Trouble shooting your e-mail client settings

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These pages will help you to check your e-mail program to make sure the server and address information is correct. You will also see where the user name, password and display name are set. From the list below select which e-mail client you use:

NEW NOTE 1/7/2000 - If your mail has worked fine in the past, check your outbox for an e-mail message with a bad e-mail address. Our servers now validate e-mail addresses at the time the messages are sent.

Which mail client do you have?

Netscape Navigator 2.0

Netscape Navigator 3.0

Netscape Communicator 4.0

Internet Mail (MSIE for Windows 3.1x)

MS exchange (MSIE 2.0 for WIN 95)

Internet Mail (MSIE 3.0 for WIN 95)

Outlook Express (MSIE 4.0 for WIN 95)

If your settings match those on the page corresponding to your e-mail client, there may be other problems, including something on the server side. Sometimes a reboot may take the mail server or web server down for a short period. If this is the case try again in a hour or so. If the problem persists, check the chalkboard to see if other users are having the same problem. You may also want to check the ECS home page or The Lauderdale County Home Page for large red lettered messages describing a server side problem.

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