To script or not to script

There are two ways to connect to CSS on an analog dial in line. One is using scripting, the other prefered and faster way is straight PPP. Which one are you using? To find out, double click "My Computer", then double click "Dial-Up Networking", now right click "CSS". From the pop up menu choose "Properties". IF the phone number says 836-0467, you are using scripting. 836-0271 is the number that doesn't use scripting. If you want to change to non-scripting, you must do two things: Changing the phone number is a snap. If you have already done the steps above to see which phone number you have, just type the number 836-0271 in place of 836-0467. Now click OK.
Dial-up Scripting is located in one of two places (or both on some computers). On some computers it is located on the CSS properites screen that we used to change the phone number. If it is there will be a "SCRIPTING" tab near the top of that window. Otherwise you will need to click START, PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, DIAL-UP SCRIPTING.
On the Dial-Up Scripting Window, remove the field under filename. i.e. replace what ever is there with blank space. Click "APPLY" and close out all open windows.

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