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For Windows 95 IE 3 users

This page is to help people with Internet Explorer 3.0 set up their e-mail.
If you have Internet Explorer 4.0 then click below.

I have Outlook Express and IE 4.0

If something goes wrong, consult this page for help.

NOTE: This page is for Internet Explorer 3.0 users. If you use Internet Explorer 4.0 or Windows 98 you do not need to perform these steps. Your e-mail (Outlook Express) should already be setup if you followed the install instructions for Internet Explorer 4.0. If not consult this page.

There are three primary programs or windows that you will run while on the internet. The first is the dialer. It is the one you type your password in. Depending on which version of Windows 95 you have, there is either a tile on the task bar usually at the bottom labeled "Connected to CSS" or an icon beside your clock depicted two computers connected together. The second window is the browser. That is the window you are looking at now. The third is the e-mail program which we will set up now.

Let's make sure you are running at least IE 3.0

Make a shortcut

Let's get our e-mail program working

The instructions below will help you send a message to yourself for most e-mail programs. Receiving back a message from yourself verifies that you can both send and receive e-mail. People with Outlook Express start with these instructions because their e-mail program is setup at the same time as Internet Explorer version 4.0.
Testing your e-mail If you are still having problems with your e-mail, please refer to Help With Internet Mail. This is for Windows 95 users with the Internet Mail that comes with Internet Explorer 3.x

You don't have to change your password, but you may want to at a later time. If so come back here to get help changing your password. Your password will have to be changed in 3 places: the internet server, your dialup program, and your mail client.

Now What?

There is a great site to learn the internet basics. It is called Learn The Net Click the logo or right here to Learn the Net.

You may prefer to dive right in yourself. On the address line of your browser you can key in any web address you've seen and press ENTER. If typed correctly, that page will open. A second way to dive in is to return to the Lauderdale County Home Page and follow all the links there. A third way is to use a Search Engine and start looking for your favorite topic.

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