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Graphics Utilities

Image viewers

ACDsee 2.1
  • (579 kb) (9/9/97) (filename acdc3221.exe) 
ACDSee 2.2
  • (868kb) (01/98) (filename:acdc3222.exe)
ACDSee 2.3
  • (1414KB)(08/14/98)(filename:acdc3223.exe)
    The best little graphics viewer on the 'Net, ACDsee will display graphics in virtually ANY format 

Image Editors

Microsoft Gif Animator (1,104kb) (10/14/96)
Microsoft Gif Animator for Windows95. Microsoft GIF Animator is the fast and easy way to create and customize animation for the Web. Drag and drop images into GIF Animator to continue manipulating the sequence until you get the look you want. Easy-to-use property sheets and built-in previewing capabilities make animating images simple. With GIF Animator, there is no need to write code or use an animation program to create GIF animations. 

Microangelo Graphics Editor (655kb) (9/29/96)

A tool for working with icons and cursors, I had something similar with a copy of PC-tools one time that wasn't compatible with Win95, I missed that little proggie. This appears to be better though. 


Polyview Graphics Editor (1.45 meg) (4/26/97)



Alchemy Mindworks' Graphics Workshop. (1,010kb)

This is the ultimate in format conversion. If the graphics format you need isn't supported by this software then you probably made it up. 

Gif Construction Set (735kb)
This software from Alchemy Mindworks, is claimed to be one of the best for creating gif images for the web. It will do transparent backgrounds, animated gifs, and much more. 

Paint Shop Pro ver. 4.12 (2,823kb)
Paint Shop Pro ver. 4.14 (3,010kb)
Paint Shop Pro ver. 5.0   (6,854kb)
Paint Shop Pro is one of the most popular Graphics editing applications available. It has almost every imaginable graphic format used available in its repertoire. 

LView Pro(461kb) (4/26/97)
This is version 1D2 of one of the best little application around for making transparent backgrounds for your net graphics. 

Screen Capture

HyperSnap DX  3.10 (1086kb)
Hyper Snap (296kb)

    This is a really good program for taking a picture of anything on your screen. 
    (the whole screen or any part of it) 


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