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The Games for Thursday, February 21 are Unannounced

posted by on Thu Feb 21 00:09:02 CST 2019

Decisions are made around 3pm on weekday games.

When games are marked Off or Rained Out, they will not be played that day.
When games are marked On, they will be played unless conditions changed after the posted time.
When games are marked Unannounced, it could mean that it is too early to make a decision or we had computer problems and couldn't update this page. Or most likely, the weather is so nice that there is no question - we will have games if any are scheduled.

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The park office has ONE phone line. We cannot possible take calls from 900 players, 1800 parents, 300 coaches, etc. to tell them if games are on or not. We will notify WTRB radio at 3:00pm. They will annouce on the air - please do not call WTRB. Also at 3:00pm, we will update this web page and the Bank of Ripley Touch-Tone Teller. Dial 635-6147, then press 6 (community bullentin board), then press 7 (Parks & Rec).

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