"Chat / Communication" Clients for Windows 95/98

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"Chat" Clients
 ICQ   an older smaller copy 
  • (1385kb) (uploaded:2/12/98) (filename: icqsetup.exe)
ICQ  ver. 98a   The latest version available 
  • (1625 kb) (lastest release version as of  2/17/98) (filename icq98asetup.exe)
ICQ99a-Release version
  • (4041 Kb) (2/23/99) (filename:icq99a.exe) The first "Release" version of ICQ99 available -Build 1800
ICQ99b-Release version
    (5098 Kb) (08/27/99) (filename:icq99b.exe) The newest version of ICQ available -Build 2685

mIRC 5.11 (772 kb) (9/13/97) (filename mirc511t.exe) 

  • This is the latest release of the Net's most popular IRC Chat software.. A good easy to use text-based IRC client.
mIRC 5.02 mIRC


Pirch32 (1.6 meg) (4/26/97)

  •  Another Text-based IRC client with more advanced functions than mIRC.

MS Comic Chat Version 2.1 beta 1 (8/18/97) (1.03 meg) (filename chat21b1.exe) 

  • From Microsoft.  This program does chat using a comic strip format. You choose a nickname, character to represent you, and a background setting. Then you're all set to see your chatting done as if it were a comic strip that is being written and drawn as the conversation proceeds. You can even give your character different facial expressions and body movements. I found it easy to set up and get online to MS IRC Server. Most of it is automatic. Just like the regular Chat programs and using the IRC in general this one too, takes some getting use to...even for us IRC veterans. P.S. it also works on regular IRC servers. The people on the other end just don't get the Comic effect if they don't have the software too.
Comic Chat Version 2 (1.11 meg) (4/27/97)

Kids PowWow(2.75 meg) (4/1/97)

  •   This has certain things in it to help warn Kids if they are entering areas where they probably have no business going. Kids PowWow is designed for children 13 and under. To use the Kids Powwow, the child must have their own email address. They may use their parent's email address providing the address has not already been been used by the parent for the adult Powwow registration. Your Internet Service Provider should be able to provide an email address for your child at no additional charge. To obtain a Password to use Kids PowWow, click here, and simply request a password in the body of your message (your browser's email return address must match your child's proposed Powwow Login ID). Or Email "Kids_account@tribal.com". The email return address must match the child's email address.

PowWow ver 3.1(2.62 mb) (3/25/97)
PowWow version 3.5 (3130kb) (5-18-98)

  •   PowWow is an unique Internet program for Windows that allows up to nine (9) people to chat, transfer files, and cruise the World-Wide Web together as a group. PowWow also has Conferencing and Text-to-Speech features. NEW! PowWow now has Email Answering Machine capabilities and lots more! PowWow currently works with Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.51+

NetMeeting (2.6.meg) (3/25/97)

  • Microsoft NetMeeting is the first real-time Internet phone voice communications client that includes support for international conferencing standards and provides true multiuser application-sharing and data conferencing capabilities. NetMeeting melds the power of the PC with the global reach of the Internet, to transform the everyday telephone call into a richer and more effective multimedia communication and collaboration experience. The built-in Internet phone support makes it easy for you to call family and friends around the world over the Internet. Multiuser data conferencing support allows two or more users to work together and collaborate in real-time over the Internet or corporate intranet using application sharing, whiteboard, and chat functionality. Internet Explorer 3.0 includes NetMeeting, helping to take it a step ahead for communication and collaboration. This is the latest (as of the date shown) release of Microsoft's Net Meeting Software. It also comes as part of MSIE 3.02.

iChat (918kb) (11/2/96)

Pagoo 1.41   (446 Kb) (3-1-98)
  • This little program allows people to "page" you at your computer via the Internet, from a toll-free phone number.
  • The service is free, supported by advertising dollars
  • For more information, try http://www.pagoo.com/

ScreenFIRE 1.7   (1451 Kb) (3-1-98)
Upgrade 1.8   (711 Kb) (3-1-98)
  • This is a another direct communication tool similar to ICQ, only smaller and faster, I'm told.
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