1998 Dixie Youth AAA All-Star Tournament

Ripley Hosts District 9, South Sub District Tournament

Double Elimination with last two teams advancing to district

The Teams

The Bracket
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 CHAMPION

Ripley National Dyersburg American Dyersburg National Dyersburg National Winner 8 Winner 9
Game 1 - 7/3/98 6pm
Dyersburg American
Game 3 - 7/4/98 2pm
Dyersburg National
Game 6 - 7/5/98 2pm
Halls Halls
Game 2 - 7/3/98 8pm
Ripley American
To be played at district
Ripley National Ripley American Dyersburg American Dyersburg American
Game 4 - 7/4/98 4pm
Ripley American
Game 5 - 7/7/98 2pm
Dyersburg American
Game 7 - 7/8/98 7pm
Game 9 - Not needed
if necessary

Two teams will advance to district

The road out

The way out for any team is to lose any 2 games.

The road in

Ripley Nationals and Dyersburg American - The paths in for these two teams are as follows 3 wins and you're in. Two wins, a loss, followed by a little help or a lucky coin toss and you are in, the unlucky coin toss would require a win in game #8. A win, a loss, then 2 wins. A loss, then 3 straight wins.

Halls and Ripley American - 3 wins and you are in. 2 wins, a loss, and a lucky coin toss, the unlucky coin toss requires a win in game 8. 1 win, a win by Dyersburg National in game 3, then a win over Dyersburg National in game 6 and you get in on 2 wins. 1 win, a loss, and a win and you are in. 1 loss, then 3 wins.

Dyersburg National - The best seeding gets in on 2 wins. Other ways in are 1 win, 1 loss, then 1 win. 1 loss followed by 2 wins - if the second win is over an undefeated Halls or Ripley American, a lucky coin toss could get you in, otherwise a win in game 8 would be needed - if the second win eliminated a team, you are in.

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