Configuring Scandisk for Windows 95®

SCANDISK Configuration:

First start Scandisk, Then choose the advanced button near the bottom right. you should see a window the looks like the one below.

This window is configured to use the Task Scheduler option in Internet Explorer 4. With it you can "schedule" the Scandisk to be run on a weekly basis when you aren't using the machine. I will take that up on another page. For now let's get this working directly.

Display Summary:

If you want to see what changes Scandisk makes move the radio dot to always.

Log File:

I really  would leave Append to log set here. It will save any changes or state that there were no changes made in a file located at C:\SCANDISK.LOG. It can be handy to see what's going on with a system by reading this.

Crosslinked Files

This option would likely be as well off set to delete. This is just the way I have it set.

Lost File Fragments

This again would be as well set to Free. Set like this  you will need to delete files with the extension .CHK periodically.

Check Files For:

Invalid Names is checked on mine because Internet Explorer's system of creating a "Favorites" Directory and subs under it, will allow someone to create a path longer that the allowed 256 characters DOS 7.0 permits. This will stop the Disk Defragmenter Cold, leaving you with a Cryptic Error msg to use the "Thorough" option in Scandisk. That will only cause Scandisk to check the surface of the hard disk for bad sectors and WILL NOT solve the invalid filename problem.

The invalid Date and Time option should be unchecked as it can cause more problems than it can solve.

Auto-Fix Errors

This should be checked so scandisk will not prompt for error resolution.


This should be checked and run on a quarterly basis unless you have persistant serious errors in operation.

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