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Is your Windows 95 Operating System up to date? If the answer is "No" or "I dunno", there are some links below that can be of help in finding the answer or making it yes. These files are for Windows 95 version 4.00.95, also referred to as the "retail" version by Microsoft. When you complete the upgrade, it will be version 4.00.95a. To find which version of Windows 95 you have, Right-click "My Computer" and choose properties You should then see something similar to the picture below. 

The reason I created this page in particular, is the tendency of Windows 95 to "crash" and need to be reinstalled from the CD or diskettes. When that happens, if you don't have all these files locally on your computer or on a CD, then you have to search all over Microsoft to find them, and they are forever being moved, there as they continue to update their systems. This is more convenient for people locally.
The simple way to tell what version of Windows you have:  
  • When did you buy your computer?
  • When was Windows 95 installed on it?
  • What version is listed, as at the left?
  • If the answer to either of the first 2 is pre-1997, chances are you have the same version as shown.   

    A good strategy to start the upgrade is to get service pack 1, the Password List  and the Update Information Tool, install them in that order and run the Update Information Tool from the Accessories/System Tools Option on the Start Menu to get aid in deciding what you have or need to get afterward. 

    If the answer to the third "Q" is 4.00.950b or 4.00.950B or 4.00.950c or 4.00.950C, then most of the files on this page don't apply to you. Some of these files apply to nearly everyone who uses the Windows Operating System ®. Anyone trying to identify an OSR version of Windows as to whether it is version 1.0, 2.0, 2.1 or 2.5, ect.  should check with Microsoft directly. 

    note: This page is currently being updated, old unnecessary updates are being removed and new files added. ETA on completion is the week of March 6, 1998


    Microsoft Windows 95 System Updates  for 4.00.95@
    Microsoft's Windows 95 Home page and LCTN.COM
    OSR2 downloadable Updates @ Microsoft
    Driver Updates @Microsoft

    If you know what category file you are looking for feel free to use this Navigation Table to aid in finding what you need. If you can't find the file you need, try here.
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    System Update Links
    Descriptive Page Date Size
    Update File Name
    General Description
    Windows 95 
    Service Pack 1 Update 12-31-95 1235kb sp1upd.exe The Major update to the Retail version of Windows 95. If there is no letter after your Windows version as shown above, you need this one.
    Update Information Tool
    96408 bytes qfechkup.exe The Update Information Tool can be used to verify which Service Pack components have been added, and that the versions installed match the versions listed in the registry.
    comctl32.dll upgrade 8-29-96 326 kb com32upd.exe  This update corrects problems with text on various label in Windows 95. For more information see Q165487 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
    Kernel32 update 4-11-96 290kb krnlupd.exe This update concerns a "memory leak" that occurs over TCI/IP network(Internet) connections. The memory leak is responsible for lowering available memory upon extended use of the Internet.
    OLE32 update 8/27/97 506952 bytes oleupd.exe This file contains an update to OLE for Windows 95 to correct certain file management problems. 
    32-bit DLC Update 07/16/97 208kb dlc32upd.exe This file contains the DLC update for the Microsoft 32-bit Data Link Control (MSDLC32) protocol for Windows 95.

    MS Fax Cover Page Fix

    4-26-96 144kb coverpg.exe This update corrects a problem with fax cover pages being unavailable.
    Backup Update 5-3-96 439kb backupd2.exe This updated version of Backup.exe for Windows 95 corrects problems in the original version. This version does not contain any new functions.
    CD-Changer Driver 7-16-97 132560 bytes, cdchnger.exe   These updated protected-mode CD-ROM changer drivers correct problems working with multiple-disc CD-ROM changers in Windows 95.
    IrDA (Infrared Driver) 5-13-96 434kb w95ir.exe Microsoft has added support for Infrared Data Association (IrDA) connectivity to Windows 95. This file contains IrDA support for Windows 95. 
    Microsoft SAME IDE Channel N CRROM & Hard Disks
    174672 bytes iosupd.exe Microsoft SAME IDE Channel N CD-ROM and hard disks version 4.0.953.
    Windows 95 Password List Update* 5-17-96 278kb mspwlupd2.exe This update is an enhanced component that substantially strengthens the encryption 
    used for the Microsoft Windows 95 password cache. *use ONLY after Service Pack 1 has been installed and  must be repeated anytime Service Pack 1 is re-installed.
    Disk Type Specific Driver Update for Windows 95 8/27/97 114kb dsktsupd.exe This update addresses a potential data-loss issue for customers who use large EIDE drives with multiple partitions on computers that support LBA and extended INT 13 functions.
    Update for Apple Printer Utility users  N/A 119kb wsipxupd.exe This update allows Windows 95 users to run Apple Computer, Inc.'s Apple Printer Utility for Windows 95, which lets users manage Apple Color LaserWriter 12/660 PS and Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600 PS printers over the network using the IPX/SPX protocol.
    System Updates @ Microsoft N/A html system-updates.htm Microsoft's list & descriptions of some of these files
    Driver updates NA NA HTML List  
    Miscellaneous updates Page NA NA HTML List  
    Updated ESDI_506.PDR For Windows 95 11-19-97 147096 bytes
    This file resolves some problems with IDE hard disk drives. For more information, see article number Q171353 on Microsoft Technical Support Online.
    Font Smoother for Windows 95
    170 kb
    This adds a tab to your display properties allowing font smoothing @ 16bit high color and allows several other neat  modifications .
    VBScript and JScript's version 2.0
    443 kb
    Updates for Microsoft's Scripting Languages , released just prior to IE4
    Internet Explorer 4.0 Script Debugger
    677 kb
    VB and JScript Debugging tool for Internet Explorer 4.0
    Scripting tool
     Dialup Scripting tool for Windows 95
    Internet Mail Update
    235 kb
    Internet Mail Service for Windows 95 Release/Update 
    This component adds POP3 client mail services to the Windows 95 Microsoft Exchange client. 
     Remote Procedure Call DLL Update for Windows 95 
    273472 bytes
    Update to the Windows 95 remote Procedure Call runtime.
    SLIP & Scripting Support
    156672 bytes
    The SLIP &Scripting support for dial-up networking tool creates scripts that automate connecting to online services. This is part of the Windows 95 Service Pack 1. 
    RasAPI update
    172544 bytes
    This updated file corrects a problem when you use the Dial-Up Networking tool in Windows 95 to dial into a remote network and receive the following error message: No domain controller was available to validate your logon
    Updated Rasapi32.dll for Windows 95 OSR2
    237600 bytes
    This update corrects the "No domain controller was available to validate your logon" error message when you dial in to a remote network. 
    Windows 95 WinSock Update to Improve Multihoming Support 7-16-97 234568 bytes
    WinSock update for Windows 95 and OSR1 to improve multihoming support. Not for 
     use with OSR2.
    Winsock 2 for Windows 95*
    964 kb
    This update resolves a number of Winsock2 issues, please read the release notes for a detailed list of changes. *This should be installed after the DUN 1.2 upgrade below or DUN 1.2 will overwrite these files. 
    Win95 Dial-up Networking Upgrade
    The upgrade for Dial-up Networking version 1.2 This is the latest available from Microsoft and is a superset of any previous version. 
    Enables Windows 95 customers to take direct advantage of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) over the Internet. 
    Microsoft Service for NetWare Directory Services 
    372 kb
    The Microsoft Services for NDS and the Microsoft Client for NetWare Networks provide full client support for NetWare Directory Services.
    Ping Command update
    This new version of Ping.exe prevents other networked resources from hanging when you use Ping.exe to test IP communication to a network resource. 
    Microsoft File Transfer Tool
    197120 bytes
    Microsoft File Transfer lets users of VoiceView- capable modems transfer files while talking over the telephone. 
    The next few  items   are bug   fixes for security  on the Internet
    "Update to Windows 95 TCP/IP to Address Out-of-Band 
      Issue Update applies to  Win95 and OSR versions 1, 2, 2.1 
    7-16-97 250kb
     This file corrects a problem with out-of-band packets using the TCP/IP protocol. See Q168747 for more information. (256584 bytes, published 07/16 
    Updated Vredir.vxd File 07/16/97 168936 bytes
    The updated Vredir.vxd file corrects a problem deleting files on Samba servers running on UNIX- based computers. This problem can cause local files to be deleted. 
    Updated TCP/IP for Windows 95 without WinSock 2 Update 12/03/97 155264 bytes
    This file contains an updated version of TCP/IP for Windows 95 computers without the WinSock 2 update
    Updated TCP/IP for Windows 95 with WinSock 2 Update  11/20/97 176312 bytes
    This file contains an updated version of TCP/IP for Windows 95 computers with the WinSock 2 update. 
    The Out-of-Band Issue  as it affects Windows 3.11      The only known fix is to exit Windows, to the DOS prompt, and enter the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM  directory. Rename the file vnbt.386 to something like vnbt.old. Reboot and restart Windows. You will receive an error  message from Windows, but this will not harm your system. This fix will, however, disable file sharing in Windows 3.11, so you can rename the file to its original name and reboot to use file sharing features. Microsoft has not announced an official fix,  yet. If they do, I will post it on this page.  
    Invalid ICMP Datagram Fragments Hang Windows NT,  Windows 95 Applies to Windows 95, Windows NT versions 3.51 and 4.0 1/21/98 162kb
    Updated TCP/IP stack for Windows 95. Please see article Q154174 ( in the Microsoft KB)for additional 
    Updated TCP/IP Stack for Windows 95 and Winsock 2 Update.
    176,312 bytes
    Updated TCP/IP stack for Windows 95 and Winsock 2 update.
    Windows 95 Update to Prevent Sending Clear-Text Password Over Network
    215728 bytes
    This update prevents clear-text passwords from being sent over the network. See Q165403 for additional information. 
    Windows 95 Update to Enhance Password Security
    226448 bytes
    For MSNDS (all Windows 95 releases). See Q165402 for more information  More Information
    Windows  Applets    
    Updated File Manager for Windows 95 and Post-Year-2000 Dates
    245800 bytes
    This file contains an updated version of File Manager for Windows 95 to correct problems displaying dates for files created with a date of 1/1/2000 or later
    Updated Microsoft Paint for Windows 95 
    754,670 bytes
    Updated Microsoft Paint for use with Windows 95 and Microsoft Office 97. 
    Updated Themes.exe version 4.40.311
    86016 bytes
    This file resolves an issue with "Illegal Operation" error messages after installing a program that modifies the JPG graphics filter. This update does not include any new themes. 
    Microsoft Exchange Update for Windows '95
    The Microsoft Exchange Inbox Update for Windows 95 provides support for Microsoft Mail Server shared folders and other minor updates. 

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