Changing the mail server address in Outlook Express

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These are the directions for Outlook Express, the mail client for Internet Explorer 4.0+. From the Outlook Express menu bar choose TOOLS then ACCOUNTS. Now click the MAIL tab. Your screen should look like the one below except that you may only have one account shown. Or if you never set up a mail account, there will no account listed.

IMAGE:Screen Snapshot

Highlight the account you wish to change then click PROPERTIES. If you have no accounts listed see Adding an account in Outlook Express. The GENERAL tab should like the figure below. Use your own name and e-mail address.

IMAGE:Screen Snapshot

Remember there should be no spaces in the email address and it must be all lower case letters. Now click the SERVERS tab and make sure your SMTP and POP3 server match what is below. Use your own account name and password. Note that the account name does NOT have an after it. Also, when entering the password, * will show as you type each character so make sure your numlock is on and your cap lock is off. Passwords are case sensitive.

IMAGE:Screen Snapshot

Now click the CONNECTION tab and make sure you screen matches this one:

IMAGE:Screen Snapshot

Now click APPLY then OK.
You are done checking the settings for Outlook Express.
If you need to add a new account to Outlook Express, follow the directions below.

How to add a new e-mail account in Outlook Express

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