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I have tried to remove all the names from this page because some of it has been paraphrased and I didn't wqant to try to track the writers down for permission to publish. Afterall, this is for the use of all cssusers <G> As always email me any questions or comments... John


The Lauderdale County Chalkboard os located here.There have been a lot of questions asked on the Chalkboard in the past and it is a very good source of information. A good way to see if the question you want to have answered is answered here is to do a keyword search of this page. Choose "EDIT | FIND" in your browser and search this document for matches For Example, if your question is about email, choose EDIT | FIND and type in email then click search.
The questions and answers both are here, but as in most things there can be more than one answer to a question. There are also some FYI statements here

It is March1, 1:00 PM. Everytime I seek a url (not ECS) I get a message saying can not connect to a server! What am I doing

Make sure your DNS is still confiqured to

 Will these lines allow me to use my 33.6 modem to its fullest potential? Or will it still limit me to 28.8? Just

 If you're getting 28.8, that pretty good anyway for the phone system around here. My modem is a 28.8 but backs down to 26600 more often than not. But really, on the phone company's side, 28.8 is excellent considering that the lines are really meant to be voice. An extremely high quality voice connection (as in sounds like you're in the next room) doesn't need near the bandwidth that a 28.8 modem tries to use. Still, on top of all that, depending on which sites you connect to, there are still bottlenecks on their end. And, of course, on the ecs end, too, if 48 people all download a 2 meg file at once, your connection to the net will have to share the pipeline to the net. Hope this sheds more light than dark on the matter......

Does anyone know what becomes of e-mail messages that don't reach their destinations? Do they float around in cyberspace and become cyberangels? Or do they wind up in a cyber dead letter space? Maybe they just cyber around until they begin to decay and then the cybervultures feast off of them. Can Anybody answer my question? I really must know!

 They are returned to sender. in the form of an error message

Why is it that after a few minutes i am disconnected and a message displays "you have been disconnected form the computer you dialed"? this only started just lately after I upgtraded to windows 95. Just trying to send this message i have had to reconnect twice. do i need to talk to ma bell or what?

Got to be something in the software setup. Are you using the Windows 95 dailup networking or your old 3.1 stuff? Also, make sure you have the latest (Windows 95) driver for your flavor of modem.

I have been trying to get real audio to work.. I have a 486...pc...14400 modem..I think is it that the modem is to weak?

RealAudio will work with 14.4, I listen to news on it daily, at 14.4. Open the player, click view/preferences and make sure you have it set for 14.4 bandwidth. You might also want to make sure you have version 4. IT seems to work alot better than previous versions did. If you don't there should be a copy on ecsis, if not go to to get it.

Does anyone have a solution? I have Windows 95. When I open the Control Panel and double-click the Internet icon, I get nothing. I should get a properties window.

 1) Go Accessories/System tools/Scandisk and run the scandisk prog on Drive C: if that doesn't fix it
 2) Get your Win95 CD out and put it in the drive
3) Find the necessary settings to setup the dialup adapter just-in-case(ip add:
4) Open control Panel Select Add/Remove Programs
5) Choose the windows setup Tab
6) "Hilight" Communications and click details, see what's there,I use all 5 items of which you may only have 4, Direct Cable connection isn't necessary either It sounds as though the Network setup is corrupt. If that's the case, you shouldn't be able to connect to lctn, but this IS win95 so that's NOT absolute.

You may also want to install the Dial-up Networking upgrade located here also. FYI this is the ONLY upgrade necessary for dial-up networking in Win95 4.00.950.x

What might I notice as a difference Between Netscape Navigator Gold and the new version you were talking about in the FTP directory? Wondering if I really need to upgrade.

The difference in the two is pretty drastic. Until the 4th beta of Communicator came out, I wouldn't have told you to upgrade for anything. There are ALWAYS problems with beta(test) versions of software, but Communicator is in beta 5 (the final? release is at version 4.04 as I write this)now and it seems to m e that the serious problems are history. The Editor had problems, but they pretty much are fixed, and it is a much better, more versatile html editor now than it has ever been. The browser is faster than 3.01 and probably as stable. The Java compiler is updated to Sun's JDK 1.1.1 and the 2 companies have formed a partnership to make incompatibilties in Sun and Netscape Java go away within the year. The toolbar that used to be buttons is redefined to hold bookmarks(kind of a quick list) and you can put fol ders there as well. It forms a custom drop-down menu. IMHO, It really is worth the upgrade now. BTW, I use IE4, NS4 and NS3.01 Gold. There ARE pluses and minuses to MS and NS and I think that discussion is more a matter of personal preference than anythin g else now. Checkout for alot more details and links to other details. I'm gonna try to get an application tips page up off the help links I have on the index page there.

Does anyone know of a web site I can download a bussiness card program....nothing fancey...thanks

if you want something good, go to and take the link for programs. On Windows95/Non-Network, you can get MS Publisher 97. It's very large, but it's also the best I've ever used. If you want something small and quick, try something from

I can't get logged on to the mail server to check my e-mail. When I ask to "deliver now" I get a message that says I can't log on to the mail server. Am I the only one with this problem or is the system down?

Seems the mail server is messed up. I'm sure the ECS crew is on top of it. It's been months since we've had server problems so I guess we were overdue.

I can't mail something, how do I get it out of my outbox?

To get an item out of your outbox you should be able to click the document, then click "file", then click "delete". That will put it in the "deleted box". To permanently get rid of it click on it in the deleted box, click file again, and delete it again.

Does anyone know of a way to keep E-Mail advertising out of the mail box?

e-mail advertising : Don't put your e-mail address in those cute little forms on all those pages you visit. Or, if you do, make sure they have a 'don't send me stuff' option and a 'don't give my address to others' option. Putting you e-mail on yahoo will guarentee you to get e-mail ads. Lots of e-mail ads you get will have something in them about how to unsubscribe. Others don't, particular the 'get rich quick' and/or 'multi-level marketing schemes'. Some have return address you can send something saying, "stop
sending me stuff". Others don't. Some mail clients will filter your e-mail for you. MS internet mail will let you do it with it's 'inbox assistant' on the mail drop down menu. You can, for example, send all incoming mail from sales@real to the delete items folder.

There's an E-mail filter in Netscape 4 also. In the "inbox" choose edit/mail filters. You can then pick out whole domains to delete messages from. A good filter to start with is

This is the first time I have ever been on the net, ... I wanted it was to be able to get on the chat line.

If you need a client application to connect, you can find several good ones complete with descriptions @ . Just download and install the program of your choice by running the .exe file you download and read the associated instructions and help files contained within it.

There are also numerous web sites that offer "chat"   A couple of examples are and

I have a friend who is having trouble getting set-up on the internet. It keeps telling her that her modem isn't connected. She has a robotics internal that came with her computer. She has a splitter on the phone jack with her computer connected to o ne side, and her phone line connected to the other. Does anyone know whether the phone has to be connected directly to the back of the computer, or should it be working like it is connected?. She has left messages with CSS for a couple of days now with no reply.

The splitter should be ok unless it is one of those two line splitter. To check that, switch the one going to the phone with the one going to the computer. If you get a dial tone both ways, you are ok. The modem should have two jacks on it. They should be labeled LINE and PHONE. The cord from the splitter should go into LINE.

My email isnt working, I cannot recieve or send mail. I get this message that reads "The network connection failed please check your internet mail configuration network connection ect. contact your lan internet provider.

Your e-mail will be waiting on the server for you when you get your setup fixed. Launch internet mail from your browser while online. Click mail, then options, then server. SMTP and POP3 should be Your account name and password should be there to as well as your e-mail address which is the same as your account name with an stuck on the end.

I put up a page in the Web utilities @ that shows with graphics how to set up internet mail

I need some help. Does anyone know how to check the history of the browser stops after the connection has been broken and the browser closed?

In Internet Explorer, Choose View, Choose Options, Click the Navigation tab and then the View History button. For your own peace of mind then go to Security and setup the "Ratings" Be SURE to write the password down I DO NOT know how to get it if it's los t.

In Netscape type about:globalhistory in the status line and press enter. You can get more parental control software at I'll try to find some and upload it later to the pages here. I have put a lot of new help pages and update up in the last couple of days. Anyone can access these at

I have created a web page using Netscape. While trying to edit the page, I clicked on view,edit document only to recieve a message....edit string not I enter some information only to recieve another helper app. found.

This error is in reference to the preferences not having been set for a text editor in you helper applications in Netscape 2.x or 3.x They can be set in General settings as I remember. Use Notepad on Win machines for a textr editor if you don't have a better text editor.

Where do I find the 'Bookmarks' folder. in Netscape?

 there isn't a folder it's a file called bookmark.htm. Use START|FIND|Files or folders and you'll find it in the Netscapefolder somewhere. If you need further help look at

This is in the form of an FYI:

This is to everyone. I was told about 3 bad e-mail viruses last night. One is enitled: "PENPAL
GREETINGS!". It is a bad self-replicating virus. The other two are called: "JOIN THE CREW" & "Returned, unable to deliver". Everyone needs to watch ou
t for these. If you recieve it, DELETE IT!!! Do not open it for any reason. If I hear of any others I'll let you know.

Sometimes folks miss this, so I shall type it in here : You will not get a virus READING text e-mail in Internet Explorer's mail or NetScape mail. It is ok to open the e-mail. The only way you can get a virus is to open ATTACHMENTS that are executab le programs or that replace certain files or certain macros for other programs. BEst thing to do is not open attachments from people you don't trust and use virus scanners on those from people you do trust. The "Good Times" virus seems to have reincarna ted. It is bogus - you can not get a virus reading TEXT e-mail.

If your e-mail program already has a virus then a text message could activate that virus. But it remains, you can't get a new virus by reading text e-mail.

The message  on the e-mail were issued by IBM and are written into the messages themselves in code. They are very dangerouys and DO NOT I repeat DO NOT for any reason open these 3 letters. PENPAL GREETINGS, JOIN THE CREW or Retuned-unable to deliver. Your comments on being unable to gert a virus through the e-mail itself are false. YOU CAN AND WILL IF YOU OPEN OF THE 3

The chances of getting a computer virus from a text-based email message are about the same as getting food poisoning from looking at a burger ad on tv. The page that is mentioned above in relation to IBM, is this page,4, 6214,00.html, and it is in reference to "virus hoaxes". Hoax is defined by Webster as
1 : an act intended to trick or dupe : IMPOSTURE
2 : something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication


I am genuinely not trying to come across as awise guy here. The article is plain enough,
unless there is a question as to the definition of hoax. I certain ly hope this settles this.

If something were "coded" in the text, then something would have to read that code and execute it. Don't try to fool people, you cannot get a virus from reading text e-mail period. E-mail 'from' addresses can be easily faked. I am qu ite sure IBM would not promote a hoax in the flavor of the "good times" bologny.

Thanks for the warning guys!I'm sure you are just trying to help!Thanks  for clarifying.If I get any of those,I'll be leary enough to just delete them now anyway.Is this what they call a "mailbomb"?I've heard the term but never knew exact ly what it was.

 In a related kinda' humorous sidebar to this "discussion" there's a page linked to the faq I wrote that dicus ses the penpal "virus", The link to the faq is the link to the penpal info is, 4th link from the top.

I'm a Unix user so I'm really not really qualified to comment on virus/email/Win95 stuff, but in theory a virus CAN be transmitted through email but only if that email is not purely text based. As I understand, an application can be launched via an email message in WIN95 (ie: a graphics attachment, etc.). When an application is spawned in this manner, remember that the email content can and probably is both data and control code. This control code could conceivably do undesirable things to your syst em based upon what application was spawned, what control code was in the attachment, and what your security settings were on your system. I think Microsoft sucks, but I would hope they provide security measures to prevent a disaster. (BTW, I am not knoc king anyone using Microsoft products- I myself have WIN95/Office 97 Professional on my system at home- I just rarely use it). Dave

Re: my posting above, the email reader must also support application launching.

Thinking you will get a virus from opening and reading text e-mail is like thinking you will catch a
cold from someone by talking on the phone with them.

If you have Microsoft Internet Mail or Netscape Mail in their native version (i.e. un modified and virus free), you cannot get a virus by opening and reading an e-mail message. Attachments (called applications in posts above) are not launched unless you double click on them. Do not double click on these attachments unless you t rust the sender and are expecting the file. And even then, you should run a virus checker program just as you would any programs you download off the internet.
The "from" address in e-mail can be faked. If you get something from IBM about a bogus virus forget it. Watch The Site or read one of the links John posted about viruses. Also, if someone were trying to spread a virus through e-mail don't you think they would change up the subject line?

Lets' review

     You can't get a virus from text e-mail
     It is ok to open e-mail
     You can get a virus from attachments
     It is not ok to open attachments unless you know what it is and trust the sender
     Run a virus checker on any programs you download off the internet or receive as an attachment to e-mail
     "From" addresses can be faked
     Don't believe everything you read in e-mail
     Someone smart enough to write a virus wouldn't use the same tell-tell subject line

A final note:

If someone were gonna make a for-real e-mail text virus they would put it in a message titled
"VIRUS ALERT" and make it look like it was from your friend (or IBM).

One last link on the subject that won't die, I hope it's informative. The research it took to write it was to me.

Is there a way to configure this board where the new comments are put at the top rather than at the bottom? or could each day/week comments be accessed seperatly?

I suggest that if you are tired of scrolling down the page, try this: wait till the page loads completely then press ctrl+end (in Netscape or just the "end" key in Internet Explorer), that will take you to the bottom of the page. You will still have to scroll up to the posts you haven' t read, but should get
you there quicker.

This is an FYI:

I apologize up front for the length of this post. There are a couple of Security flaws in Windows 95 that Microsoft has published fixes for and I have added links to the files on the page I wrote for Windows 95 updates. Microsoft rates security hazards on a scale of 1-10 and these both rate a 5. The security flaws primarily affect users who interact with other users in "chat" type programs, but could also affect users visiting websites. These flaws allow malicious users to "crash" a computer that they have the
opportunity to contact directly, which could be yours, if you receive a chat request from one of these individuals or click the "wrong" link on a website. They cannot erase anything on your machine or steal anything from your machine. This could however be quite aggravating and potentially damage files on the system. The fixes are self-installing files that you can download to a temporary folder and Double-Click to install. I would advise you to do this if there is a chance you can be affected by this. It's been my experience that windows sometimes won't function as well when the system has to be restarted because it has been
"locked-up" due to an error, an this is an ounce of prevention. There are two files to download, one is 250kb the other is 172kb. It will only take a few minutes and only has to be done once. The first bug the TCP/IP "Out of Band" bug also affects Windows 3.11. The "fix" for it is not so straight forward but it doesn't seem to "take it so hard" when it gets the "dreaded blue screen" either, so if you use 3.x you may wish to skip this unless or until there is a problem.The url to the files is

I'm having a problem with the "you have performed an illegal operation" when I'm looking through web sites. The "details" of the fault screen say "IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module IEXPLORE.exe at 0137.004 28cd0" . Then it lists registers, bytes and stack dumps. What's wrong? How can I fix this problem? Any help will be appreciated.It happens often and I'm getting very annoyed.

Have you installed anything new on the machine lately that may have caused this? <The solution to this one was a badly needed update to Internet Explorer>

There may be other causes, but I get the Illegal Operation and shutdown, when I go to a page that has the Netscape HTML code for midi. First I get the Plugin Error: Plugin did not initialize properly. Then I click a link and go to another page at that site. Then I use the Back button, instead of a Back link, to go to the original page. That's when I get the Illegal Operation message and shutdown. But if I click a link back to the original page, there's no problem. I think IE gets confused caus e it can't
read the Netscape HTML code and just shuts down. Anyone have an explanation for this? and what I can do about it?

That shouldn't be a problem. IE3 doesn't understand the "<embed>" tag but it is supposed to ignore tags that it doesn't understand as netscape does with the "<bgsound>" tag. If the errtor occurs there because of browser specific code, I would like to see the code.


I finally got the nerve to install Nav.last night.The bought version came with the installer too so I used it.The installation didn't even come close to what the instructions said it would.*S* Was much easier!

Just load the Net$cape browser without the loging or dialing stuff. Use your CSS icon to establish the connection and launch Net$cape. If you want to use the NetScape dialer, I have none of those yucky instructions like I do for MS dial-up scripting. The answer to some question it might ask are below:

If it asks something else, post it here. I or some of the nice users of LCTN will help you out.

To anyone using Netscape, you may want to look at the Netscape help pages we have starting at , There's info on every part of Netscape software there.

Help! I forgot my password to my Setup, the one when the computer is booting up and it says press F2 for setup. Does anyone have any idea how to get around this. I thought of deleting my old Windows that was the original configurations in this machine and then putting it back in. Robert, or any one that might have an answer please help.

 the solution to that problem depends on the brand of computer you have. It could be as easy as
changing a switch inside, or as complex as sending the machine back to the manufacturer. It's time to get the manuals out and look for a topic that refers to the CMOS password.


Unless you bought the computer from a local computer store, you not in good shape. The password you refered to has nothing to do with windows. Other than what John J said, you could call the tech support of the manufacturer, or if you know all the config information, and can re-enter it from scratch, you may be able to remove (and reinsert) the battery that powers the CMOS memory. This isn't a job for the layman. It will clear all CMOS memory, including information on the type of hard drive you have. Unless you can re-enter this information, or have auto-detection, your computer will be unable to "see" the hard drive. Also, some batteries are soddered (sp?) to the mother board, in which case I would not recommended removing them.

I am having a very hard time downloading Netscape, it takes forever and then says it can't do it . Can anyone help me because I can't even acccess my e-mail or half the pages I need to without it. I have an old version of Ms Int. Explorer. I want to make the switch. I need to know what to expect.. while I am waiting for it to download.

What version of windows? 95? If you're having trouble downloading it try:

Copy both lines above and paste into the status line on your current browser, press enter and 17 or so MB later you'll have the latest verion of Communicator. The site is the Washington University Archive in St. Louis, the closest Netscape "mirror" site to west TN. If you want to learn more about how to use it, try There is a great deal of info on every part of the Communicator Suite there. After you install it and get it configured correctly, you'll have the most functional set of internet tools available.

I am NOT a heavy user but I am currently having alot of problems with lagging. What causes this and does anyone else have this problem while exploring the sites? I have also installed a 56K modem. What's the deal? Is there anything I can do to control this lagging?

A 56K modem though thought of as a good thing is not that great right now. And the only real way to stop the lag is spend money, I'm not trying to sound like a smart alec here, but you need to go ISDN, or better. You want to go faster come see us at Precision Technologies this coming week and we can show you how to speed up your access time to about 200K baud a month for as low as $19.95 a month. Yeah I know it's a comercial, but this does speed up your recieving time up a lot. And I could see very little lag, 400K is nicer, I took a 36 Meg download in about 1 and a half minutes... Used it and a program called Net Accelerator, and The system I got to play with downloaded 5 Websites with Graphics, Sounds, And other downloads and the sites were coming up instantaneous. The only thing this doesn't speed up is your upload time. But most people don't upload, and those that do don't upload large files that often.

That was supposed to be 200K Baud for as low as $19.95 a month. This is additional to your internet service bill. There is also for the power users out there a 400K Baud available, yes it costs more, but I'm going to get a demo unit for the store, it'll take a few weeks, but I know you'll be able to see a difference.

For now 56K will not fix your problem. There are no less than 5 types for 56K modems and none support the other. Until there is a true 56K standard, ECS/CSS will not support 56K. The suggestion for ISDN is the best way to improve your load time based on cost. About the problem you're having, is it lag or slow or both? Lag is a delay before images, etc. start loading. Slow is taking several minutes for a page to load. Both is long delays between occasional spurts of information. Do you see this delay when a friend is using their account and you are over visiting? Maybe you need to get your computer and/or phone lines checked out.

I've been searching for teaching sites that may help advance my 5 yr old son. Most sites are memberships or cost Don't misunderstand me, I am not a freebie fanatic, but I do pay for internet services monthly and would like my family to benefit without additional costs, if possible. Can anyone recomend sites for my child who has yet to master reading capabilities that doesn't have additional cost? Something with sounds and perhaps phonics. Please let me know. I will be anxiously waiting. I have visited the Kidzlinks; my son enjoyed this very much. Now we want MORE!

I'm in a rush today but try the weekly reader pages. They have some neat coloring pages, and cover subjects ofinterest to beginning readers. Then there is the veggie tales section. My little one love that place. There are several more.... I'll try to have addresses for you tomorrow.

check out the parent and kids links off the home page. Anybody with other sites to add to those, please e-mail them to


I have a problem that someone might help with. On my connections to the Internet, I get a "Post Dialing Screen" asking for my password for a second time. This is after my connection has been made. Any Ideas?

 If you have Windows 95 do this: Click START,PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, DIAL-UP SCRIPTING TOOL, Selected CSS the click PROPERITIES. In the lower section by your modem type click CONFIGURE. Now click the OPTION tab and click to uncheck BRING UP TERMINAL WINDOW AFTER DIALING


 I am using MIE 2.0, that's what was on the disk that I got when I signed up and I can't even access my e-mail. Does anyone have any ideas. The only thing I can do is send.

The disk you were given when you signed up has directions on how to set up Microsoft
Exchange, I personally use Microsoft Outlook Express, and you can also download Microsoft internet mail from the Microsoft home page, there are plenty of email programs on the internet, that are easy to configure with the information provided in the instructions on that disk you speak of.

The newer version of IE would have taken 8 disks and involve a cost. The disk you got was free and gets you on the net where you can download the newest browser from Net$cape or Microsoft. The quickest way for Win95 users to get updated browsers is on the utility pages.

 I've been trying to set up a mail client on my step-father's comp. to check my mail, without ".forward". I've been entering "". No Mail!! I forgot about the server name. Thanks & let me know if I won't be able to set it up that way.

Most of the time the IP address ( will work. Only on occasions is the mail server moved from that location. When it is moved the address will be changed to the new server location. If you use the named address instead of the numeric address, your e-mail client will always know where the mail server is.

Depending on who your step-father's ISP is, you may not be able to access your mail on our server. If you are using multiple ISPs it is best to use a generic mail account from, yahoo, geocities, or the like.

Another way would be to telnet to lctn and read the email in pine 

 i seem to be having trouble still downloading graphics. Do you think this is a problem with my computer or will it clear up?

On your browser click VIEW then OPTIONS make sure the SHOW PICTURES field is checked.

My MIE has stopped working and I checked that setting in Navigator.Everything looked ok
there.I can still get e-mail in MIE but it's kind of a hassle to go there from Navigator to check it.The email in navigator says I need a password to check for messages.I tried my account password and it didn't work.That is the only one that I know of that it could be asking for. Any ideas on that?My picture problem is my fault I think. MIE went bolistic when I installed a program the other

Check to make sure the account password is correct, It IS CASE Sensitive

Help! I keep receiving an error message when trying to send e-mail. The message says that "the domain name server reports and error"- lots of help! I had a message yesterday from Ecsis admin to change settings to which I did. What have I done wrong? I have Claris e-mailer lite. Thanks for any help.

Your POP3 and SMTP servers should be Your return address should be

Can anyone tell me how to go about chging sound so that dialing into Internet is not so loud on Canon MT7000 Innova Media computer?

Not every modem will let you change the sound, but try this : Win95 - START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, MODEM.
Click on your modem, then click PROPERITIES. There should be a slider bar that controls volume.

I have not been able to receive or send any of my e-mails it says everytime I try that it cannot be delivered for some reason, due to the internet server can you tell me what is wrong with it??? This has been happen for about a week. I useMicrosoft Internet Explorer.

I use Microsoft Inbox,. My e-mail had been working fine until last Thursday, so what else could be wrong??? Please help....

Check out and look at the Internet Mail section. Make sure all your settings match what is there.

I have a copy of Exchange on this machine. I just checked and it works Check your configuration against this one at If it doesn't work and everything appears to be setup correctly, you may need to tremove and reinstall the program. Exchange has a lot of bugs in it as well, there is an upgrade available that helps also. The details are all on the page at

All seems to be working well and I do use internet mail and I have an inbox if I delete the inbox of my desktop will I be able to acces my internet mail with out opening the Internet. I do not know why it was not working, but all that matters it is fixed now.  .

Don't delete inbox off your desktop, it could cause serious difficulties. There is a program called TweakUI that will allow you to choose what to display and what not to. It's available at

This page is designed and written by John Jenkins, with an assist to Ron Bizzle for textual content. If there are any questions or other issues about the content, email me, and I will deal with it in a timely manner. If specific help is requested an email address with an or domain is required. As with all programs on the internet, you, the downloader, assumes all risk of file damage or viruses that these or any programs may contain that are received over the internet. Neither CSS, ECS, nor the author will be responsible for any damage done by any program received over the internet. Please note this includes programs that are virus free but may cause problems with other programs on your computer and programs that simply won't run right on a particular machine.