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This page is going to be for  "generic" Internet Questions and Questions that are asked me that don't fall into one of the other categories I have defined. There will be some crossover and repetition of some previously existing pages here. That will hopefully make the help easier to obtain. 

  1. Help setting up Browser and Mail for most versions of 
  2. Internet Explorer or Netscape and most common email clients.
  3. Adding a second Domain Name Server(DNS)
  4. Configuring Internet Mail
  5. Configuring Internet News
  6. Making a shortcut to the Connect To window
  7. Password Help
  8. Creating a Home Page
  9. Converting Webpages from to the domain
  10. How to disconnect manually

This page is designed and written by John Jenkins. If there are any questions or other issues about the content, email me, and I will deal with it in a timely manner. If specific help is requested an email address with an or domain is required. As with all programs on the internet, you, the downloader, assumes all risk of file damage or viruses that these or any programs may contain that are received over the internet. Neither CSS, ECS, nor the author will be responsible for any damage done by any program received over the internet. Please note this includes programs that are virus free but may cause problems with other programs on your computer and programs that simply won't run right on a particular machine.