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This is a page I wish I had no need to write, however, one of the responsibilities of living in a free society is that sometimes individuals within the society abuse the privilidges accorded them. Then you are left with few options:
  1. Devise a system whereby your right to NOT be insulted by their actions is not violated.
  2. Allow a government agency to decide which priviledges everyone is allowed.
      I really don't believe government is up to the task and the Supreme court agrees so we are left with option # 1

      I hope that these programs will be of use to everyone that has children at an impressionable age that wants or feels the need to use them. I can only offer links to pages currently as I have no experience with this software, yet, But I will soon as I consider it a responsibility I have been remiss in.

      Links and descriptions from TUCOWS- The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
      The Closest dependable mirror site to for me has been

Parental Control software gives you the ability tocontrol what content those using your computer can view. Some of these log activity on your computer, while others prevent sites that meet specific criteria from being accessed. Useful for those who cannot watch over their computer all the time. These programs could be used for censorship but are not intended as such, rather are designed as tools to be used at your discretion.
Cyber Patrol 

Version Number: 3.3 
Revision Date: February 26, 1997 
File Name: cp-setup.exe 
Byte Size: 681,130 
License: Shareware 
Also Available: Windows 3.x Version 
Description: Cyber Patrol is an Internet access management utilitythat also manages application usage from your PC. Cyber Patrol allows parents or teachers to manage computer use in their own household or classroom. Cyber Patrol controls access from any computer to the Internet. The controlled applications include any WINSOCK-compliant Internet applications. Examples of these are Netscape, Microsoft Network, or CompuServe. Cyber Patrol loads 
during start-up and runs in the background to control access to all associated applications. 


Version Number: 0.98b 
Revision Date: May 6, 1996 
File Name: 
Byte Size: 2,225,413 
License: Shareware 
Description: The premier program for watching the time you spend on the computer. When a user logs onto the computer, the internal timer in WatchDog starts counting down the user's time available. When the user runs out of time, WatchDog can either shutdown Windows, restart Windows, restart the computer, or display the WatchDog login form.

Hexabit Junior  
Version Number: 1.0& 
Revision Date: April 28, 1997 
File Name: Jr_full.exe 
Byte Size 720,358 
License: Shareware 
Description: Web browser addon designed for kids with an easy to use interface. HexaBit Junior has parental control, so your kids can surf safe. It's fully compatible with MSIE 3.0 (you must have MSIE 3.0 installed in your computer). 
Net Nanny  

Version Number: 3.1 
Revision Date: December 11, 1996 
File Name: wnn31.exe 
Byte Size: 1,280,920 
License: Shareware 
Also Available: Windows 3.x Version 
Description: Allows YOU to monitor, screen and block access to anything residing on, or running in, out or through your PC, online or off. It's two-way screening in real-time and only YOU determine what is screened with the help of our site list which can be downloaded free from this site.


Version Number: 2.0 Beta 2 
Revision Date: April 29, 1997 
File Name: 
Byte Size 2,183,108 
License: Freeware 
Description: A small but very useful program, Net-Monitor keeps a log of all pages that someone goes to with your web browser. In the log file, the listed by the title of the web page, and include date and time. The program sits in the system tray while running and requires a password to change the options or exit the program. Now you can tell where your kids (or husband!) are going on the net, and all for free!


Version Number: 2.11 
Revision Date: March 26, 1997 
File Name: cybsetup.exe 
Byte Size: 622,650 
License: Shareware 
Also Available: Windows 3.x Version 
Description: CYBERsitter gives the parent or other concerned individual the ability to limit their children's access to objectionable material on the Internet. Parents can choose to block, block and alert, or simply alert them when access is attempted to these areas.

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