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Please excuse the mess we're just getting started.

Contrary to popular belief html isn't witchcraft, voodoo enhanced or anything of the like. If you have written any type of computer program, you can write html with any text editor. The fancy editor programs make it easier to write fancy html. It can be written with the Windows® notepad just as well, not as easy but just the same, as well. If you have ever used a Windows® word processor with any proficiency, You can write html with a Graphical User Interface(GUI) Editor. GUI Editors make it a great deal easier for the beginner to write something more impressive in terms of pictures, multimedia, special effects, ect.

There is a lot of good reference material on the web(the web would be considerably smaller were that not the case). This sort of thing works a lot better with a little planning. the planning should begin with a little preparation on your computer and on the Web Server.

All of this except the part below in Red can be done with a Tel-net Client such as Netterm or  CuteFtp or any other ftp* client program. The following 3 lines are crucial to the success of this. They are unix commands that must be executed to allow this to happen or cause it not to. [note]
I followed these directions exactly as written and set up a web directory for a friend in a tel-net session. I believe this may be an easier way than thru ftp

You should be all done with the preparation. The default name the server uses as a starting point for html is index.html. Your introductory page must be named this for the system to function as designed. It works out well also in that the url of your page is loginID. The sign up top indicates that this page is under construction. In my honest opinion(IMHO) every web page that is useful or has the purpose of passing on info on a personal level is always under construction.

Links for more Help

Here are just a few to get you started:

  1. A fine page on preparing a unix shell acct. for Web Pages by my friend Larry Smith, SysAdmin at ECSIS in Dyersburg and local unix wizard.
  2. The W3C's (aka World Wide Web Consortium) html Help pages.
  3. The HTML Reference Manual at Sandia National Laboratories
  4. The giant Search tool Yahoo's HTML Resources
  5. Yahoo's Guides and tutorials to html
  6. ncsa's Beginners Guide to html
  7. Converting Webpages from to the domain
  8. If you use Netscape as your browser,
    here's a pretty fair page on Netscape Composer
*For more information on the linked terms, try reading this.


More HTML Authoring Help
Local HTML Editors and Accessories
For More Software try the searches below 
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This page is designed and written by John Jenkins. Thanks go to Larry Smith for unix instructions and Robert Jones for allowing me freedom to write some pages I wish I could have found a few years back. If there are any questions or other issues about the content, email me, and I will deal with it in a timely manner. If specific help is requested an email address with an or domain is required. As with all programs on the internet, you, the downloader, assumes all risk of file damage or viruses that these or any programs may contain that are received over the internet. Neither CSS, ECS, nor the author will be responsible for any damage done by any program received over the internet. Please note this includes programs that are virus free but may cause problems with other programs on your computer and programs that simply won't run right on a particular machine