 9, South Sub-District All-Star Tournament.

Get information about 15th Annual Lauderdale County Tomato Festival which will be July 9-11, 1998 at Ripley Park and other places thoughout Lauderdale County.

Halls Parks & Rec. announces Dixie Youth City Tournament pairings for week of June 22.

The Lauderdale County Education Page now has links to both Ripley High School and Halls High School pages on the Board of Education's web server.

So far two local youth teams have been bold enough to put up team pages. Check out Halls Dixie Youth Tigers and Halls Dixie Youth AAA Astros. To put your team up, click here.

Youth baseball and softball seasons are underway. Check out Halls Parks & Recreation and Ripley Parks & Recreation for a few of the league's schedules and standings. If you want your Lauderdale County league listed Let me know. All I need is the schedule up front and the standings at least once week.

The Lauderdale County Humor Pages have been drastically increased. Stop by and have a laugh.

The stage for the Road to the Final Four is set. Folks like me have to follow their team in the NIT Tournament. It will be a task keeping these things up-to-date when the action gets hot and heavy, but I'll do what I can....

Check out Arnolds Drug Company now on the web.

Follow the Conference USA Tournament or the SEC Tournament.

The Utility Pages for Lauderdale County have undergone a major facelift. It is here you will find loads of software and help pages for using the internet. Thanks to John Jenkins for putting all this together.

Need a laugh? Check out the new Lauderdale County Humor Pages. If you've enjoyed some of Susan's posting on the chalkboard you'll love these.

If you haven't seen the Halls High School pages lately, you haven't seen the... you know the spill. Check them out, some of Lauderdale County's finest showing off for the world. The guidance section is really nice with all the links to local colleges.

Merry ChristmasHave a Merry Christmas from CSS Internet Services.

1997 Department 56 Retirement Pieces - Seems every collecter in the world was trying to access the Department 56 site today (Nov 7, 1997). This is a link to a list of the retirement pieces stored on the LCTN server. On December 5 check out snowbaby retirements.

There were neat things that happened in Gates a few weekends ago. Check out Lanette's October Fest Page.

The 8th Annual Festival of Quilts will be October 16 - November 5 at the Bank of Ripley.

The communication and media technology class at Halls High School posted some pages with information, schedules, and general interest about their school. The students of this class are making their debut on the internet world and I must say I am impressed. CSS donated the space for this project. Teachers of other schools are welcome to do the same. Contact me at

Lose weight now. Other neat products, too. Check out D&B; Distributors. Natural ingredients.

Ripley Parks and Recreation 1997 Fall Programs

Wow! Harold Thomas knocked my socks off by coming up with this web page out of the blue for Ripley Church of Christ in no time.

Air Sho 97

Susan Tolene comes through again with a Parenting Links Page. The Kidz Lynx has been updated as well.

Community - Calendar of Events is up now and sponsored by The Bank of Ripley.

CSS Utilities Page has all kinds of stuff about the web, including links to web authoring tools, browsers, plug ins and more. Check this stuff out. Thanks to John Jenkins for putting it together.

The Bank of Ripley has a neat little site. Check them out.

I would like to welcome Ripley Parks & Recreation on line. They will be providing standings and other information about the youth sports programs in Ripley. They also plan a page with information about other goings on at the park. They will have an e-mail account as well. Watch here for more information.

Got an item to sell, swap, to want to buy something? Try the new Lauderdale Want Ads. They are a free service to all from CSS Internet Services.

Thanks to Lowell Tillman we have a page for Halls First Baptist Church. I invite other churches to send in there web page.

Change your password with these Instructions. Works for folks who don't have a telnet client

Susan Tolene comes through again! Check out our own Kidz Lynx page. This link has always been in the Quick Links section of the Lauderdale County Home Page. Only now there is something there other than a link to Dyersburg's kids page.

The Lauderdale Chalkboard is now ready for use. It is in its infancy, so please give it a chance. Thanks!

Check out Lauderdale County Religion. Thanks to Susan Tolene for providing the information. Please E-Mail any corrections/additions. Thanks!

We welcome Compusolve to the line up of Lauderdale County businesses on the web. Check them and other business out from The Lauderdale County Business Page.

If you haven't seen The Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce page lately, you haven't.... you know the spill. The chamber is just getting on board. Kerry Watson, the new director has big plans for the page. Attracting new industry is an important task for the chamber and REDC. Lauderdale County Christmas Links and with your help more links will be added. E-Mail your favorite Christmas links to

The Lauderdale County Weather Links page as had a lot of new links added since it was first put up. Have you checked it out lately.

Ripley Economic Development Corporation

Check out a new photo each week from Halls Sports Weekly.

Murray Hudson Books & Map - check it out!

Bryan Hartman has done his own personal page. This page is best view with IE 3.0 or better.

Check out BV's Electronics! They have Cellular One, Home & Car Auto, Pagers, NASCAR Collectables and more to come.

Be sure and visit the Lauderdale County Politics Page. There will be more added to this between now and election day!

RDH Information Systems can manage your inventory, reduce shipping errors, increase turns, and more. Check them out!

If you need something to do (as in physical activity), check out Ripley Parks and Recreation.

Precision Technologies - They have monthly specials on computer systems posted, go check them out.

Leave any comments about CSS Internet Services or The Lauderdale County Pages on our new Comment Form.

Halls Air Sho '96 - I will be adding lots to this page in the coming weeks, so check it often!

D & D Discounts - For a wide variety of everything!

1996 13th Annual Lauderdale County Tomato Festival

H&A; Quick Stop is the place to go for good food and fast service. Located at highway 88 and 51.

John Jenkins & Family have taken that first brave step in posting a personal web page. We encourage other CSS Internet Service users to put up their pages.

Halls Hosts Dixie Youth Major Sub-District

Ripley Hosts Dixie Youth AAA Sub-District

Halls Furniture Outlet - need a couch, computer desk or greenery?

Halls Dixie Youth Astros page demostrates the fun you can have doing trival stuff.

The classfieds are starting to come together. All we need is some advertisers.

Check out Jim's Tiger's Page.

We have added several features to the Search Engines Page.

Lauderdale County Government Links - Links to the Pres, Newt and all the boys. Also, some cool pics of Ripley and Halls.

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Most things are new these first few weeks of the Lauderdale County Pages. Checkout All the links for every page in no particular order.

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