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35 Reasons To Visit and Enjoy Lauderdale County!





1. Alex Haley Birthplace & Museum - (F-9)
Alex Haley's boyhood home
2008. Church Street, Henning, TN (731-738-2240) -Located
35 miles north of Memphis, this site was home to the 1976
Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist, Alex Haley. Haley's book,
Roots, received international acclaim and spurred millions to research their own ancestry. Open tours by appointment.

2. Bethlehem Cemetery - (H-9)
Hwy 51 North and Hwy 87 East, Henning, TN (731-738-
2240) - This is the Haley family burial plot where Chicken
George is buried.

3. First Presbyterian Church - (H-7)
130 N. Jefferson, Ripley TN (731-635-9751) - Established
1852; present sanctuary built in 1892. Bell (which is still in
use) is made of silver dollars donated to casting.

4. Fort Pillow Civil War Site - (B-9)
Henning, TN (731-738-5581 or 635-9541) - Located off TN
Hwy. 51 South, west on Hwy 87, approximately 30 miles west
of Ripley overlooking the Mississippi River. Civil War
reenactments are held each April/Oct. Interpretive center/
museum/wildlife observation area. More info about Fort Pillow
Map of Fort Pillow

5. Halls Dyersburg Army Air base - (H-4)
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190 Co-op Dr, Halls, TN (836-9737 or 635-9541) - This
airfield was in operation from 1942 to 1945. Thousands of
airmen took their last statewide training here before going
into combat overseas. Training received here in flying B-17
Flying Fortresses played a key role in preparing U.S. bomber
crews for combat in World War II. Site of Annual Air Sho. AIR SHO' 98

6. Halls Main Street - (I-4)
Halls, TN (731-836-9653)
1940's Town - Enjoy a walk through the Main Street, Front
Street area. Several unique shops located in the town.

7. Halls Public Library - (I-4)
Halls Public Library
110 N. Church St., Halls, TN (731-836-5302)
Housed in a 1930 "art deco" - Sinclair Service Station.

8. Henning Main Street - (F-9)
Henning, TN (731-738-5055)-A typical turn of 19th Century
town. Henning is a quiet, picturesque town of Victorian
houses and turn-of-the-century store fronts. It was founded
in 1873 close to the tracks of the Illinois Central Railroad
and developed industries based on the saw mill, grist mill,
and cotton gin. Browse through antique shops located on
Main Street or a walking/driving tour or the area. Stop at the
gazebo for a rest.

9. Joseph S. Williams Cemetery - (H-7)
Lake Drive, Ripley TN (731-635-9541)
Oldest cemetery in Ripley. Famed author buried here.

10. KeyCorner- (F-4)
Hwy 51 North, Halls, TN
Oldest settlement in Lauderdale Co. Monument erected to
honor the surveyor of Lauderdale County, Henry Rutherford.

11. Lauderdale County Courthouse - (H-7)
Court Square, Ripley TN (731-635-3500) - Erected during
the 1930's by WPA workers. This beautiful building is listed
on the National Historical Register. The center of the lobby
has a colorful map of Lauderdale County made of tile.

12. Nutbush- (L-7)
Nearby Haywood County
(731-772-4265 or 772-8157) - Birthplace of queen of rock &
roll music, Tina Turner. She lived in Nutbush until she left at
age 16 to become one of the top recording artists in history.
A Tina Turner Day Celebration is held each August. Call for
guided tours of Nutbush area.

13. Ripley Post Office - (H-7)
117 Jackson St., Ripley TN (731-635-9691) - Built (circa
1930) by WPA workers. A beautiful oil mural In the lobby.
Listed on the national historical register of post offices.

14. Sugar Hill Library - (H-7)
123 Jefferson St., Ripley TN (731-635-1872) - Sugar Hill
Library, housed in the first wood frame house built in Ripley,
has available the largest rural library collection of genealogy

15. Veterans Museum - (H-4)
Arnold Field, Halls, TN (731-836-7400) - Established 1996.
Houses many items of war and armed service- WWl- to

16. Wardlaw Steele Home - (H-7)
128 Wardlaw St., Ripley TN (731-635-7196) - (Circa 1842)
- Walk or driving tour. Ante-bellum Home. Listed on National
Historical Register.


17. Alex Haley Roadside Rest Area - (E-10)
Hwy 51 South, Henning, TN (731-738-2490) - Enjoy a
relaxing time picnicking in this beautiful rest area. Information
center open daily.

18. Critchfield Park - (H-5)
Main St., Halls, TN (731-836-9653)
Ball field, tennis courts, walking track.

19. Fort Pillow State Park - (B-9)
Located approximately 30 miles west of Ripley. At the Visitor
Information Center, you can receive information on camping,
hiking, group camping for scouts, playground, fishing,
reproduction of the fort, the swinging bridge and many more
interesting facts about this area.

20. Heritage Park & Museum - (F-9)
Henning, TN (731-738-5055) - Enjoy browsing in the caboose
museum which houses Dickens Village.

21. Railroad Park - (H-S)
Halls Parks
Halls, TN (731-836-9653)
Located in the center of town. Enjoy a relaxing sit.

22. WG.L Rice Memorial Park - (H-7)
Ripley TN (731-635-9541)- Through a gift by the Rice Family
- Home to many African-American events. Noted for the
famed Labor Day Celebration.

23. Ripley City Park - (H-7)
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200 Mary Roberts Or, Ripley TN (731-635-4645) - Offers
programs for children, adults and senior citizens. State of
the art facilities include 4 multi-purpose athletic fields, walking
track and water slide.

24. Rolling Hills Country Club - (H-7)
502 Country Club Road, Ripley TN (731-635-2957)- Offers
its members a clubhouse, dining room, 9-hole golf course,
wading pool, swimming pool and tennis courts.


25. Hands Across America - (F-7)
The 1986 efforts across the nation to help feed the hungry
and homeless in America. Americans joined hands from
New York to Los Angeles. Ripley was center point America
at the intersection of Cleveland St. and Hwy 51.

26. Chisholm Lake & Open Lake - (D-6)
(731-635-7223) Scenic view of wetlands. Sportsman
paradise. Route of the Mississippi River Bike Trail.

27. Choctaw Reservation - (E-8)
Hwy. 51/Hwy. 87 intersection (731-738-2951 or 635-9541) -
The Choctaw Indian Festival is held the last week in October
each year where native Americans share their skills,
traditions, dances and culture.

28. Halls Gin Company - (G-4)
1279 Industrial Road, Halls, TN- This modern, computerized
gin, located adjacent the Halls' World War Dyersburg Army
Air base, was established by a unique group of cotton
producers in the early 1990's. Over 20,000 bales annually
of our coveted 'White Gold" is processed during the fall
harvest season (September-December)

29. Feist's Art Studio & Gallery - (H-7)
121 N. Main, Ripley, TN (On the square) (731-635-1891)

30. Lauderdale Cellars - (F4)
1900 Hwy 51 South, Ripley, TN (731-635-4321)- Tours and
gift shop and wine tasting. Lauderdale Cellars is a small, family
owned winery dedicated to producing a variety of fine wine
to please all tastes including assorted fruit wines from sweet to dry-
even the nationally famed "Ripley, TN" tomatoes are made into wine.

31. Mississippi River Bike Trail - (D-9)
(731-635-9541) Biking enthusiasts travel 57 miles over the
back roads of Lauderdale County and view the scenic area
of the Mississippi River bottom lands of the Chickasaw Bluff.
Trail clearly marked by the green "MRT" logo. The Tennessee
section is the first to open to later stretch along back roads
from St. Louis to New Orleans.

32. Murray Hudson's Antiquarian Books & Maps - (I-4)
109 S. Church St., Halls, TN (731-635-9864 or 635-5405) -
This is a must see for collectors, visitors or someone who
wants to start their own collection.

33. Summar's Tomato Patch - (H-7)
1970 Old Brownsville Road, Ripley TN (731-635-9864 or
635-5405) - See firsthand how tomatoes are grown, picked,
graded, packed for shipment. Taste some fresh ones and
meet "Hut".

34. The Paschal House - (H-7)
234 Lackey Lane, Ripley TN (731-635-0347) - Tour this
uniquely furnished Cape Cod home and garden. Enjoy a
mini Christian music concert by Dr. Bette Stalnecker. Meals
by appointment. Take a virtual tour.

35. Wildlife Observation - (G-3)
Halls, TN (731-635-9541 or 635-7223)
A "must see" for those who enjoy birds, animals, out of doors.

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