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 HTML Editors
Text mode Editors

HomeSite 1.2 (503KB) (5/30/97) 

This is the Freeware version of the Homesite text editor. It has one particular function not seen in very many html writers, an extended replace function. I reference this elsewhere in these pages so I won't go into detail here. HomeSite 1.2 is a good place to start learning to write html. 


HomeSite's New Home page is at 


HomeSite 2.5 (1.66MB) (5/21/97)  

This is the Shareware version of the Homesite text editor. Registered users get upgrades free. Same editor as the one above only more bells, more whistles. A really nice text editor. IMHO as good as Hotdog32. 



 Graphics Mode Editors
Adobe Pagemill 3.0  (15919 KB) (3-11-98) 
  • Graphic mode for more "intuitive" feel for the beginner
  • Also will handle more advanced tags  such as <frameset>
  • Expires on April 1

Available Netscape Editors
Netscape Navigator Gold 3.04(3471 KB) (2-12-98) 
  • contains a browser, mail, news 
  • it also has a graphical html editor built-in. 

Netscape Communicator 404  (10,515 KB) (2-12-98) 

  • Contains the full Internet "Suite" of Applications, Composer, being a graphical HTML Editor
  • Allows uploading and editing in the same Window
  • Has settings that allow Image and HTML Source editors to be configured and saved.
   Version 4.05 

  Netscape Communicator with JDK1.1 support(19,441.38KB) Released in April 1998 

       Has support for the latest Java version from Sun Microsystems 
       Read the release notes from Netscape. 

  Netscape Communicator "Basic" Edition (16,138.83KB) Released in April 1998 

       The newest available 
       Security Fixes already applied 
       AOL Instant Messenger(if you have friends that still use AOL) 




rcb14.exe (146 kb) (4/6/97) 
This little HTML-utility for Windows 95 is used to generate BODY-tags for your HTML-documents. You have then the possibility for saving your color selections in a color scheme. RCB also supports tiled background images (note! only bmp's) Remember that this program is Freeware what means you have unlimited right to use it. (512 kb) (4/6/97) 

A utility that allows a user to select colors, previewed over a specified homepage. A whole web site can be updated with new colors with one click. It also offers unique gradient color sliders, pre-saved schemes, color or grayscale modes, a hex pad and more. 


csesetup.exe (862 kb) (4/6/97) 

A very nice and easy to use HTML validator. You can drag and drop your html documents on this and it returns you a very thorough list of the errors in the HTML in plain English, even tells you exactly which tags conspire to make the error! (as in when you have overlapping tags, it will tell you exactly which ones, and so forth) (Good for trial of 150 uses) (261 kb) (4/6/97) 

This program is very helpful in allowing you to work on a web site and be able to set up colors for your background, text, links, even allowing you to import a graphic for your background instead of just a basic color. When you are done setting up your tag with all your preferred colors you can just hit a key, and capture it, then you are able to take the capture and paste it into your HTML File. To set this program up for use it's as easy as unzipping it and running it, no installation necessary. The one thing that is a minus with this program is the fact that it will warn you that is it is not registered approximately every few minutes. 

Personal Web Server 1.0a (760 kb) 

    This app is designed to allow a user to design and test server scripts on a win95 platform and is a part of MS Internet Explorer 4.

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