!! The Demo script Do ScrollDown delay=30 center=true text=\rLED \oS\yi\gg\bn \rV3.1 Sleep delay=2000 Do ScrollLeft delay=30 startspace=20 endspace=20 text=Welcome to the \ynew \rLED Sign site! Repeat times=2 ScrollLeft delay=30 startspace=20 endspace=20 text=The current time is \{tt} on \{mn}-\{dn}-\{yy}. ScrollLeft delay=30 startspace=20 endspace=120 text=Today is \{dd} \{mm} \{dn}, \{YY}. ScrollLeft endspace=20 URL=http://java.sun.com/ endspace=40 text=Click on this sign now to go to... Appear center=true URL=http://java.sun.com/ text=\cJava Home Sleep URL=http://Java.sun.com/ delay=500 Blink times=6 delay=500 URL=http://java.sun.com/ ScrollDown delay=70 center=true text=T\oH\yE \gE\bN\pD Sleep delay=2000 Pixel delay=10 pixels=15 clear=true Sleep delay=1000 !! repeat infinitely Repeat times=-1