Instructions for setting up Internet Explorer for CSS Internet Services

Windows 95 IE 2.0 or IE 3.0

You should have your account name, password, the DSCRIPT disk and your Windows 95 CD handy

Things You Click Things You Type <Keyboard Keys You Press>

Replace accountname with ______________________ Replace password with ____________________

  1. Verify system requirements
    1. Make sure you have 40MB of hard drive space
      1. Double click the My Computer Icon on your desktop
      2. Right Click on your C: drive
      3. Choose Properties from the menu pop up
      4. If free space is 40MB or more continue
    2. Make sure you have 16MB RAM
      1. When you machine is first turned on it counts memory
      2. If it counts to 16000KB or more continue
    3. See if you have a modem
      1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
      2. Double click the Modem icon
      3. If a modem is listed close everything and continue
      4. If no modem is listed, follow your modemís installation instructions

  2. Check for basic software needed to run Internet Explorer
    1. Make sure network components are installed
      1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel
      2. Double click Add/Remove Programs
      3. Click the Windows Setup tab
      4. Click once on Communications to highlight it
      5. Click on the Details button
      6. Dial-Up Networking should be checked
      7. Click OK
      8. Click OK again
      9. If you checked anything, software may be installed
      10. You may be prompted for your Windows 95 disk
      11. You may be ask to reboot your computer
      12. Close the control panel
    2. Make sure Internet Explorer is installed
      1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories
      2. More the mouse pointer over Internet Tools
      3. Internet Explorer should be listed
      4. If either Internet Tools or Internet Explorer are missing follow these steps:
        1. Insert the DSCRIPT disk in drive A:
        2. Double click My Computer
        3. Double click A: drive
        4. Double Click MSIE20
        5. Answer yes to install
        6. If you accept the terms click I accept
        7. Follow any on screen prompts
        8. You may be ask to reboot, if so remove the disk and do so

  3. Run internet set up wizard
    1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, Internet Tools
    2. If you have "Get on the Internet" listed do this:
      1. Click Get on the Internet
      2. Click NEXT on the get connected screen
      3. Click on MANUAL, then click NEXT
    3. Click NEXT on the welcome screen
    4. Some of these steps may be in a different order on your machine
    5. If you see "I already have an account with a different provider", click it then click NEXT
    6. On How to connect choose "Connect using my phone line", then click NEXT
    7. On Choose a modem take the default by clicking NEXT
    8. On Service Provider Information type CSS then click NEXT
    9. For phone number type area code 901 TAB 836-0467 then click NEXT
    10. For user name type your accountname, then press TAB
    11. For password type your password, then click NEXT
    12. For IP address choose "My ISP automatically assigns", then click NEXT
    13. For DNS Server type TAB, then click NEXT
    14. Internet mail:
      1. Make sure internet is checked
      2. Type your email addess which is accountname followed by, then press <Tab>
      3. Type for mail server
      4. Click NEXT
    15. For internet mail profile or windows messages profile, click NEXT for default
    16. Click FINISH on the congratulation window
    17. You may be ask to reboot, if your are then do so

  4. Install Dial-Up scripting
    1. Click Start, Setting, Control Panel
    2. Double click Add/Remove Programs
    3. Click the Windows Setup tab
    4. Insert the DSCRIPT disk
    5. Click the HAVE DISK button
    6. On the Install From Disk window type A:\DSCRIPT then click OK
    7. Place a check in the box beside Slip and Scripting...
    8. Click Install (you may be prompted for you Windows 95 CD)
    9. If it complains about newer files, choose YES to keep those files
    10. Click OK to close the Add/Remove program window
    11. Close the Control Panel

  5. Configure Dial-Up scripting
    1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories
    2. Click Dial-up Scripting Tool
    3. Make sure CSS is highlight on the left
    4. Click BROWSE on the right
    5. Click ecsis the click OPEN
    6. With CSS highlighted on the left, the right should say C:\Program Files\Accessories\ecsis.scp
    7. Make sure both check boxes are NOT checked
    8. Click CLOSE

  6. Create a shortcut on the desktop
    1. Double click My Computer
    2. Double click Dial-up Networking (you may have to move stuff to find it)
    3. Right click on CSS
    4. Choose Create Shortcut from the popup menu
    5. Click YES to place the shortcut on the desktop
    6. Close the Dial-up Networking window
    7. Close the My Computer window

  7. Connect to the internet
    1. Double click Short Cut to CSS
    2. If the phone says 901-836-0467 do this:
      1. Click Dialing Properties
      2. On this area code enter 901, then click OK
    3. If you have call waiting do this:
      1. Click Dialing Properties
      2. Click this location has call waiting
      3. On to disable it type *70 then click OK
    4. Type in your account name and password the click CONNECT
    5. If it says busy, click OK, then click CONNECT again
    6. When the window goes from Connecting to CSS to Connected to CSS you are on
    7. If you get a status message window just leave it there
    8. Double click The Internet Icon (you may have to move the connection window to find it)
    9. After the page comes up, click on the address line and type and press <Enter>
    10. Wait for the Welcome to CSS Internet Servicesí Lauderdale County Home Page to come up
    11. Find the Welcome New Users button, click it and follow the instructions found there


If your computer does something different than what is on these instructions, please let me know so that I can modify them so that installation will be easier for future users.