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The Halls Department of Parks and Recreation has many activities available for the children of Halls. We have several locations for family picnics and company get-togethers.

One of the more popular activities is our summer Baseball and Softball leagues. In baseball we have Dixie Youth AAA for boys & girls ages 8-10. Boys and Girls 11 and 12 years old may play in our Dixie Youth league. At ages 13-14 we have Dixie Boys. Ages 15-16 play in Dixie Pre-Majors. Dixie Majors is for 17-18 years old. In softball girls may play in Angels Softball at age 8-10, Ponytail Softball at ages 11-12, Belles Softball at age 13-15, and Debs Softball at age 16-18.

This summer will bring soccer to Halls. This league will start after the baseball/softball season. In prior years, there was little to do after the baseball/softball season.

Fall is football time. The Halls football leagues for kids is still in it's infancy.

In the winter the kids enjoy various basketball programs.

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