LED Sign V2.7 Configuration for Java

Required Parameters

Optional Parameters

Example LED tag in HTML

<applet codebase="classes" code="LED.class" width=540 height=70>
   <param name="script" value="../scripts/Demo.led">
   <param name="font" value="../fonts/default.font">
   <param name="border" value="3">
   <param name="bordercolor" value="100,130,130">
   <param name="spacewidth" value="3">
   <param name="wth" value="100">
   <param name="ht" value="9">
   <param name="ledsize" value="3">

   If you were using a Java-enabled browser,
   you would see a scrolling text sign instead of this paragraph.

The "codebase" value is the directory where the ".class" files for LED Sign are kept. The "code" parameter is the name of the "main" class. The "script" parameter is the file that contains the script that the LED Sign will run. The "font" parameter is the file that contains the specification of the font for the sign to use. All four of these must be correct, otherwise the applet will not start and will give a "Applet can't start: applet not initialized" error. If you get this error, make sure that "codebase", "code", "script", and "font" are correct.

The "width" and "height" specify the the applet space available to the applet.

The LED Sign Java applet is written and Copyright 1995,1996 by Darrick Brown