Our S.E.E.K. outreach program is designed to fulfill the great Commission of our Lord, to evangelize the world. In this ministry we ask each person to commit only one hour per month to one of our tuesday evening efforts. The evenings of our outreach involves visitation, letter writing, phone calls, and other avenues of ministry.

Ministry Goals

Our goal is to follow the example of Barnabas, and encourage New Members to become active within the Body of Christ.

This ministry revolves around four specific objectives:

1. To acclimate new members with the church facilities, staff and schedule of services;

2. To promote active participation in Worship, and Bible Study;

3. To develope new member relationships within the church family;

4. To help the Church Staff gain important information about lost , and unchurched family members.

Ministry Goals:

This is a group of JUST OLDER YOUTH (J.O.Y.). Who enjoy times of fellowship, and spiritual enrichment together. We take monthly trips . Anyone is invited to join us. Our goal is to grow closer to the Lord, and each other.