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There is a bug in Internet Explorer and Netscape Browsers which allows an attacker to monitor web activity by opening a hidden window with Java script. It is highly unlikely that anyone here would be affected or if affected would notice. I do however want all concerned to  be aware that the problem exists and there are solutions be formulated.

To read more about it.

Links to Security  Flaw Explanations
Users of: 
Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape Communicator and Navigator or Here
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 Security Fix 
Available here, .7MB
(My understanding is)That the current beta version of Internet Explorer 4.0(Preview 2).is not affected by these "bugs".
The Danish Privacy Bug is fixed in 4.01

* "The Singapore Privacy Bug that affects Netscape Communicator has been identified and fixed. The fix is being tested and will be included in the next release of Netscape Communicator, which is expected to be available in the next few weeks." 

*Quoted from Netscape
The Singapore Privacy Bug was fixed in version 4.02(that's my understanding) version 4.03 has been released and is the current beta version.

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