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Laplink 95  

  • Size:(5284KB) Name: llw95.exe Uploaded: 8-13-98
  • Has many uses and configurations, for connecting PC's via:
    • cable over serial or parallel port
    • modem
    • LAN
    • WAN
  • Will allow remote use of your home PC by modem or Network connection for:
    • File transfer
    • Remote control
    • Chat
  • For more info see Traveling Software's Home Page

DU Meter 2.1(348kb)(08/07/98) 

  • lets you see how much of your full bandwidth potential is actually utilized at any given point of time, either by displaying a real-time graph, numerical display, or both. It lets you actually SEE the data flowing!(Program author's description)


  • TweakDUN is an easy-to-use utility which changes certain "hidden" default settings in the Win95                     registry to reconfigure the Dial-Up Networking Adapter. It eliminates fragmentation of data packets promoting faster Internet data transfer rates. Version 2.0 now works with a hardware network adapter, it includes hosts file support, and many other exciting features. TweakDUN works with ALL language versions of Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.(Program author's description)
  • TweakDUN Home Page

RegClean Version 4.1a (404 kb) (3/25/97) 

  • RegClean is an application that will examine your registry files and remove invalid entries. I've tried it and it is self-installing, and easy to run. If you're like me and try-out lots of software you may want to try this one. What happens when you install programs, among other things, is they write entries in your registry files. The problem comes when you remove these programs. Lots of them leave their entries in the registry all-set-up-and-nowhere-to-go. This is what RegClean does. It examines everything in your registry and removes things that are no longer valid instructions to valid programs. 

WinHacker 2.02 (1129 kb) 
  • This adds an Icon to your Control Panel, which allows you to change the way Windows 95 looks and behaves a great deal. 
  • It even has it's own scripting language built-in
  • It should be used carefully,  remember: Anything that can effect a lot of change can inflict a lot of damage if treated carelessly hands, also.

TweakUI (64 kb) (3/25/97) 
  • This is and applet that allows you to make some nice customizations to your User Interface of Win 95. Microsoft updated it some, fixed a bug or two, and added some options to it. I think it is a "have-to-have" add-on. 


PowerToys (274kb) 

  • This is a collection of neat little add-ons that MS left out of 95 (your guess is as good as mine why they did that). They really are worth having. This is the new Powertoys. It was updated in Aug. For information on what each of these toys is for click Here 

 Compression -Decompression Tools 

Winzip -File Compression-Decompression made easy  
For more Information try the Winzip home page at  

Winzip 7.0 Beta  

  • This link is for the download page and further information.
  • Note that this is pre-release software, and the feature list is subject to change before the release.
  • System requirements include Windows 95, 98 or NT
  • For some "local Q & A" about Winzip 7.0
WinZip 95 ver 6.3 (692 kb)  (released: fall 97) 
  • You can download and open Zip files from the Internet with one click. There is no need to "Save to disk" and then switch to WinZip or to the Windows Explorer or File Manager to open the downloaded file.
  • An updated zip/unzip engine with automatic built-in disk spanning support for multi-disk Zip files. If you create a zip file on diskettes and the first diskette fills, then disk spanning is automatically activated, and you are simply prompted to put in a new diskette to continue the archive. There is no need to specify that you want to span before you start.
WinZip Internet Browser Plugin (76kb) (released: fall 97) 
  • works with both Internet Explorerand Netscape Navigator Web browsers equally well
  • Can be pre-configured so that it handles ALL zip files encountered on the web downloading to a pre-determined folder.
  • Will open the files on completion of download if desired
  • This is a "must have" for new users of Winzip and the Internet
Winzip Self-Extractor ver 2.1 (573 kb) (4/28/97) 
  • Winzip Self-Extractor makes self extracting/installing programs out of zips, will allow you to add popups to the .EXE, a real nice touch.
for more INFO on Winzip, Winzip Internet Browser Plugin and Winzip Self-Extractor, Winzip; try the home page at 

WinRAR 2.02 (498 kb) 
  • Another popular compression type, that's turning up more and more frequently on the Net here of late. It has a stong following with people trading multimedia sound and movie files
A good floppy Disk utility 
SHCopy Star (776kb) (10/25/96) 
  • SHCopy Star.... This is the best utility I have ever had for working with floppies. You can format HD diskettes reliably to 1722K, The doc's say it will run under 3.x, but I never was able to get it to do so. It will Expand a floppy a great deal though. My only other advice on it would be to run "scandisk /SURFACE" on the diskette BEFORE formatting, older diskettes. It finds bad clusters as it should, but will not mark bad and continue format and this slows formatting considerably also. 

Do you need a later version of Windows 95? See below... (753 kb) 
  • A program that will tell you how much disk space is wasted in slack. Comes in handy with a big HD. Shows that you can actually store more on 4-400 MB virtual drives as compared to 1-1.6GB drive. The reason is 1.6G requires 32K for ANY file(even 0 byte files) whereas 400MB only requires 8k for the same thing.This is the Advantage of partitioning a large Drive into 2 or more smaller drives in the same disk. Looking @ my 812MB drive I see I have lost 25% of the available space to this. 
The FAT32 file system in certain OSRx releases of Windows 95 and Windows 98 do not have this problem.  (519 kb) 
  • 32 bit DOS Command Shell, has full hypertext help, gives many times the functionality of, including programming 2 types of batch file and keyboard extensions like when in dos and you need to repeat a series of commands, you hit the "up" arrow key and it backs up through a "history" list going back commands entered previously. It has FULL documentation with it. I have been using it for about a year with great results.

SPELL232.ZIP (702KB) (5/30/97) 

  • is the little spell-checker from Wintertree Software that checks in any window, even the hidden clipboard window or the CSS Chalkboard!

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