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Microsoft Internet Explorer- Home Page

Version 3


Netscape Navigator- Home Page
Confused by all these versions of Netscape? Go here for some help

Netscape Dialer utility for Windows 3.x

System requirements for version 4 Netscape browsers in Win3x are as follows:

Version  4.05 and 4.06

Version 3.04



NSCA Mosiac- Home Page

Mosaic 2.1 (2,025kb)

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Netscape Powerpack - Also available for Win95

Power Pack 2.01 ver 1 for Netscape 16bit

Power Pack 2.01 ver 2 for Netscape 16bit

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CuteFtp (441kb) Ver 1.8 - Latest as of 3-19-97.


Mail Programs
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Eudora 1.54 (2,013kb)

Pegasus Mail (1,322kb)

News Readers
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Free Agent 1.0 (727kb)

IRC Chat Programs
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mIRC version 5.0 (804 kb) (4/4/97)

WS-IRC 2.0 (690kb)

Global Chat (229kb)

Pirch (530kb)

PowWow (2.5 meg) (4/2/97)PowWow is an unique Internet program for Windows that allows up to nine (9) people to chat, transfer files, and cruise the World-Wide Web together as a group. PowWow also has Conferencing and Text-to-Speech features. NEW! PowWow now has Email Answering Machine capabilities and lots more! PowWow currently works with Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows NT 3.51+

PowWow For Kids (2.45 meg) (4/2/97)This has certain things in it to help warn Kids if they are entering areas where they probably have no business going. Kids PowWow is designed for children 13 and under. To use the Kids Powwow, the child must have their own email address. They may use their parent's email address providing the address has not already been been used by the parent for the adult Powwow registration. Your Internet Service Provider should be able to provide an email address for your child at no additional charge. To obtain a Password to use Kids PowWow, click here, and simply request a password in the body of your message (your browser's email return address must match your child's proposed Powwow Login ID). Or Email "". The email return address must match the child's email address.

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Internet Utility

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Trumpet Winsock 21 Dialer program with scripting language for Windows 3.11


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MS Win 32s - an add-on for Microsoft Windows 3-3.11 that will allow Windows to operate certain 32-bit programs.

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