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One useful aspect of JavaScript functions is that you can run them right from the Navigator by entering them in the Location field. Want to do some quick math for example, but don't want to break out the calculator? Enter javascript:eval(2+2) in the Location box, then press Enter. A page that says "4" immediately appears. Of course you can substitute any calculation you want in the "eval" statement, so go ahead and add it up with JavaScript. 


Here's a good way to test Java applets you're working on. If you're developing Java applets and have recompiled the class files, hold down the Shift key when you hit Reload. This reloads the applets from your hard disk onto the page, meaning that you can see any changes without having to restart Communicator. 


Running Java applets for the most part does not constitute a security breach. However, because these are programs that download and run on your system, you may think that the risk is not worth taking, no matter how small. If this is the case, you can tell Navigator not to enable Java programs or JavaScript. To do this, choose Options|Network Preferences thenclick on the Languages tab. Uncheck the option, Enable Java and (if you want) Enable JavaScript. 

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