Microsoft Internet Explorer 4

This page will be created and maintaintained with Internet Explorer version 4(IE4) and the free accessories* that are a part of it. As I type this I noticed that the "shrink wrap" or release version is due to hit the streets in 5 days. Below is a screen shot of IE4, if you haven't seen it yet.

At first glance, not a lot has changed. Let's remember, looks can be deceiving. This is an entirely different breed of cat. It is to IE3 what your housecat is to a bengal tiger. If you want to see the interface at full size(800x600), click here.

I will be getting most of the information here from the IE4 home pages. As a result, I will try to keep this from sounding like an advertisement for the browser but that will depend to a certain extent on your preferences for a browser. I, personally, have used Netscape for the past three years and like it, but I cannot say I truly prefer it to this one.

The familiar "Menu" is still at the top of the page with the options:

The "Toolbar" located below the menu and has the basic options of:

Then the options are expanded to include:

These are followed by the normal desktop application options of:


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