Help with Dial Up Scripting

Windows 98 and IE 4 for Windows 95 do not use dial up scripting

These are help pages for users of CSS Internet Services. If you have a different ISP, these pages will give you a general idea how to set up your software, however, you will need to obtain server specific information from your Sys Admin.

If you are having modem problems, visit the modem help page or change your modem's extra settings.

Dial Up scripting and the associated Dial Up Networking are the main programs that provide your connect to CSS. While the browser and mail simply display things for you to see, it is the networking components that do all the work behind the scenes. There are multiple windows on the page because many things have to be set up just right for this networking to function properly. And, to make matters worse, there are many different ways to getting to this information. Also, newer version of Windows 95 have screens that look slightly different.

This is the base dial up scripting window. You can reach this screen by clicking START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, DIAL UP SCRIPTING TOOL. If the file name is missing you should click BROWSE then choose ECSIS and click OPEN. If ECSIS is not listed on your browse window, cancel out, then right click here and choose SAVE TARGET AS, then on SAVE IN choose your C drive and double click PROGRAM FILES, ACCESSORIES. Now click Save
Captured screen image 24K
Your window should only contain the CSS entry. The other entrys are if you have different accounts and/or other ISPs.
By clicking properties on the dial-up scripting screen, you will get this screen. You can also get the screen by choosing properities on CSS in dial up networking. On newer versions of Windows 95, the SERVER TYPE button is replaced with a tab at the top beside GENERAL and an additional tab called SCRIPTING contains the dial up scripting window from above. Confused yet? This windows contains the dial up access number.
Captured screen image 26K
Note that your modem will be listed, not mine.
By click on SERVER TYPES we get the following window. Again, newer versions of Windows 95 will have the three tabs above this screen.
Captured screen image 23K
Make sure only the indicated boxes are checked.
Clicking on the TCP/IP SETTINGS button yeilds this window. Yours should match this exactly. To get the IP address ( and, you may have to play with the TAB, SPACE, and ENTER keys on your keyboard.
Captured screen image 25K

Back on the CSS GENERAL screen, if we clicked on CONFIGURE where our modem is listed, we will get this screen. Depending on your modem type, you may have additional options, or some of the options show on the next several screens may be dimmed out on your computer.
Captured screen image 23K
It is recommended that you leave the sound on so you can hear the dialing process. An unable to connect message doesn't tell you a lot, but the absence of a dial tone will. If have continued problems you should step down your maximum speed.
Clicking the CONNECTION tab of the modem properties window gets you this screen. This is what should be as displayed here. You should never have to change anything on the screen.
Captured screen image 26K
Don't mess with the PORT SETTINGS screen.
This screen is reached by clicking ADVANCE on the CONNECTION window above. Note what is checked on this screen. On some modems (US Robotics), you have to place some stuff in the Extra settings box.
Captured screen image 24K
X2 users should place this string in Extra Settings : AT&F1&K0&I0s33=32s15=128s27=64s32=34
For more information click here.

This screen is reached by clicking the OPTIONS tab of the MODEM PROPERTIES window (2 sections up). In certain cases you may instructed to check one of the bring up terminal window boxes. In most cases, your window should match this one.
Captured screen image 24K

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