Changing your modem's extra settings

It is suggested that you print this page for offline reference.
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This page does not tell you what string you need. It is assumed you've gotten this information from another source such as CSS Messages page or It is possible that any string may lock up your modem. If this occurs you should shutdown and power down your computer, wait at least 10 seconds then reboot and remove or otherwise change the string used.

If you would rather someone walk you through this, give me a call at 836-9437 during business hours or ask for an appointment during other hours. You may also use e-mail to ask for help.

For Windows : On the Control Panel, double click modem. With your modem highlighted, click the Properties button (not dialing properties). On the properties window click the Connection tab, then click the Advanced button near the bottom. Place the special string below in the Extra Settings box. See the graphic to the right for reference. Click all the Ok buttons you see, then close all remaining open windows. Reconnect and see if the connection improves or is possible again. It is suggested that if the string works for one connection, you should try it out over serveral days and many different connection attempts before assuming the problem as been resolved.
The most commonly suggested string is &f
X2's that get a Error 650 --- ats32=34
LT WIN Modem --- AT-V90=0s38=0

Note that these strings are really a "work around" and that an updated driver may be available from your modem manufacturer. Some may be available for free and others at a charge, while still others do not have any upgrade available. These strings usally disable the incompatiable 56k features of your modem. You will get the same 33.6, 28.8, etc. connection you have always gotten when they are used. Updating your modem driver is your responsibility. This page is provided as a service to aid you getting online in the interim.

Okay you think I'm silly, how can you read this page if you can't connect? We have several modem servers, including the ones we used in the past that do not support 56k. You can connect to them just has you always have. That is how you can get this page without using one of those strings. This is also why you should try out a string for several days on many connections before assuming it is correct.

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