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Forte` Freeagent

Free Agent 32 bit version (1,028kb) (10/26/96)

This is the 32 bit version of the most popular News Reader client on the Web. (and this one like the 16 bit ver is free) 

Mail and News for Windows 95

Mailnews 95 (973kb) 

Download Calculator
[Tested to work only with Netscape 3 or above or Internet Explorer 4 or above]

Internet File Transfer Calculator
(requires Javascript)

Round file size to even kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB) or gigabyte(GB).
Input size and click the appropriate  button.

These are Approximate transfer times

 Your Speed Hours  Minutes  Seconds
9.6 Kb
14.4 Kb
28.8 Kb
33.6 Kb
ISDN (64 Kb)
ISDN (128 Kb)
T1 (1.54 Mb)


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