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Multimedia Accessories for Windows 95/98
Click to go to the Apple Home Page
Quick Time for Windows 95
  • (filename:Qteasy32.exe) (2.5MB) (5/30/97) 
Contains ALL the latest "release" version currently available Quick Time Programs, plugins, ect. for Win95 and Netscape. Run this exe and it will allow you to install as much or as little of it as you like, checking your software to see what needs upgrading by comparing all the file versions as it installs. 
Click to go to the Apple Home Page
 Quick Time 3.0 for Windows 95

System Requirements 

    • Any 486DX-based computer at 66Mhz or faster, any Pentium-based computer, or any MPC2 compliant  PC
    • 16MB RAM
    • Sound Blaster Compatible Card
    • Installation of Direct X version 3.0 or higher is recommended for best performance
    • Installation of DirectDraw andDirectSound drivers is recommended for best performance 
  • Version 3 of the QuickTime program described above
  • (filename: QuickTime30.exe (7029 Kb) (date: 02/16/99)


For More Information try the Quicktime Home Page at Apple Computers at

Quick Time 4.0 for Windows 9x
  • File name:QuickTimeInstaller.exe; size 489 kb uploaded:3-15-2000
  • For the specifications on this go here
  • This is an installer download similiar to the way one acquires Internet Explorer 5 or Outlook 98 from Microsoft. The procedure for those who don't know, is simple, download this file, while connected to the internet, run it, then answer the questions when prompted, it downloads and installs the program for you.

  • Click to go to the RealAudio Home Page

    Real Audio Version 4.0b1a (1.04 MB) (3/23/97)
    RealPlayer version 5.0 (1.37MB) (3/9/98)
    This is the latest(as of the dates above) release of the best Audio stream player on the net. This one also supports Video streaming. You may want to give it a try. 

    RealPlayer G2 Beta full install (filename:r32_g20_3lrg.exe; size:8.2MB;date: 10-10-1999)
    RealPlayer G2 Beta min install (filename:r32_g20_3sm.exe; size:3.1MB;date: 10-10-1999)

    • System Requirements
      • RealPlayer G2 Beta System Requirements
      • For Audio
        • Minimum: Pentium 90 with 16 MB RAM
      • For Video
        • Minimum: Pentium 120 with 16 Mb RAM Recommended: Pentium 120 with 16 MB RAM 
         Note: Content designed for higher speed connections may have greater system requirements.

    iQsound Home page
    • filename: size: 1586kb
    • Improves tyhe sound you get with "streaming" audio applications such as RealAudio(above) or the new Windows Media Player(below)
    • Program Author's Decription below
      •  Creates a virtual surround sound environment on your desktop
      • Performs real time 3D enhancement of streaming audio
      • Stretches the stereo image beyond the speakers
      • Uses your existing sound equipment
    • Qsound Home page
    Windows Media Player
    • filename:mpie4ful.exe, size: 2459kb
    • Microsoft's description below
      • With the new Microsoft Windows Media Player, you can play most multimedia content formats including Windows Media (formerly NetShow), RealAudio and RealVideo 4.0 and below, QuickTime, AVI, WAV, and much more, from one, easy-to-use application. 
    • System Requirements below
      • Minimal Computer:

      • Pentium 90 MHz with 16 MB of RAM, 16-color display card , 16-bit sound card, 28.8-Kbps modem (optional for local playback), Windows 95 (audio, illustrated audio, and some video). 
      • Recommended Computer:

      • Pentium 120 MHz or better with 32 MB or more of RAM, 256-color display card or better, 28.8-Kbps or better modem card or Ethernet card, Windows 95 or Windows NT Server or Workstation 4.0 with Service Pack 3 (audio, illustrated audio, and video). 
    • Media Player home page
      • Windows 3x version available from Microsoft

    MIDI players 


    Click Here to go to the Yamaha Home Page
    Yamaha Player and Browser Plugin/Control
      • ALL updated 08-09-98
    For Internet Explorer For Netscape  Other versions of the plugin/Synthesizer are available from Yamaha  directly
    MP3 Players/Accessories for Windows 95/98
    Liquid Audio MP3 Studio
    • filename:mp3setup.exe size:1265 Kb uploaded: 09-29-99
    • Runs in the system tray
    • System requirements
      • Any Windows-based pc (95/98/NT) with a Pentium 100 mhz processor
      • 16 MB of RAM
    • Liquid Audio Homepage

    WinAmp 2.6
    • filename:wa261_full.exe; size:2060KB; uploaded:03-04-2000
    • The premier MP3 player on the net, in my opinion and now it is freeware, too.In my opinion, this version beats RealPlayer G2, *Hands Down* for playing MP3's
    WinAmp 2.5
    • filename:winamp25_full.exe; size:1232KB; uploaded:09-28-99
    • The premier MP3 player on the net, in my opinion and now it is freeware, too.

    Audio CD MP3 Studio 1.5
    •; size:7MB; uploaded:09-29-1999
    • Large verasatile MP3 utility program

    This page is designed and written by John Jenkins,If there are any questions or other issues about the content, email me, and I will deal with it in a timely manner. If specific help is requested an email address with an or domain is required. As with all programs on the internet, you, the downloader, assumes all risk of file damage or viruses that these or any programs may contain that are received over the internet. Neither CSS, ECS, nor the author will be responsible for any damage done by any program received over the internet. Please note this includes programs that are virus free but may cause problems with other programs on your computer and programs that simply won't run right on a particular machine. 

    This page was last updated on Wednesday, March 15, 2000