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ftp Clients
Cuteftp 1.8 (495,252) 32cftp18.exe 

HomePage: http://www.cuteftp.com 

Also Available:Windows 3.x Version (a) Description: The best FTP client with functional menu. 


WS_FTP Ltd Edition version 4.20 ( 653,548) ws_ftple.zip 


Also Available: Win3.x Version 

Description: A great application that allows remote file edits, chmods on UNIX boxes and file moves. 


RFtp (171 kb) (4/27/97) 

RFtp is a GUI-based FTP client for Windows® 95 and NT® 4.0. While having the load-time and footprint of an "applet", it retains the features and functionality of a full-sized application! RFtp PRO adds error recovery / restart of interrupted transfers, remote-site maintenance facilities (such as directory/folder creation and renaming of files, folders and "symbolic links"), enhanced navigation tools, greater FTP session monitoring and control capabilities, not to mention operation through a "classical" proxy / firewall 



NCftp (210kb) (10/16/96) 

NCftp is a command line Unix style ftp program. It runs under Win95 only. If you are into in x-based OS's (Unix/Linux), this will give you some "hands-on" experience in ftp in the environment. I have used it for that purpose but it also is a pretty good, and fast ftp program as well. 


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