Configuring Netscape version 3.0x  and earlier
for use on WWW.LCTN.COM



This will begin under the presumption that Netscape Navigator® or Navigator Gold® has been successfully downloaded and installed. If you haven't done that yet, check our Web browser page here to get a copy today. Just download it to a temporary folder and double click the file to install it.  

To begin the setup procedure click Options then Mail and News preferences after doing this you  
should see the Mail and News options page.that category. as shown below.  
The "Servers" tab is shown below. 

Netscape 3 mail and news server setup

If you allow it to check for mail every 10 minutes, please don't forget to close the program and disconnect the connection when you are through with Netscape. Set your information as I have mine. From here, let's go to Identity, when I choose it here I see the screen below. 

Netscape 3 ID tab

The Signature File tells the email program to add the listed file to the end of all your email messages. This file should ideally be 4 lines or less. Enter the appropriate information for yourself in the places provided. Now let's look at  "Composition" tab. When I choose it here I see the screen below:

Netscape 3 Message composition tab
You can adjust the location of Mail and News messages by the path you place in the boxes beside Mail File and News File. Now let's look at "Organization" tab. When I choose it here I see the screen below: 

These options aren't absolutely necessary to the use of composer but they work well for me. The Publishing options ARE a "must" to get the full advantage of this program. If you don't have the "Gold" version, you're  should be done. If you connect thru a LAN to, and you have trouble connecting, then you need to get your system administrator to help you finish the setup with the proxy  server settings for the proxy server on your network.. Now let's look at the "Publishing" options.  Now let's look at the "Editor" options. When I choose it here I see the screen below: 

I have my copy setup for 2MB of RAM memory(2048) and 7500 was a default setting for disk space in cache size. If you have less than the 32 MB's of RAM memory on your system, I would recommend using the 1MB or 1024 default setting for memory. The next option I modify is Disk Cache Directory.  You can type in whatever local drive and directory you wish here provided it has as much free space as you specify in the Disk Cache above. If you have more than hard disk and one has a faster trransfer rate than the other, the faster disk will give the best browser performance.


Maintain links is checked and keep images with page checked to keep the image files in the same folder as the html pages. I normally don't6 use this one because I have a different folder on the server that I keep my image files in for access by all my pages. If you don't create sub folders under /userid/public_html/ in your folder, you should click this option as well. Your information in the bottom 2 slots will be the same as mine, only with your userid instead of mine. Next in the Editor preferencez is Appearance. It is shown below. 

This is the section where you set your "default preferences for new pages. Anthing you change here will change how new pages are formatted. I normally don't change this one too much. The next tab is the General tab and is shown below.

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