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This is where you can find links to those in Lauderdale County brave enough to put up their own Web Page. If you have an account with CSS Internet Service, you too can put up a page. If you know HTML send me the file and I will put it up. No advertising is allowed and you may not profit in any way from this "free" service. You can put up information about you, your family, your cat, your favorite places on the web, etc. Look at those here and on Dyersburg's Personal Pages for some examples. If you don't know HTML, there are several books on it, but who reads book when you have the internet. Go to your favorite Search Engine (global) and type learn HTML in the search box and surf out some help. Also, check out Sandia National Laboratories' HTML Reference Manual. Another option is to use Microsoft's Word to HTML conversion utility. If you have MS Word you can simply convert your document to HTML. I haven't try this out yet, but it sounds like an easy way to get started. The only address I have right now is this. It may not be there when you try it. I will try to put up a permenant address as soon as possible.
The best source for info is our own Lauderdale County Utilities Page. There you will find links to the software you need to make your page under HTML Authoring Tools. The FTP programs are under internet Start Up Kit.
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Jonathon Mooney's Home Page

Bradley's Cache

James Paris - Halls R/C Flyers

Gundam's Anime and Other Tidbits

The Pattersons

Greg Crihfield's home page

Shelley Kimble

Robert's Home Page

If you have a personal or hobby page, let us know using the comment link below.

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