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What is searching anyway?

Searching the web is the act of looking for a desired topic on the internet. A lot of internet address you may know. For instance, most everyone knows for the weather, you can open This is the Weather Channel's web site. There are several other weather sites on the internet. On the Lauderdale County Weather Links page there are links to many of these weather sites with information about local area weather. If you wanted the weather in Tokyo, Japan, you may want to search for a local source. While The Weather Channel may have some information it may not be as detailed as you would like. Click on Excite! above then type Tokyo Japan weather, click search, then come back here and continue reading.
You should have gotten a page of links about Tokyo including weather information. Searches are used when you don't know the web address of the topic you are looking for.
Some search engine are catagorized, most notably Yahoo. Yahoo doesn't have as many matches as other search engines, so it may be easier to find what you are looking for there. Harder to find topics may need to use those like Excite and Alta Vista. These search engines have catagories in addition to a global text based search. When you do a global text search, you asking the search engine to give you a list of all pages that contain the words you typed in.
"Searches are used when you don't know the web address of the topic you are looking for."
Another type of search engine is a metasearch. This type searches several different search engines for your text. One example of this is Dog Pile. You will get an overwhelming number of matches on your search critia.
Advance search methods let you include and preclude other words with your search. With this you could look for web pages on, for example, Lauderdale County while excluding Halls. Explaining this is beyond the scope of the short introduction to search engines.

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