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------------------ Wed Dec 1 10:09:57 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Observation

From the AP wire "...New York-based Comet Systems acknowledged earlier this week that its cursor software - used by more than 16 million people - reports back to its own computers with each customer's unique serial number each time that person visits any of 60,000 Web sites that support its technology. Those sites include dozens aimed at young children, such as those for the Dilbert and Peanuts characters of United Feature Syndicate Inc. and the Ty Inc. site for Beanie Babies. Comet said it never violated customers' privacy because it does not attempt to match its serial numbers against anyone's real-world identity. But it said Tuesday it will allow customers to delete those numbers, anyway, although the numbers helped Comet keep an accurate census of its customers for marketing and billing purposes. Some Web sites pay Comet based on the number of visitors using the cursor-changing technology. Customers will be able to download a program from Comet's Web site, at, to replace their serial number with a meaningless number that isn't unique. ``If that's what we need to do to appease users, we'll do that,'' spokesman Ben Austin said. .... Critics said earlier that the company should have more openly disclosed the behind-the-scenes transmissions, which are made without warning. They also said it would not be difficult given today's technology to begin correlating the Comet serial number with a consumer's identity if the company suddenly decided to or if Comet - with its extensive tracking database - were purchased by new owners willing to do that. ``The typical guy who goes to Best Buy and buys a computer and installs this software, he'll never know about this stuff,'' said programmer Dave Gale of Tampa, Fla. ``It's like a toy, but you wouldn't expect a toy to follow you around on the Internet.'' Steer, the spokesman for Truste, said other companies also undoubtedly are clandestinely monitoring the online behavior of their customers. ``I believe there are a lot of other software companies that are collecting personal information and not disclosing it,'' he said. ``That is just no longer acceptable.'' Internet discussion groups were filled Tuesday with messages from angry people who believed the cursor software did or could violate their privacy. In a statement published on the company's Web site, Comet President Jamie Rosen said the company was ``quite surprised'' at the privacy questions because the software doesn't ask for a customer's name, e-mail address or other personal information. ``We deeply regret that this has caused concern among our users and we pledge to be a leader in the area of online privacy in the future,'' he said. "

------------------ Wed Dec 1 10:16:12 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Consider this

SEATTLE (AP) - Shattered store windows. Dumpsters burning. Protesters fleeing tear gas and rubber bullets fired by police. What on earth is happening in laid-back Seattle? Violent political demonstrations have rarely been seen on U.S. soil since the Vietnam War era, and most people here - protest organizers and city officials alike - were surprised by the mayhem that erupted Tuesday as thousands of demonstrators marched against the World Trade Organization. Apologetic authorities blamed a few troublemakers ``from out of town.'' Protest leaders pointed fingers at overreacting police and a few bad apples within their own ranks. Some demonstrators, meanwhile, saw something deeper - the awakening of a new brand of activism among a new generation of activists. ``Young people - Generation X or whatever you call them - haven't had an issue. Now they have an issue,'' said Christopher Krohn, 41, a city council member from Santa Cruz, Calif., who came to Seattle to protest peacefully. He said many youth see hard-won environmental safeguards being threatened by a WTO focus on free trade above all other values. ``That's why a lot of people are angry,'' Krohn said. ... ``A small band of egotistical, misdirected young people'' who broke windows and spray-painted buildings diverted attention from an otherwise peaceful protest, said Dennis Moynihan, spokesman for the Direct Action Network, which helped plan the demonstration. ... Not everyone thought the violence was a bad thing. ``The corporations commit way more heinous crimes,'' said Mark Bowers, 25, a protester from Eugene, Ore., who was roaming the streets Tuesday night after authorities declared a curfew. Protesters are ``alienated, beat down,'' said Bowers' friend, John, who refused to give his last name. ``They don't have a voice,'' he said. ``You can only beat people down for so long. To write it off as meaningless violence is totally unfair.'' Comments??

------------------ Wed Dec 1 10:21:34 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Observation "Gov. Don Sundquist yesterday announced a 12-point plan for reforming TennCare, the state's massive health-care program for low-income, disabled and previously uninsured Tennesseans." To see the specifics of the plan, please visit the site stated above. Many of the proposals must be approved by the federal government, which provides two-thirds of the program's $4.3 billion budget, but Sundquist predicted most will be "well received" by federal officials.

------------------ Thu Dec 2 14:41:22 1999 --------------------------

Thought for the day sent the following: Well here's what I think

From the Baptist Church sign in Folkes, Tn. - Santa may fill your stocking, but Jesus will fill your soul!

------------------ Thu Dec 2 16:56:11 1999 --------------------------

Just A Guy sent the following: Observation

I haven't wanted to comment on many things posted on here in a while. It is pointless to argue with someone who keeps a closed mind like MM does. But I had to share my views on the quake issue. This is how many scientists and I see things. As long as the fault line stays active with minor quakes, there is less of a chance for a major quake. When we have no activity at all, or extremely little, that's when we worry. The Fault line needs to constantly move, thus causing very minor quakes. As the two tectonic plates stick in places, this causes the mild quakes, but if it sticks for a long time, preasure builds, and force eventually unsticks the plates causing a major earthquake. Thus ends the science lesson.

------------------ Thu Dec 2 18:20:55 1999 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Consider this

just a guy, you must have taken science at nankipoo u. if your theory is correct then explain why the earthquakes in california along tne san andreas faultline have minor quakes almost daily but have major quakes almost every two years.

------------------ Thu Dec 2 20:46:44 1999 --------------------------

earthquakeologist sent the following: Answer

MM, why do some people have sex once a week and others 4-5 times? Is this earthquake discussion based on science, evolution, or creationism, like that in in Kansas and Oklahoma? Call one of those school boards and ask. Why pick on Nakipoo? Lots of good, decent countians got educated there.

------------------ Thu Dec 2 23:55:57 1999 --------------------------

Just A Guy sent the following: Observation

Well, unlike MM's education at RedNeck Tech, or better known as Back Yard University... I did have a formal education. Also being arround the likes of him, I have also had an informal one as well it seems. The reason behind them having some minor quakes, and some major quakes is quite simple. If you must get technical, the San Andreas Fault Line is made up of not one but many smaller fault lines, or made up of many more tectonic plates than our own New Madrid fault line. We too sit on more than two tectonic plates. but where you can count the number of our techtonic plates on one hand, yes even you MM. It will take about five hands to count the number over in California. Some move on a regular basis over there. Hense the minor quakes. Some get stuck longer, hense the big quakes. But when they all get stuck, say bye-bye to California when they get unstuck. I'll say that yes, something else can cause an earthquake, like say a comet or asteroid striking one of the plates an d forcing it to shift a little to quickly. But if it were to strike that closely, we would die of the ammount of energy released before we even felt that massive of an earthquake. If you don't believe me, fine, I really could care less. Just don't tell me I'm wrong without having something besides a newspaper article that is not a scientific source, as your proof. I have yet to see a reporter that has made any discovery close to being scientific, other than the occasional being struck by lightening, or as a couple of reporters learned, even a rubber bullet moving at a high velocity can still hurt you. They also discovered it was better to stand behind the police and not between them and the rioters. Somehow I don't think MM would have to discover either of those two things... But I do know he discovered the lightening for himself one time, at least we guess it was lightening...

------------------ Fri Dec 3 04:42:30 1999 --------------------------

Chalkboard Reader sent the following: Well here's what I think

Sheesh guys, do you have to fight about it? The prediction of earthquake frequency is not an exact science to say the least. One guy's guess-timate is about as good as another's no matter what part of the county they live in. I would say a better topic of discussion might be the effects of a major earthquake on our area. And what we need or need not do to prepare. For instance,have you ever counted the bridges between Lauderdale County and Dyersburg and/or Memphis, Jackson? In a major quake those bridges would be history. Any idea how we would get food and medical supplies, or help in here? How about that big river just a couple miles up the road. Have you counted the number of dikes and levees on it? How long do you suppose they would last in a major quake and what would be the effects? How about electrical power? Do you know what the main cause of death and injury is during a quake? How could that be avoided? Do the schools have an earthquake plan? Do the cities have disaster plans? Exploring these questions might really do us some good.

------------------ Fri Dec 3 05:12:16 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Surf this

For information on the large quakes and predictions for the New Madrid area go to: The Nation Seismic Hazard map with accuracy to our local zipcodes is available at: The Red Cross has a printable (PDF) earthquake preparedness sheet and a coloring book file for children with suggestions for greater safety. This can be found at:

------------------ Fri Dec 3 09:11:56 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Well here's what I think

For Militantman, you and I agree on the WTO for sure. Have you seen the story at: It lambastes the networks (cable and otherwise) for not covering the Seattle event and attributes the reason as their own form of corporate greed and then goes on to say in part: "....A protester dressed as a sunflower blocked a limousine carrying Secretary of State Madeline Albright on a Seattle street. To think that she had once told students at a commencement address at Harvard: "Those who graduate today will live global lives!" Albright must have been reassessing the concept, while sipping lattes, trapped in the lobby of the Westin Hotel as anti-globalism protesters raged outside. Us Albright watchers have suspected for some time, that for Madam, The World is Not Enough. Her raw lust to control on a geo-political scale is something beyond ego and ambition and a hot new St. John outfit from Neiman's that makes your Chinese counterpart forget that you bombed his embassy in Kosovo. Strobe and Sidney and Tony and Hillary and all of the other "Third Way" basketcases should be writing books [that would never sell] about their visions -- not implementing a world policy. "We think it's a great challenge to marry our conceptions of social justice and equal opportunity with our commitment to globalization," Bill Clinton declared at summit in Florence, Italy a few weeks ago, where his wife picked up a "global law" award. "A way that requires governments to empower people with tools and conditions necessary for individuals, families, communities and nations." Sorry, Mr. Clinton. Here, people empower governments. We thought you knew. "

------------------ Sat Dec 4 10:20:26 1999 --------------------------

Fairchyld sent the following: Comment

The Ripley Hish Schol Drama club is putting on perfrmance Saturday, December 10, at 6 p.m. in the Little Thearture ofthe schol.. Tickts will be sold at the door for $3. They are doing Neil Simmons "Barefot in the Park". Everyne is welcme and ncuraged to come.

------------------ Sat Dec 4 19:04:35 1999 --------------------------

Bob sent the following: Food for thought

Has anyone read any books by Tim LaHaye? I've read the first 2 and have started on "Nicolae".

------------------ Sat Dec 4 21:15:54 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Question

Is anybody else having trouble sending e-mail? I get the message that "SMTP server is not responding"

------------------ Sat Dec 4 22:20:48 1999 --------------------------

Thanatos sent the following: Answer

Try going go this address: Robert has a hint there and a link to local help. Later.....

------------------ Sun Dec 5 13:16:51 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

The Bloomberg News Dec 3 reports that Tultex Corp., maker of Discus Athletic shirts, filled for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, will shut most of its remaining plants and fire 2600 or 60% of its employees. Tulex blamed competition from abroad. "It will hire lower-cost companies overseas to make its products", the article says. Rivals such as Fruit of the Loom have been shutting dozens of plants, firing thousands and shifting work overseas for the past few years. Fruit of the Loom has fired over 8,000 employees. Tultex CEO said "America's textile and apparel industry has too much high-cost, domestic manufacturing capacity". This should give cause for some folks to stop and get a handle on GATT< WTO, NAFTA, big business, and the future of jobs for Americans.

------------------ Sun Dec 5 17:06:54 1999 --------------------------

Vol Fan sent the following: This person doesn't know how to use selection boxes

Woulld not a Tennessee-Wisconsin and a Alabama-Nebraska make more sense as Tennessee and Wisconsin appear to be the better teams

------------------ Sun Dec 5 17:07:10 1999 --------------------------

Vol Fan sent the following: This person doesn't know how to use selection boxes

Woulld not a Tennessee-Wisconsin and a Alabama-Nebraska make more sense as Tennessee and Wisconsin appear to be the better teams

------------------ Sun Dec 5 17:07:15 1999 --------------------------

Vol Fan sent the following: This person doesn't know how to use selection boxes

Woulld not a Tennessee-Wisconsin and a Alabama-Nebraska make more sense as Tennessee and Wisconsin appear to be the better teams

------------------ Sun Dec 5 19:26:38 1999 --------------------------

BAMA Fan sent the following: Reply

Lest you have forgotten, BAMA is the S.E.C. Champion.

------------------ Mon Dec 6 04:27:13 1999 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

From AP wire: "...The WTO, which hitherto preached its free-trade message with unquestioning fervor, emerged battered from the deadlock over agricultural subsidies and labor standards within the conference chambers and the overwhelming opposition outside by tens of thousands of demonstrators. ``When I looked in the mirror this morning, I felt a sense of failure,'' a shaken WTO chief Mike Moore said of his efforts to ease distrust of the Geneva-based body, widely perceived as secretive and uncaring. Activist groups have long argued that the WTO's push to open markets runs roughshod over environmental and health concerns and encourages labor exploitation with its emphasis on cutting costs. The WTO opponents, previously dismissed as fringe elements, have now established themselves as a real force with even President Clinton conceding they represent ``millions of people who are now asking questions.'' Kiyoshi Ikemoto, an economist at Japan's Osaka Gakuin University and former chairman of the Japan Society of International Economics, said the Seattle chaos showed that world leaders failed to consider the negative consequences of free trade. ``There are going to be weak people in the world even under free trade,'' he told The Associated Press. ``If your free-trade policy ignores them, only the powerful survive. You end up with a few winners and a lot of losers.'' Comments??

------------------ Mon Dec 6 09:05:56 1999 --------------------------

? sent the following: Tease

Rocky Flop you'll always be number 3 in the SEC, good ole Rocky Flop. Rocky Flop, Tennessee. Rocky Flop Tennessee.

------------------ Mon Dec 6 11:51:15 1999 --------------------------

cfitz sent the following: Suggestion

The Jackson Sun at is conducting a poll for the football teams and games of the century. Ripley has the 65 team and the 58 and 62 games on the list. Log on and vote. I think the deadline is today. Thanx

------------------ Mon Dec 6 18:20:07 1999 --------------------------

Vol Fan sent the following: This person doesn't know how to use selection boxes

To tease and BAMA When you lose 2 games in 2 years NOT FLOPPY Congrats BAMA you win you deserve recognition

------------------ Mon Dec 6 21:38:49 1999 --------------------------

tell it like it is sent the following: Comment

It will be interesting to see what happens in WTO. Those folks have never done anything but "think" and "study". Their concepts are crap when it comes to trade. Warped thinking on economics, jobs, and employment aren't reserved solely to the WTO. For example: is your phone bill cheaper since the phone company breakup? Competition was supposed to occur? When a factory is sent outside the US - usually for cheaper labor - do you see price reductions at the consumer level? Same when factories move from one region in the US to another. Even to avoid unions, there is never a reduction in prices. So what is the purpose other than the owners to pocket more. Check the medical profession today - or is it 'businesses'? Exxon and Mobil are merging, with job losses around 10,000 ultimately. Remember how Standard Oil was broken up (anti-trust) into what is now Exxon and Mobil? Putting it back together again. It's all just ruses for someone to grab or loot a business. The public's concern doesn't even come to their minds. WTO showed that so clearly.

------------------ Mon Dec 6 22:54:43 1999 --------------------------

Round Up sent the following: I went all the way to the bottom of catagories to find this

Blah Blah Blah. Setting the record straight: 1st, I despise the SEC, especially the Navel oranges. 2nd, sure TN beat Bama, but what have you done for me lately? Hmmm, the folks from Knoxland lost at the folks from Fayettville and beat Vandy and Kentucky, woo-hoo. Strike one against TN. Hmmm, the folks from East TN lost to Florida. Hmmm, the folks from Bama have now beaten Florida twice this season and are now the reigning SEC champs. 3rd, how can you possibly say TN is better than Bama. No way. 4th, the Tennessee-Nebraska game is the best possible matchup for both teams and will be the best game of all the bowls. And 5th, Wisconsin is superior to Nebraska, yes, BUT is bound to the Rose Bowl as the Big Ten champs since they aren't 1 or 2 in the silly BCS. There is no possible way for those two teams to play each other so get over it. You are just afraid of the Big Red Machine. Remember what happened last time, don't you (apparently so if you don't want to play them again). Just putting in my say. Have a nice day, ya'll here?!

------------------ Thu Dec 9 01:44:05 1999 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Comment

Everybody must be Xmas shopping :-)...

------------------ Thu Dec 9 01:45:08 1999 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Comment

Test....Is the page Malfunctioning??

------------------ Thu Dec 9 01:46:53 1999 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Comment

There we go. Must have been a snafu... ..Merry Christmas All...

------------------ Thu Dec 9 09:31:59 1999 --------------------------

For-Get-Me- Not sent the following: Comment

To Bob concerning the Left Behind series of books. I have read all 5 books and can't wait for the next one. Quite an eye-opener. Whether or not these things occur in our lifetime remain to be seen. Your opinion?

------------------ Thu Dec 9 10:26:25 1999 --------------------------

Thought for the Day sent the following: Consider this

I understand that the following breeds are now recognized by the AKC: Collie + Lhasa Apso: Collapso, a dog that folds up for easy transport*** Pointer + Setter: Poinsetter, a traditional Christmas pet*** Great Pyrenees + Dachshund: Pyradachs, a puzzling breed*** Pekingese + Lhasa Apso: Peekasso, an abstract dog*** Irish Water Spaniel + English Springer Spaniel: Irish Springer, a dog fresh and clean as a whistle*** Labrador Retriever + Curly Coated Retriever: Lab Coat Retriever, the choice of research scientists*** Newfoundland + Basset Hound: Newfound Asset Hound, a dog for financial advisors*** Terrier + Bulldog: Terribull, a dog that makes awful mistakes* Bloodhound + Labrador: Blabador, a dog that barks incessantly*** Malamute + Pointer: Moot Point, owned by....oh, well, it doesn't matter anyway*** Collie + Malamute: Commute, a dog that travels to work** Deerhound + Terrier: Derriere, a dog that's true to the end*** Speaking of being true to the end, dogs have quite a reputation for being faithful, but their faithfulness is nothing compared with God's. Time and time again, throughout history, God has proved that he has always kept His word, which gives us the assurance that He can always be counted on to do the same for us. "This is a faithful saying: For if we died with him, we shall also live with him. If we endure, we shall also reign with him. If we deny him, he also will deny us. If we are faithless, he remains faithful; he cannot deny himself." (2 Timothy 2:11-13). In a world filled with uncertainty and broken commitments, how comforting to know that God will be "true to the end." Have a great day!

------------------ Thu Dec 9 10:38:12 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Suggestion

Chemical blast at Y-12 plant injures 10 workers By Associated Press OAK RIDGE (AP) -- Ten workers were injured in a chemical explosion at a nuclear weapons plant yesterday while cleaning an area that had been shuttered since 1993. Three workers were hospitalized for burns or smoke inhalation from the explosion at the Y-12 plant. The others were treated and released." For more on this story or other Oak Ridge related stories go to:

------------------ Thu Dec 9 10:41:21 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Food for thought

"LONDON, Dec 8 (Reuters) - A statue portraying Princess Diana as the Virgin Mary has sparked fury at an art exhibition exploring the idea that royal, sports and showbusiness stars have replaced religion. Diana, killed in a Paris car crash two years ago, is shown as the Madonna in the sculpture by Luigi Baggi being shown at the Tate Gallery in the northern English city of Liverpool. Pop singer and Christian campaigner Cliff Richard said: "When it comes to artistic taste, I'm beginning to realise there is a huge gulf between self-styled pundits and the public." Anthony Kilmister, chairman of the Prayer Book Society, put it more bluntly: "The idea of Diana as the Virgin Mary is in appallingly bad taste." Lord Alton, a professor at John Moores University, said he believed many people would find the "Heaven" exhibition deeply offensive." COMMENTS???

------------------ Fri Dec 10 13:14:37 1999 --------------------------

Laurie sent the following: Reply

Bob and For-Get-Me-Not; I too have read the Left Behind books and enjoyed them. It's interesting and I do look forward to the next....the "who don't it" one! I think the last two were a bit "slower", but good. I can't imagine writing that number of books (for a series) and keeping it interesting but they've done a good job (IMHO). Bob I guess you heard of the delay on the release of the next book, from Feb to May?

------------------ Fri Dec 10 21:57:32 1999 --------------------------

tuckerman2 sent the following: This person doesn't know how to use selection boxes

webtv through this isp. can anyone help me with this?

------------------ Sat Dec 11 08:09:35 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Observation

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Clinton Administration Friday opposed proposals to ban the collection of sales taxes on Internet purchases and instead urged study of plans to simplify the nation's tangled collection of sales taxes. The administration's first policy statement on the volatile sales-tax question comes as an already polarized special committee prepares to meet in San Francisco next week. The senior official, who asked not to be identified, said the White House opposed efforts by Virginia Governor James Gilmore who heads the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce to completely exempt from sales taxes all goods bought from remote Internet vendors. In 1998, Congress imposed a three-year moratorium on new Internet taxes to allow study of the issue which pits Internet boosters against those concerned about the erosion of local taxes needed to finance everything from emergency vehicles to schools. The Gilmore approach could encourage merchants to establish Internet kiosks in every store so consumers could make all purchases on line and avoid paying sales tax, the administration official said..." For more on this issue go to:

------------------ Sat Dec 11 08:14:38 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Consider this

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Many U.S. drinking water providers and sewage treatment plants have failed to complete their preparations for the Year 2000 computer glitch, two private watchdog groups said on Friday, which could result in overtreated tap water and sewage overflow. "There are serious doubts that the 55,000 drinking water utilities and the 16,000 publicly owned wastewater facilities in the United States will be well prepared for Y2K," said a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Center for Y2K & Society. The report said fewer than half of the drinking water utilities had completed all phases of Y2K preparations, including contingency planning and testing, as of June 1999, the date of the last industry survey. Only 14 percent of wastewater plants had wrapped up the repair phase of their Y2K programs, the report said, citing the most recent survey of the Association of Metropolitan Sewage Agencies..." For more information go to: Anyone know where our local plants are on their Y2K plans?????

------------------ Sat Dec 11 08:26:57 1999 --------------------------

FYI sent the following: Observation

"The state Republican Party is expected to join a group of GOP state lawmakers in formally denouncing a state income tax in a move that would further isolate Gov. Don Sundquist from the party. Legislators also want party leaders to develop a plan to use the income tax issue to beat the Democrats in next year's elections. That, too, estranges the Republican governor, who had offered Democrats some cover if they supported tax reform, saying he would campaign for them..." For more on this go to:

------------------ Sat Dec 11 09:16:36 1999 --------------------------

Forget-Me-Not sent the following: Question

To Laurie. Did the often change of scenario keep you as confused as I sometimes was. What about a delayed release date? Do you think the next book will REALLY be the last?

------------------ Sat Dec 11 20:56:48 1999 --------------------------

Robert sent the following: Reply

"WebTV through this ISP" requires an account with CSS and a OpenISP account with WebTV. This gives you a local number for WebTV. If you already have both accounts go to WebTV option screen, choose "Use an ISP". When prompted, enter your ISP account name and password (use your ISP's not WebTV's - that goes somewhere else). Then enter your ISPs access number (should be the same you use on your computer or it was given to you when you sign up). OpenISP is WebTV's discounted account when you don't use thier phone lines, which are the expense for service providers.

------------------ Sun Dec 12 08:43:19 1999 --------------------------

Sunday Thought for the Day sent the following: Food for thought

Companies that compete for consumer dollars know the importance of protecting their name and reputation. Shoddy quality or poor service can cause profits to plummet. While on a trip, I saw a car rental company experience a customer-service disaster. When people arrived at the rental counter to pick up their keys, they faced long lines, discourteous staff, and inconvenient conditions. Their reaction was predictable: frustration and anger. I doubt that many of those customers would ever rent cars from that company again. The agency's name had become an object of mockery. This reminds me of how Israel's behavior brought disrepute to God's name. Because they had lived like their pagan neighbors, the Lord scattered them among the nations. The unbelieving world laughed at both Israel and the name of her God. Let's bring this situation up-to-date. As Christians, we bear the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. What does the world think of Him by what they see in us? Bringing honor to His name is more important than a great corporation living up to its name. Our lives really have only one purpose–to reflect our Lord. We must guard against doing anything that will cause others to profane His holy name. –MRDII Teach us that name to own While waiting, Lord, for Thee; Unholiness and sin to shun, From all untruth to flee. –Cecil When others get to know you, will they want to know Christ? Read: Ezekiel 36:16-28

------------------ Sun Dec 12 22:08:42 1999 --------------------------

Robert sent the following: Consider this

Please don't post profanity or links to sites that contain them.

------------------ Sun Dec 12 22:45:34 1999 --------------------------

Evilone738 sent the following: Suggestion

Ok Robert I am sorry i will refrain from typeing swears and i will remove all swears from the homepage now thank you

------------------ Mon Dec 13 07:31:32 1999 --------------------------

Newsreader sent the following: Food for thought

Russian troops captured a key airfield on the outskirts of the Chechen capital Grozny on Monday and threatened to destroy a nearby town unless its residents turn out the Muslim militants who now hold it.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 07:39:52 1999 --------------------------

Greed is alive and well sent the following: You know it

STREAMWOOD, Ill. - Eighteen months ago, retired electrician Frank Capaci won a whopping $195 million multistate lottery. Now the celebrations are over, but the hangover lingers. Two bartenders plan to sue this week claiming customer Capaci promised them $1 million each for their help in getting his ticket. Patti Rooney and John Marnell drove 60 miles to the nearest state participating in the lottery on behalf of several bar patrons and themselves. The pair subsequently heard the winning ticket was purchased in the same store they visited and at the same time. But later, they handed Capaci and the others envelopes containing their tickets.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 09:04:45 1999 --------------------------

Curious sent the following: Question

Newsreader, What is it about the Russians and Chechens that you want us to know? What was the point of your posting?

------------------ Mon Dec 13 09:14:37 1999 --------------------------

Chalkboard regular sent the following: Comment

evilone turns out to be a Riply high schooler with an "attitude". He/she says claims to be a good student but has neglected to proof spelling and grammar errors on the page. But this is something easily fixed. I do agree that all chalkboarders with kids in that age group should go and take a look. There are other pages written by kids that age listed under personal pages in the link off the homepage. These are our kids in our neighborhoods. What do you think???

------------------ Mon Dec 13 10:16:37 1999 --------------------------

who-cares? sent the following: Suggestion

I would like to make a suggestion to "EVILONE". The picture that you placed on your anti-RHS page is sole property of Ripley High School. It is copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the responsible parties. You did not have permission to use the picture or to alter it in anyway for reproduction. You are in violation of the laws set by copyright.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 10:20:19 1999 --------------------------

Jack sent the following: That's the fact Jack

The page the little whippersnapper put up contains a poll that is answered via e-mail. These means he/she will know who you are while he/she hides behind pseudo-anonymity. (Suppose Wallace put the page up to see what students talk bad about him) In any event certain authorities have been notified. Right now it is a whiny site. If it turns to anything threatening, I’m certain action will be taken.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 13:27:51 1999 --------------------------

Evilone sent the following: Well here's what I think

No I did not know that the front door of RHS was copyrighted it will be taken down immeadtly.But threating no....never that is not why I put the page up. And also as far as the threat on the authorities......How stupid do you think I am? If I was going to do somthing illigeal would I have posted it for all too see? Well would I? It has also been clear to me that some people know my idenity.But I will stick beside my view untill I am forced by law to take the page down. It took an act of the school board to shut me up last time but this time they will not.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 14:01:17 1999 --------------------------

Not so evilone sent the following: Consider this

Somthing just came to me sitting here lisitening to my punk rock I figured this I was wrong to put the ANTI-RHS homepage up the way I did with the pic and the accusations This will be a reformation me ad my 5 comrads will totally take down anti-rhs and instead put up a information page.Hey a couple people e-mailed me and they said I had a great idea just a wrong way of going about it and I totally agree.The page will be down by 3pm 1 hour from now I would also like to publicly apolgize.Im sorry for any thing you think I did wrong.... Reformed and sorry, Voice of Reason

------------------ Mon Dec 13 15:05:04 1999 --------------------------

Jack sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Glad to see e.o. coming around. Guess it is easy to talk (or ine this case write a web page) before you think. A lot of us do that. It appears now that maybe the thinking is coming first, and then let’s see what e.o. has to say.

------------------ Mon Dec 13 20:33:52 1999 --------------------------

tell it like it is sent the following: Observation

I've never seen such blantant attempts at free speech suppression as I have just read from Jack, who-cares, chalkboard regular (is that you MOM?), as concerns Evilone, who claims to be a student at Ripley High School. The obvious attempt is to coerce, intimidate, harrass, and make veiled threats of some sort of reprisal for his/her uttering an opinion on his web site. To who-cares: how do you know the RHS picture is the sole property of Ripley High School? Are you a high school employee? You state it is copyrighted and may not be used without permission of the responsible parties. Who are those 'responsible parties'? How do you know it is copyrighted? Please cite the identifying number (or whatever) that backs up the allegation of copyright. You state the student did not have permission to use the picture or to alter it in any way for reproduction. How do you know this? You further state 'you are in violation of the laws set by copyright". Would you please be so kind as to cite the specific law to which you refer. Also, and this is very important - at least for you - are you an attorney, or are you peddling latrine lawyer stuff without a license, or posing as an attorney, or what. Cite your Bar membership, and license number please. Any attorney worth his salt would not be sending such trash, much less hiding behind an anonymous name in an e-mail. Are you making your post on behalf of the Lauderdale County public school system? Now let's turn to Jack. As I interpret Jack, he is a name caller, specifically "the little whippersnapper", "whiny site". The word whippersnapper has taken on a different meaning over the years, and it is today generally a derogatory word directed toward the young folks. In other words, Jack, there's no fool like an old fool. You, too, are trying to suppress free speech. Are you a school employee, school board member? You are desperately trying to keep folks from responding to the student's poll. Are you afraid of the results, or what? Wallace is certainly free to make his own poll; he too has free speech. Jack, you state "in any event certain authorities have been notified." Please be so kind and tell us who are these authorities. You state "right now it is a whiny site". May be. Content of free speech is irrelevant. You seem to be from the crowd years ago that hollowed, when a black tried to excersie a right "somebody get that N-----". Do you drag people behind pickup trucks. You also state "If it turns to anything threatening, I'm certain action will be taken." Robert should not do any 'editing' of the site because you and the others may be involved. Your posting is a clear cut threat - over the internet - over state lines. Ah yes, a little publicity for the RHS may be all that is needed. Let's go big time Internet with it all. Arent't you hiding behind "pseudo-anonymity", Jack, or tell us you name, and on whose behalf you write your crap. Had you posters any sense, you would have ignored the whole thing. Instead, you have provided the necessary publicity. If the school board or school wants to put an end to the matter, they should make a public statement on this board and elsewhere that they are not involved, or that they suffer, permit, and condone such, and that these posters are acting with concurrence and support from the school system. --I viewed some of those websites by the wholesome crowd: weird stuff, reminds me of Dungeons and Dragons, like the Colombine Colorado school shooting matter. Maybe I didn't get the right web sites.

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tell it like it is sent the following: Consider this

Concerning Chalkboard regular and the statement concerning Evilone's neglecting to proof spelling and grammar, you are correct in observing that the spelling and grammar has mistakes, to say the least. However, if you read postings on this board, EVERYONE seems to have the same problems with grammar and spelling. It can't be the water, so it has to be the school system. For those of us who have previously gone through the school system, we know it sucks, and that when a person actually learns something it is probably accidental or strictly a rumor.

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