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    If you are reading this then you are likely looking for software. That being the case, there is a particular type of software that you need on a home computer now that at one time wasn't all that important. You need to have an anti-virus software package installed on your machine in order to protect it and not just while on the internet. I have worked for 2 different "Fortune 500" companies and found more virus activity there in 3 years in "protected environments" than I have seen on the internet in the same period of time. Not to say that the internet is virus free, on the contrary, it is far from it. If you look they are there, once in a blue moon they turn up, but they are not widespread to the point that you are in danger reading this page. The point I'm trying to make is this, If you drive a car you wear a seatbelt(I hope), if you fish or ski you have lifejackets in the boat(again, I hope), If you use a computer now a days the smart thing to do is to protect it as well. I hope that you take this advice in the manner it is intended, as I said on the first page "These pages are designed to help make everyone's internet experience less challenging and more enjoyable" And besides, you really don't want the machine you use at home to "come down with some bug" from the clunker you use at work, do you? This  link will take you to a page that has links to 8 different programs that are modern protection systems and will help you in this area, the best advice I could give on this is to visit the sites connected to that page read the literature and decide for yourself what best suits your needs. You probably will never need it, but it's a lot better to get an alert that "the system has detected a virus infecting filename.ext and is deleting it" or words to that effect than it is to get a message saying something stupid or obscene when all you're trying to do is check your email. ;^)
This page is designed and written by John Jenkins. If there are any questions or other issues about the content, email me, and I will deal with it in a timely manner. If specific help is requested an email address with an or domain is required. As with all programs on the internet, you, the downloader, assumes all risk of file damage or viruses that these or any programs may contain that are received over the internet. Neither CSS, ECS, nor the author will be responsible for any damage done by any program received over the internet. Please note this includes programs that are virus free but may cause problems with other programs on your computer and programs that simply won't run right on a particular machine.