Miscellaneous Windows 95/98 Applications

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  • This is a CGI scripting program using the perl programming language.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.01
    ar32e301.exe (3923 kb) 
    rs32e301.exe (5095 kb) 
  • The "helper" application for reading Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf) files
  • This format is used by many government agencies, the IRS for one example.
  • With this program you can download your own IRS tax forms and print them  directly from your printer
  • These two copies are the latest versions as of 3-4-98
  • The larger file contains a built-in advanced "search" tool. and contains both the Netscape plugin and the Internet Explorer ActiveX control

Tardis (39kb)
  • This is a little program that connects to your choice of one of several world time keeping stations and will re-set your computer's clock to match the time of the world clock you've chosen. (pretty neat actually)

Magic Folders (94 kb) 
  • This program can selectively "hide" folders on your computer restricting access to them by means of a password

Kernel Toys (571kb)
  • This is a release of a collection of accessories that help you do things to Win 95 that make it a little nicer. Like: "would you like to get rid of some of those Icons that seem to be a permenant fixture on your Desktop"? Kernel Toys can help you do that and more. These are applications that work in a sensitive area of you windows software, Please read any and all documention before using these apps. 

Personal Web Server 1.0a (760 kb) 

  • This app is designed to allow a user to design and test server scripts on a win95 platform and is a part of MS Internet Explorer 4.

 Dialers and Tools
AutoRas (540kb) (08/25/98)
  • A program that will sign you on via a dialup Networking connection to the Internet 
  • Freeware

QuickIP (775kb)(08/25/98)
  • This is a program to show your IP address as soon as possible into the Taskbar Notification Area.An animated icon shows you when the connection is active. User configurable alarm. Log File to trace connections. Quickly dial a RAS connection. You can choose the double-click action to make connections and disconnections.
  • Freeware

 RasDial95 (13kb)(08/25/98)
  • A command-line remote access (dial-up networking) dialer for Windows 95. It's based on the RASDIAL command on Windows NT and the usage is very similar. RASDIAL95 will allow you to dial and hangup a remote access phone entry. 
  • Freeware

Click Here for FREE Download Dunce (221kb)(08/25/98)
  • Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement - a program that automatically presses "Connect" for you on the "Connect To" dialog.
  • Freeware

Internet-Dial ISP Customization Program (285kb)(08/25/98)
  • Enables you to produce a customized Windows 95 TCP/IP installer and dialer, that displays your logo, your name Address, DNS settings, web page etc etc that you can then re-distribute FREE of charge to your Windows 95 customers. The finished program will allow your users to easily configure a virgin Windows 95 PC for Internet access and then connect to your service. 
  • Freeware

Dial-up Scripting Tool (75 kb) 
  • Automate your Internet Login with the Windows 95 scripting Language

DirectX 6.0 Core update (1561kb)(08/25/98)
  • An update to the DirectX drivers that are required by many of the more popular PC games
  • Freeware
Updated "TWAIN" driver for  Image scanners
  • self-installing "exe" will update a 16-bit Twain to 32-bits enabling the "Acquire" option in Windows 95 Graphics Applications

 UltraEdit 4.30 (889KB) (5/30/97)
  •  This is really great text editor. It will take the place of notepad if you wish and it makes a great programming editor for everything from C++ to html, even color codes html tags. Includes a dictionary. 

WS-Arch32  (222 kb) 
  • With this little client you can search for  downloadable files on the on the Internet from your Desktop

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