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------------------ Wed Sep 16 08:53:38 1998 --------------------------

Thankful Parent sent the following: Observation

The truancy officers had two more people arrested yesterday. I wonder how many parents will be arrested before they realize these girls aren't playing around?

------------------ Wed Sep 16 08:57:16 1998 --------------------------

Robert sent the following: Reply

Concerning Dyersberg's Most Wanted: I'd be glad to donate the web space. I have spoken with the Ripley Police department and the previous sheriff's administration in the past. They were made aware that free web space is available for this. Although I haven't specifically talked to Gates, Henning or Halls the same is available for them.

------------------ Wed Sep 16 10:43:52 1998 --------------------------

Susan sent the following: Observation

You might even be able to find some kind soul to put it together for you ...if you ask nice...

------------------ Wed Sep 16 10:51:30 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: This person doesn't know what they're sending

What if, GOD couldn't take the time to bless us today because we couldn't take the time to thank Him yesterday? What if, GOD decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn't follow Him today? What if, we never saw another flower bloom because we grumbled when GOD sent the rain? What if, GOD didn't walk with us today because we failed to recognize it as His day? What if, GOD took away the Bible tomorrow because we would not read it today? What if, GOD took away His message because we failed to listen to the messenger? What if, GOD didn't send His only begotten Son because He wanted us to be prepared to pay the price for sin. What if, the door of the church was closed because we did not open the door of our heart? What if, GOD stopped loving and caring for us because we failed to love and care for others? What if, GOD would not hear us today because we would not listen to Him yesterday? What if, GOD answered our prayers the way we answer His call to service? What if, GOD met our needs the way we give Him our lives???

------------------ Wed Sep 16 17:48:05 1998 --------------------------

Just A Guy sent the following: Opinion

Never wonder what if, it just might answer itself. And I have never liked my what if's answers.

------------------ Wed Sep 16 18:24:29 1998 --------------------------

Annonomus sent the following: Comment

The L.M.S Tigers played a great game last night, even though we lost 24-26. We would surely appreciate it if everyon comes out and supports us, we LOVE to see more fans!!!

------------------ Wed Sep 16 18:25:34 1998 --------------------------

Annonomus sent the following: Comment

The L.M.S Tigers played a great game last night, even though we lost 24-26. We would surely appreciate it if everyone will come out and support us, we LOVE to see more fans!!!

------------------ Wed Sep 16 18:26:11 1998 --------------------------

Annonomus sent the following: Comment

The L.M.S Tigers played a great game last night, even though we lost 24-26. We would surely appreciate it if everyone will come out and support us, we LOVE to see more fans!!!

------------------ Wed Sep 16 18:38:58 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Reply

You don't like what ifs??? How about THANKYOU's? PUTTING THINGS INTO PERSPECTIVE It sometimes helps to look at things from another perspective: Lord, thank You for this sink of dirty dishes, We have plenty of food to eat. Thank You for this pile of dirty, stinky laundry, We have plenty of nice clothes to wear. And I would like to thank You, Lord, for those unmade beds in there, They were so warm and so comfortable last night. I know that many have no bed. My thanks to You, Lord, for this bathroom, complete with all the splattered mirrors, soggy, grimy towels and dirty lavatory, They are so convenient. Thank You for this finger smudged refrigerator that needs defrosting so badly, it has served us faithfully for many years. It is full of cold drinks and enough leftovers for two or three meals. Thank You Lord, for this oven that absolutely must be cleaned today, It has baked so many things over the years. The whole family is grateful for that tall grass that needs mowing, The lawn that needs raking; we all enjoy the yard. Thank You, Lord, even for that slamming screen door. My kids are healthy and able to run and play. Lord, the presence of all these chores awaiting me says You have richly blessed my family. I shall do them all cheerfully and I shall do them gratefully. Thought: In everything, always look for the blessings. They are there if you search with all your heart.

------------------ Wed Sep 16 21:35:41 1998 --------------------------

JD sent the following: Comment

I'm glad we have two great Truancy Officers doing their job. Maybe the parents will pay a little more attention.

------------------ Thu Sep 17 02:33:36 1998 --------------------------

CubsWin,CubsWin sent the following: I went all the way to the bottom of catagories to find this

Now who's the man?Slammin' Sammy's tied McGwire for the MLB lead now.AND,He's only played 153 games,as opposed to Mac's 154.Oh,yes,this is a sweet night...

------------------ Thu Sep 17 09:12:16 1998 --------------------------

Susan sent the following: Consider this

Check this news story out...."Switchboards have been overloaded on Capitol Hill, and House e-mail servers have crashed several times in the past week. Traffic has so overwhelmed the House Internet system, with an unprecedented 10 million hits in the past three days, that aides are being warned to conduct "official" business only. Senate offices are getting deluged with more than twice their typical number of phone calls. Monday's tally reached 334,961 and Tuesday's 302,675, says Becky Dougherty of the Senate office of the sergeant at arms. The outpouring appears to reflect genuine voter sentiment, not the orchestrated campaign of any political party or special interest group...... For more on this USA Today news story go to:

------------------ Thu Sep 17 09:14:39 1998 --------------------------

Robert sent the following: Reply

They're both "the men". I hope they both get a dozen more and continue to show the class and respect for each other that they have all season.

------------------ Thu Sep 17 09:17:03 1998 --------------------------

Susan sent the following: Suggestion

To register an opinion of your own, contact Sen. Bill Frist (Email: *** Web page: or Sen. Fred Thompson (Email: *** Web page: The House member address of Rep. Tanner is listed above.

------------------ Thu Sep 17 16:52:10 1998 --------------------------

Lanette sent the following: Question

Does anyone know if there are going to be any haunted houses in Lauderdale County this year?

------------------ Fri Sep 18 09:01:05 1998 --------------------------

WAG THE DOG sent the following: Consider this

USA TODAY HEADLINE>>>>"Carter calls for Sudan blast probe ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter is calling for an investigation into whether the Sudanese factory destroyed by U.S. missiles last month manufactured chemical weapons materials. A technical team should visit Khartoum to inspect the plant and take samples of soil and building materials, Carter said. Sudan insists the factory was only making medicines, but the United States claims it was making a precursor for the deadly VX nerve gas, possibly with assistance from Iraq. ''The credibility of our nation in international circles is being adversely affected by these doubts,'' Carter said, noting Britain and Germany question the U.S. claims."

------------------ Fri Sep 18 16:01:21 1998 --------------------------

Susan sent the following: Other

There was a terrible fire last night at Murray State University where my daughter Melissa attends. A high rise dorm sustained much damage. One student died. There are others in the hospital. Please pray for the students and faculty in the wake of this tragedy. I understand one student has been arrested for arson.

------------------ Sat Sep 19 07:17:05 1998 --------------------------

cardinal fan sent the following: That's the fact Jack

The man is McGwire with 64 big ones!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MARK!

------------------ Sat Sep 19 07:25:16 1998 --------------------------

Just Found out.... sent the following: Comment

If the parents say their children are attending Gateway, the parents had better show proof of their enrollment OR they will be going to jail. Kim Coffey ain't playing around no more.....Another thought.... Heard the TBI internal affairs is visiting in Ripley AGAIN. Whats going on this time?????Could it be the County Office again, or the schools?????

------------------ Sat Sep 19 19:29:47 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

Maybe it's the VoTech.....

------------------ Sat Sep 19 19:32:49 1998 --------------------------

TOS sent the following: Question

Several months back someone posted a URL for word search or something of that nature. When my computer crashed, I lost all my bookmarks, and am trying to reconstruct. Does anyone remember it?

------------------ Sat Sep 19 19:54:28 1998 --------------------------

Susan sent the following: Reply

Well, I posted my 'Word a Day' links once upon a time. It is definately for linguiphiles... They have a word search and archive. or browse them at All the words and quotes since the beginning of AWAD are available there. OR ....Subscribe yourself: Hope this helps!

------------------ Sun Sep 20 10:03:14 1998 --------------------------

Shocked t o hear sent the following: Reply

I think its terrible as to what happened to Jerry Littles. He got railroaded. I do believe that Harris has been watching Bill Clinton to long. What the woman should have done was knocked him in the head then got on the loud speaker and told everyone what had just happened. The man probably don't care, he gets a pension every month from the government and Jerry don't. Whoever fired Jerry needs to reconsider what they have done here.........But I guess since he works for the state and government that he too will draw a pension some day......What is wrong with these men now days???? Can't they just be satisfied with what they have at home?????

------------------ Sun Sep 20 11:18:42 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Question

What about the Votech, Jerry Littles. I've been out of town. I just talked with Jerry two weeks ago a Votech. What happened to him?

------------------ Sun Sep 20 14:49:38 1998 --------------------------

Citrus Blossom sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Two words: GO VOLS!!!!!

------------------ Sun Sep 20 14:51:32 1998 --------------------------

Citrus Blossom sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Two words: GO VOLS!!!!!

------------------ Sun Sep 20 17:12:54 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Comment

Terrible things are happening on Highland street in Ripley.Last night at 8:00pm a young girl stopped at the stop sign there, and she was hit in the face by a black male.Police arrested two suspects, Both had crack cocaine and large ammounts of money on them.

------------------ Sun Sep 20 19:53:36 1998 --------------------------

Tammy sent the following: Question

Please would someone tell us what happened to Jerry Little.

------------------ Sun Sep 20 22:33:52 1998 --------------------------

Angie sent the following: Two cents worth

When you fit in a place like a puzzle...dont take it hurts. and hi to a old friend Randy Burkeen...i use to live there a long time ago

------------------ Mon Sep 21 14:42:32 1998 --------------------------

Amazed at the prez sent the following: Comment

I can't believe I watched the whooooole thing! Shouldn't have bothered....

------------------ Mon Sep 21 17:35:52 1998 --------------------------

TOS sent the following: This person doesn't know what they're sending

Thanks, Susan, I believe that's it!

------------------ Mon Sep 21 21:18:48 1998 --------------------------

Answer to the questions sent the following: Comment

Well, here is all I know. 4 years ago, a lady turned in another teacher for sexual harrassment and ask Jerry NOT to report it BUT to just take care so this person doesn't do it again. Well 2 weeks ago, this same man got reported AGAIN. This time Jerr y did report it and because he didn't follow proper procedure last time (4 yrs ago) they fired him. Thelady ask him NOT to report it, she just wanted someone to talk to this man.....Jerry was only doing what the lady requested....That why I say ladies, Pick up something an knock them in the head and maybe next time they will think about what they did. An innocent man lost his job because of was only respecting the ladies wishes. Probably because she knew she would be fighting a lost cause. Get real, s tudent against a prominent teacher. WHO would they believe??????? Dirty old Man.. Clinton should be impeached as well.........Hang in there Jerry....

------------------ Mon Sep 21 22:50:42 1998 --------------------------

jay jack sent the following: Comment


------------------ Mon Sep 21 22:52:41 1998 --------------------------

jay jack sent the following: Comment

does anyone here know vickie mcintyre

------------------ Mon Sep 21 22:56:22 1998 --------------------------

jay jack sent the following: Comment

she's a BAMA FAN from volunteer, pronounced (ball-n-tears), land!!!!!!!! GO VICKIE........ don't kill me if u find this.....

------------------ Mon Sep 21 23:48:54 1998 --------------------------

Mom sent the following: Comment

I don't know if it's true or not, but today I heard that Jerry Little was only a few months away from qualifying for retirement from the State of Tennessee. I wonder.........

------------------ Tue Sep 22 09:29:10 1998 --------------------------

UT Vol Fan sent the following: Reply

jay jack, if they "go down" in relation to bama, it will be as a sledge hammer coming down on a p***ant.

------------------ Tue Sep 22 11:37:50 1998 --------------------------

A.C. sent the following: Opinion

Ain't it just a great country when someone as nice as Jerry Little gets in trouble but the idiot in the Whitehouse commits the act, covers it up, then lies about it, and still is going stong...Makes me want to puke....

------------------ Tue Sep 22 18:03:17 1998 --------------------------

Big Orange to the Bone sent the following: That's the fact Jack

To Jay Jack: IN YOUR DREAMS!!!!!!!!

------------------ Wed Sep 23 08:36:14 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. -Mark Twain, U.S. Author (1835-1910)

------------------ Wed Sep 23 13:06:39 1998 --------------------------

Fla. sent the following: No, no, no, you got it all wrong, this is the way it is

Flordia is going to defeat all. You cry about the vols and bama so you might as well get ready for their funerals. ya'll don't know jack when it comes to ball.

------------------ Wed Sep 23 17:34:48 1998 --------------------------

Someone sent the following: Opinion

Go Vols!!!!!

------------------ Wed Sep 23 17:41:48 1998 --------------------------

UT VOL Fan sent the following: Reply

To U of F: Look at the scoreboard, Chum(p)

------------------ Wed Sep 23 20:13:18 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Question

When is someone going to do something about the intersection of Watkins street and Highland street in Ripley. There was an assault last weekend and today I witnessed the open sale of drugs there.The police can't stop it.The east side of town is quickly turning into a real life ghetto. Address this mr mayor and chief King. Stop worrying about where to put up new stop signs, and start worrying about what's going on around them.Stop this anyway you can, before someone gets killed.

------------------ Wed Sep 23 21:26:40 1998 --------------------------

Concerned Parent sent the following: Comment

It's not only on Highland and Watkins. Henning is getting bad and I even know of a place in the bottoms that a person sales crack out of his house. Why can't these people be stopped?

------------------ Wed Sep 23 22:24:20 1998 --------------------------

To concerned Parent sent the following: Comment

Its all politics.......If you got down to the real nitty gritty, you would be surprised at who is behind it. The society has turned good people into doing crimes all because of 1 word....MONEY. People can't go to their local banks anymore for help wh en they need it because of lost job or something drastic has happend. They don't understand cause all they worry about is making 15 to 20 dollars off a a check that is 80 cents short in the bank account. 80 cents. Now is that getting pathetic or what ?????? Or,,, I say OR you have a good last name, people you know, or just maybe you might have some incrimidating scam on them and they want to keep you quite.... People can't get help anymore and it turns them into doing wrong things. Well, so and so d oes it, why can't I ?????They say....Just like the President, he gets away with it, why can't they??? Lordy Lordy don't even get me started tonight...Its been a bad day, and I had just better shut up now.......Thank you for listening..

------------------ Thu Sep 24 00:28:13 1998 --------------------------

Just surfed in sent the following: Two cents worth

Henning has been bad for years! I witnessed a shooting on the main drag in broad daylight 5 years ago! Saw a guy on a bike, on old 51 near the caution light, with cars lined up and he was openly selling drugs there (again in broad day light) a few week s ago. It is really strange that we see these things and the police don't! These criminals are obviously not afraid of being arrested! I'm afraid to drive down Highland!Period!Day,Night, doesnt' matter! I wont go there! It is really sad that our community has come to this!

------------------ Thu Sep 24 03:42:55 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: That's the fact Jack

If they started enforcing the law seriously, they would be labeled as racists.

------------------ Thu Sep 24 08:10:28 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Comment

Christian, walk carefully, danger is near! On in your journey with trembling and fear; Snares from without and temptations within Seek to entice you once more into sin. --Anon. ****Little sins add up to big trouble.****

------------------ Thu Sep 24 13:03:56 1998 --------------------------

Concered Parent sent the following: Consider this

I am a housewife with a husband and 4 kids. My husband and I do not do drugs. My kids don't do drugs(ages 6mo.,6,10,14). I bet I could name 10 to 15 people right now that I know,that sells drugs. If I know who is doing it why don't the police know. And if they do know, why want they at least try to stop it. Do ya remeber that movie about Buford Pusser? He was a sheriff somewhere in TN? That's what we need here and everywhere.

------------------ Thu Sep 24 13:46:36 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Well here's what I think

To whom it may concern, What is the problem with these people fighting against GATEWAY Christian SCHOOL locating in Ripley? Because it gives me and my husband peace of mind that we donít have to send our child to RIPLEY WAR ZONE HIGH SCHOOL anymore. My child is in 11th grade; s he has already completed two biology books, two algebra books, and two English books, and has taken the test and has not scored under an 85. Her tests have proven that she is learning more at home than at RIPLEY WAR ZONE HIGH SCHOOL

------------------ Thu Sep 24 21:01:35 1998 --------------------------

turtle sent the following: Suggestion

All that the police need to investigate is probable cause. If you know people that are selling illegal drugs, why don't you give the police that probable cause and report these offenders.

------------------ Thu Sep 24 21:53:24 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Well here's what I think

probable cause my arse. i say either burn the crack houses to the ground or set up sniper positions around the area and pick and choose. these people dont care if they are killing people with their drugs ,so who should care if its open season on them.a few well placed shots would sure get them off that corner.

------------------ Thu Sep 24 22:30:52 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: This person doesn't know what they're sending

How about using indelible ink in the gun and shooting in the face. The police ought to be able to pick them out then!

------------------ Fri Sep 25 02:08:23 1998 --------------------------

CyberCop sent the following: Comment

I really don't know where to start to explain to ya'll how frustrating it is for a police officer to deal with the problems that have been brought to the chalkboard's attention. You can bet the farm that if you know of someone(s) selling drugs then we know it also. Unfortunately, we can't arrest people for what we believe that they are doing, we must have proof and therein lies the rub. I have often said that if I could prove half of what I know then Hollywood would make a movie about me. You must r emember that when a citizen drives by in their car the dealers aren't worried but a man who is blind in one eye and can't see out the other can see a police car coming. Use unmarked cars you say! The problem is that we live in a small community where ev eryone knows the police officers and the first time they are spotted in a plain car the word spreads like wildfire. Change cars everyday you say! Just like any other governmental entity we have a budget and there is little money available for renting ca rs daily or weekly. Even with the cars available the police are tremendously understaffed. I see police standing around doing nothing at ballgames and other events all the time you say! Those officers are assigned those duties to prevent problems befor e they happen at the request of the events' organizers. Hire more officers you say! Talk with your elected officials and let them tell you why they don't hire more officers. The City of Ripley recently turned down a federal grant that would have put thr ee full-time and three part-time officers on the street because the necessary matching funds were not available. I guess it is a matter of priorities. We do the best we can with what's available to us folks. Is there room for improvement? Sure there i s and we realize that we have problems in our community. I suggest talking with your elected officials and make law enforcement a top priority instead of whatever else they seem to interested in and maybe we can get the personnel that is so desperately n eeded. Any influence or help you can lend will be appreciated. Thanks!

------------------ Fri Sep 25 08:14:59 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Answer

Come on over and pick up one of my cars any day. You put gas in it. You catch the bad guys! I'll be a happy camper. You know I've been over at the Walmart parking and watched those guys park, walk over to another parked car put a bag into it and take something else out. These are the same slimes on the street corner. What do YOU think they are doing?

------------------ Fri Sep 25 08:20:52 1998 --------------------------

Concered Parent sent the following: Comment

To Cyber Cop: I understand what you are talking about, and to tell the truth I wouldn't want your job because I would forget the steps you take in arresting drug dealers and put them in prison and they would get off on a technicality. This is just a su ggetion (maybe I watch to much TV)why don't an undercover cop buy the drugs then arrest them. What if it was ok to borrow other officers from other counties to do the job? Keep mixing them up and bust these slow killers. What if I called in a tip? Would i t get looked into? No because we don't have enough officers. If this county had enough officer that they were running over one another, would it help? Who exactly do you talk to about funding for more officers? I am a nobody but then again I am a somebody because I vote and I live here with my family. I want something done and done right. Please tell me this, WHAT keeps you from busting them? I think we have a good judge now, maybe she will put them away instead of JUST giving them a fine and a slap on th e wrist. I hope I haven't offend you or anybody else. I just get upset with drugs. It didn't use to be this bad, and guess what it's just going to get worse. I'm willing to do just about anything to help and I know alot of other people would to. My kids f uture is important to me. I want this county to be differnt than all surrounding counties. I want the drug dealers to know that they can't do here and get by with it.

------------------ Fri Sep 25 08:51:04 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

Even though Clinton's supporters now trumpet...."Tyranny begins when any power of any sort interferes with an individual's private life or personal affairs," This quote is more to the point...... "The road to Tyranny, we must never forget, begins with the destruction of the truth." Willima J. Clinton, 10-15-95, speech at the University of Connecticut.

------------------ Fri Sep 25 09:41:41 1998 --------------------------

cybercop2 sent the following: Reply

to concerned parent, what cybercop didn't tell you is that even with all of the limitations on the police, we have done what you suggested and it works but other agencies are understaffed also and it is a burden on them to send officers to help us. The district drug task forc e used to have as many as 50 officers assigned from the five counties in the district, now it has about 10 because of agencies bringing their officers in to work at home. we used to make undercover buys and then get indictments from the grand jury, remember all the times when there would be a roundup and 50 or more people would be arrested. that stopped because the District Attorney General said it caused to much work for her office and she has refused to prosecute any more undercover buys. the police and sheriff's dept are the most visible part of the judicial system but once we do our part the prosecutors and judges are in charge and as the Attorney General told me once when I complained about a case she had settled for nothing, after I made the arrest I was only a witness in her case and had no say about what she does. I assure you that we are as frustrated, possibly more, than you are and that we are doing what the law allows us to do.

------------------ Fri Sep 25 15:49:17 1998 --------------------------

Dorothy sent the following: Tease

And how many additional cops was it that Clinton put on the streets to protect us?! Where are they?

------------------ Fri Sep 25 18:11:06 1998 --------------------------

didn't you read cybercop sent the following: Reply

Dorothy didn't you read what cybercop wrote. the city leaders turned down three full time and three part time policemen

------------------ Fri Sep 25 19:45:34 1998 --------------------------

No she didn't sent the following: Well here's what I think

The Clinton bashers don't don't have time to read anything Ken Starr didn't write. They're too intent on trying to talk trash about him to actually try to solve a problem or listen to a valid argument.

------------------ Fri Sep 25 21:52:02 1998 --------------------------

Dorothy sent the following: Consider this

Indeed I DID read, but it went on to say that "matching funds were not available".

------------------ Fri Sep 25 21:56:17 1998 --------------------------

Here is a thought sent the following: Comment

The law is a lot more tougher on fathers who don't pay their child support than a criminal, burglary, rapist, dopehead.... If a father misses paying child support for 2 months. He is picked up, thrown in jail. If he is in jail, then how can he work a nd pay his child support. Maybe he was sick and couldn't work for 3 or 4 weeks. The exwife has him picked up and brought to court. BUT... Those boys who beat up the man and almost killed him are both back to work...Go figure????? The man who attacked a nd robbed Ms. Dyer and Mr. Henderson was set free the same day because ALL lawyers and ALL District Attorneys were at a conference. That man had just gotten out of prison and was violating his parole. Even the parole officer could not be contacted. The law upheld his side. What about those people who were attacked....The criminals have more law rights than anyone else....Please help me to understand!!!!!!!!!!!

------------------ Sat Sep 26 03:04:02 1998 --------------------------

CyberCop sent the following: Reply

Clinton promised to put 100,000 new officers on the streets of America through his COPS grant program. The last number I heard was in the 70,000 range that have been hired. The City of Ripley applied for and received a COPS grant that would have paid 75% of three full-time officers salaries for the first year, 50% the second, and 25% the third. Also, money was available in the grant to hire three part-time officers I am told. The City decided to use the matching money on a Parks and Recreation Gran t to build more bathrooms at the new park or something like that. I do not know of another law enforcement agency around who turned down a COPS grant. The competition for these grants is tremendous and alot of hard work went into the process to obtain t he grant. Please remember one thing about our justice system, it is based on a Constitution that is over two hundred years old. We were not faced with open-air drug markets, juvenile serial killers, automatic weapons, etc. back in the late 1700's. The normal everyday citizen does not utilize his right to an attorney, right against self-incrimination, right to a jury trial, or right against unreasonable search and seizure. The only people who need those rights are the gangsters and thugs that ya'll kee ping talking about. Maybe it's time to update our Constitution. That ought to set the hounds at the ACLU farm to barking. Thanks.

------------------ Sat Sep 26 03:30:27 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Reply

Nahh, let's leave the constitution alone as far as police powers go. I back you fella's one hundred percent, but there are some out there that would surely abuse their powers. What we need to do is enforce the laws we have now, and punish the law breaker. One problem we face today is the fact that so many politicians trying to get points, have given rights that aren't even in the Constitution.

------------------ Sat Sep 26 06:55:46 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Observation

well, you've all proven my point.police can't stop it. judges don't want to deal with officals don't want to fund it.i say it's time to take back our streets by any means's time for these killers to bleed.we need to make it a non- profitable business for them.sell drugs and die.

------------------ Sat Sep 26 08:10:06 1998 --------------------------

donk sent the following: Comment

KIll everyone let god sort them out

------------------ Sat Sep 26 08:25:19 1998 --------------------------

To Cybercop... sent the following: Comment

You are one of the few who give a care...The parks and recreation already have enough money. Just another big place for the kids to get hooked on those drugs, cause it does happen at that park. Seen it myself!!!I do have one question that has been on my mind.. How did Kenny Leggitt get the job of installing the phone system and other things for the county when he was dismissed from the city force???? Now days if you somewhat small criminal record, you can't get a job or loan. The county spent money on the investigation to try and convict him and then they end up paying him for professional service rendered?????Help me out here

------------------ Sat Sep 26 09:29:19 1998 --------------------------

Shocked and amazed sent the following: Consider this

Well D. then how do you propose to blame local miosmanagement on the President? Also, last time I looked, Leggett was BACK on the force, or at least had the uniform on while walking around in city hall. CyberCop, ya might better keep an eye out for you r younger officers with him there.

------------------ Sat Sep 26 13:13:34 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Observation

I have trouble understanding why there are so many drugs here, also. If the police here are known, and they are entirely serious about stopping drug sales, why can't they temporarily switch jobs with police from out of town. And as far as there are not enough police positions, I wonder at that too. It seems from my view that they are many. And as far as the D.A. informing police officers, that her office is too busy, or won't prosecute, a request can be made with the Attorney General's office for investigation or correction. However, I'm not sure that any police officer would have such a bright future locally if one was made.

------------------ Sat Sep 26 14:18:06 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Suggestion

Why can't local volunteers join the police force. On their own time and with no pay. I bet there would be plenty to volunteer just to get rid of drug dealers.

------------------ Sun Sep 27 00:29:08 1998 --------------------------

cybercop2 sent the following: Reply

there is a reserve program at the police dept and has been since 1993, currently there are six reserve officers. If interested contact the police dept.

------------------ Sun Sep 27 09:14:15 1998 --------------------------

Wondering sent the following: Question

Can anyone tell me the E-mail address of the Voice or the Enterprise Paper in Lauderdale Co. Thanks

------------------ Sun Sep 27 18:07:06 1998 --------------------------

Tiger Fan sent the following: Comment

I've heard a lot of negative comments regarding both the Ripley & Halls Tiger football teams this year. Neither is doing very well, but I don't think it's right to place the blame on anyone in particular. I believe the players are doing their best an d the coaches do their best with what they have to work with. Our boys are just not big enough or experienced enough to play equally with the surrounding teams. Do other towns have tackle football programs for young boys? Maybe it would help if our chi ldren were exposed to something more than flag football.

------------------ Sun Sep 27 19:36:20 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Comment

come on cybercop 2 tell these fine people all about the reserve program. they let these people wear uniforms,and they get to ride in the patrol cars with the regular officers. they are not allowed to do any police work other than direct way on Gods green earth would the city of ripley let these people participate in a drug operation. people, if you want to stop this. go to these street corners and stand around and watch the deals go down. take a piece of paper and write down license numbers of the vehicles involved. turn these into the police department and see what happens.even if t he police dont use the information it will at least worry the drug dealers and buyers.

------------------ Sun Sep 27 20:35:52 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Well here's what I think

Way to go militantman,that's the best idea yet.Only problem is you better take a gun with you.Those crazies are unpredictable. They might take offense to someone putting a damper on their business.

------------------ Sun Sep 27 20:41:03 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Way to go,militantman. That's the best idea yet.Only problem with your solution is these crazies might take offense to you putting a damper on their business.That's when your first option seems the best.Better carry the arsenal with you when you do.

------------------ Mon Sep 28 07:07:58 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Suggestion

Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat. -Henry Emerson Fosdick

------------------ Mon Sep 28 08:34:43 1998 --------------------------

cybercop2 sent the following: Reply

militiaman, you may find this difficult to accept but you are wrong. the reserves do ride with full time officers during their training phase but after training the reserves ride in single unit cars and make arrests and take reports and do all of the same duties as full time officers, including drug arrests. they do work ballgames and special events but they also work regular shifts when needed. the problem is that they all have full time jobs in addition to the reserve work and between working shift s and going to court after arrests, they tend to burn out and leave the program

------------------ Mon Sep 28 16:09:56 1998 --------------------------

Someone who knows sent the following: Comment

Hey militantman. Maybe you had better get your facts straight.

------------------ Mon Sep 28 19:40:32 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Comment

hey you guys, never pretended to know it all.Just tried to make some suggestions on the drug problems on our city streets. just one question to cybercop 2 though. Just when do these reserve officers go to the tennessee police academy in donelson , tennessee any citizen can make an arrest for anything other than civil disobedience.i really dont think a few weeks training ,riding with a real officer,gives these people the smarts to perform police work with enough merit to get convictions.our real po lice department cant get them and they've been to the intensive training they received at the academy.dont get me wrong ,reserve officers have there place,but they dont have the correct training to do the job that you say they can.

------------------ Mon Sep 28 21:20:45 1998 --------------------------

cybercop2 sent the following: Reply

militiantman, they don't go to the academy. the state only requires 40 training and then 40 hours a year thereafter for less that full time officers. the Ripley p.d. reserves get 360 hours of classroom training before they get to carry weapons and ride with the full time officers. after several months of riding with officers, they are then allowed to work alone. the state does require that all reserve and part time officers must meet the same requirements as full time officers. the training at the academy is good but if you don't have common sense and a will to do the job is doesn't matter how much training you have. the bottom line is that there are a bout 10,000 people in Ripley at any given time and there are 25 certified officers and 6 reserve officers subtract the chief and the records officer ,and 5 officers assigned to various duties in the investigative division and the rest are divided by three shifts, and having to answer calls from robberies to kids not minding and anything and everything in between and you see how thin the department is spread, all help is appreciated

------------------ Mon Sep 28 21:24:53 1998 --------------------------

cybercop2 sent the following: Reply

militantman, I forgot to tell you that you were exactly right about calling in information. People say they don't understand why we don't see the stuff they see, well it;'s the same reason you don't speed when you see a police car, so any information we get is helpful too, and someone will check on it.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 17:12:30 1998 --------------------------

donk sent the following: This person doesn't know what they're sending

lets all get some guns and go to the corner we can solve the problem real quick.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 18:50:00 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Well here's what I think

well im glad that i finally got something right, donk i agree that youre idea is far and away the best one.who knows ,maybe youll get lucky and theyll assign one of the reserves to investigate.sounds like 360 hrs of training qualifies you for just abo ut anything.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 20:18:00 1998 --------------------------

JD sent the following: Comment

Donk I agree with you 100%.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 20:39:51 1998 --------------------------

To Donk sent the following: Comment

Wait Donk, If you don't have a previous record on ya, then you would probably serve a full sentence in prison. BUT, if you are on parole or something then you might get a suspended sentence and 20 hours community service. Give them time and they will kill themselves because they will probably snort up their own profit and OD. Or hopefully, they will end up oweing their supplier a bunch of money and they will get wiped out on their own.......Just a thought

------------------ Tue Sep 29 21:35:47 1998 --------------------------

Don't worry who I am! sent the following: Consider this

I feel that the rumors at the Tech school are simply just that! I think that if you people spent more time worring about yourself insted of someone else, this would not be a bad little town. A word from the wise, "mind your own business"!

------------------ Tue Sep 29 22:17:07 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Consider this

its not themselves they will be killing. the cars that are stopping around that corner are not from that part of town.these people are killing our children and our future.their numbers are increasing daily ,and if someone doesnt do something soon, we w ill have a problem that nobody can stop.its a terrible thought,but just after that killing spree that happened a few years ago in the park ,drug sales on the street almost came to a stand still.people that deal in death,only understand i said bef ore,make their business a non-profit drugs and die.the police dont need to arrest the dealers though.they need to arrest the buyers.stop all the cars that frenquent that intersection and harrass them to the point where the sellers dont have custo mers,then maybe they will use up their on profits and theyll start killing each other instead of our children.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 23:20:01 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Comment

I understand what cybercop is saying but the citizens get no help from the officals either. I know that the police have a tough job but the honest people have a tough job too. We're trying to keep our children alive and we have a bigger problem trying to get help. We need to sell drugs too then we can get away with anything. I know the girl that was assaulted. This happened on the weekend and the guy that hit her was back on the streets Monday and is on the streets now. But, who is the one that is scar ed to go outside? The person that did the assault? NO! The 16 year old child that was coming home. That's what makes me mad. He has had this case posponed 3 times now. Why is he out on the streets? He should have to sit his butt in jail til his court date and the sentence is given. But, you can't hold him because he has rights. What rights did this child have when he got in her car and hit her? As far as the drugs, I have seen where the community has gotten together and run drug dealers out of their areas , why can't we do something like this? But, someone would probable get shot or killed. I know that the police department only has so many officers and that the officals have the say so on hiring but the officers that we have could patrol this area. When y a'll are out in your car, why not drive this street. If the dealers are that scared of you, then ride the bad areas and don't give them as many chances to be on the street. Don't give these buyers the time to stop. I'm sorry, but I have never been past ci ty hall or been in city hall that there is not officers in there. Usually with a cup of coffee and talking. Get in your cars and patrol these streets. That's what you are paid for. As far as the reserve officers, until they are trained, they don't need in these areas because that is a death waiting to happen. I have a nephew that is a reserve in another county and I wouldn't want him in this kind of situation without the proper training first. It's easy to talk about it on the computer but why don't we ge t a community meeting organized and let's get together with the people who run this town and let's see what we, together, as a community can figure out. I'm willing to try to find a place and a time and a day, if everyone would show up. We got to stop tal king about it and do something. Our children, freinds and relatives are beening hurt and killed by all of this. Are you willing to leave the computer one night and meet and try to figure out something? Answer back and I'll start the wheels turning.

------------------ Tue Sep 29 23:32:04 1998 --------------------------

KKK2u2 sent the following: Well here's what I think

Better than that ,mom. Lets do what donk said,get the guns,round them up and lynch them at that meeting.All we need is a bunch of tall trees.Bet if they saw some men in sheets around, theyd get their butts off those corners.They want to keep bringing u p their roots.Maybe its time to show them where our roots are.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 01:27:14 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Comment

Wow, You sound like you really have the answer 2U2. Get real. I don't like what's happening either. But You sound like part of the problem. I have about as much respect for the KK what ever as I do the N double A whatever. None! They both add to the problems.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 07:43:31 1998 --------------------------

A Mom too sent the following: Comment

To Mom: I'd be at that meeting! --- And as far as all the 'take justice into your own hands' goes, don't you people know that is where your children learn to be violent? You can't solve a violence problem with violence.Besides there are more of 'them' than there are of 'us'.If you blast 5 or 10 of them violently, you'll have to deal with a mob of them within minutes.Remember, 'they' stick together and 'we' run (and they thrive on intimidation ).Don't deny it. We all know it's true. The first thing we h ave to do, is realize that is the fact that makes them so powerful. We have to learn to stand together as 'they' do. We've been here, on the chalkboard, talking a big game for a long time now. Let's get this meeting together and go take care of this befor e it's too late.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 08:24:59 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

We've all heard of people who are so heavenly-minded that they are no earthly good. We've also heard about preachers who promise their flock great reward in heaven, but ignore life's difficulties. Some people accuse them of being "pie-in-the-sky prophets" who have forgotten that we must still live in the world. But according to the writer of Hebrews,(Read: Hebrews 11:8-16 ) there is a proper heavenly-mindedness. It's the virtue that enabled Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to live by faith as tent-dwelling nomads in Canaan (11:8-10). In his book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis wrote, "If you read history you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next. The apostles themselves, . . . the great men who built up the Middle Ages, the English evangelicals who abolished the slave trade, all left their mark on earth, precisely because their minds were occupied with heaven. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so ineffective in this. Aim at heaven and you will get earth 'thrown in.'" If our minds are properly occupied with heaven, we can't help but do earthly good. --HVL

------------------ Wed Sep 30 08:41:08 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

Wouldn't it be nice if the drug dealer's minds were "properly occupied by heaven"? I guess it's possible to get them to that point, but it's going to take agressive action first. Try handing a bible verse to a drug dealer and see what happens.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 11:37:38 1998 --------------------------

Another Mom sent the following: Comment

I agree that those of us who are mad about the way the gangs and drug dealers are taking over should get together and force the city and county officials to do something. One person's voice may not matter, but a whole group together might make both th e officials and the criminals see that we don't have to put up with this crap! I'm so scared that my child will get hurt someday just because of the way he looks at another person. I'd support a community meeting 100%! Violence in return is not the ans wer, but I believe that something to get the point across is necessary. Any ideas??

------------------ Wed Sep 30 11:44:22 1998 --------------------------

BigHead sent the following: Food for thought

Greetings fellow citizens. Now don't get all riled up. Have an open mind and be adults. We have some serious problems here and it seems that it is so bad that some people are having violent tendencies. Who can blame them I wouldnít want my daughter o r son or mother or father getting punched by some thug. But if we donít do something now then whatís next a murder or rape? Someone from your family could be next! As for the police department they are not going to do a thing until someone in a real posit ion(not your average citizen) makes them. Lets face it is easier, safer, less paperwork and time involved if you pull over a sixteen year old for squealing tires. As for drug problems, the police department has their own. I recommend that the city starts making its officers take random drug screens on a monthly basis. Now I know that last statement is going to kick up some dust but its true and if anyone tries to deny it theyíre only fooling themselves (and may even be pa rt of the problem.) Maybe the citizens should control this testing to make sure its done properly. After all it is OUR police department(of the people, by the people, for the people). Now to solve a problem you have to know the root of the problem. Why is this person selling drugs? Some do it because they are basically lazy to the bone. While others canít seem to make ends meet. We have a serious lack of good jobs in this county. If we could bring in one GOOD industry or company we might eliminate about half of this problem. There are so many other s olutions to our problems. We just need to set a meeting time and place and put our heads together. We know from the past that we canít just sit back and wait for the police to solve our problems for us. These meetings should be lead by common people with no political ties in the county!

------------------ Wed Sep 30 13:09:21 1998 --------------------------

A.C. sent the following: Consider this

Is anyone aware of what occured in the restroom at LMS?..And just like the drug problem,nothing at all was done to these kids...

------------------ Wed Sep 30 14:23:36 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Reply

I mentioned a community meeting and you sound like you want one so I called Mayor Douglas and within 5 minutes he had gotten me in touch with Chief King and I have gotten some information about how to do this. I reaaly do hope that you are serious beca use it does take a village. We can be that village that makes a differece. I only hope that we can come together as adults and leave our petty differeces at home. We have to be willing to HEAR what these people tell us and I honestly believe they are will ing to HEAR what we have to say. We are not going to agree on everything because we are all different. But that's what makes us all special. I will be in touch as soon as I can with more information. I need to read this material and get my facts straight before I pass it on to you. I have already been told that they have a place to meet and will are ready to give us the time and day. But I would rather take the time to get the word out so ALL of us can be there. Power does come in numbers and the more peo ple we can get to this meeting, the more we will be able to do and the faster we will be able to do it. We can make a differece. Please be there! Bring your thoughts and bring your ears so we can stop the drugs and the gangs now. There are more honest, ha rd working people in this town than there will ever be drug dealers. I beleive that. Thanks!

------------------ Wed Sep 30 19:36:05 1998 --------------------------

JD sent the following: Answer

this mom will be there!

------------------ Wed Sep 30 19:37:01 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Comment

congratulations mom, maybe your way will work.i agree we should try the non-violence approach least it will give me time to finish my noise suppressor and mount my infra-red sniper scope.just tell me the time and place and ill be there,because if this doesnt bring results,you can bet ill be there......... they just wont know the time or place till it happens.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 19:38:54 1998 --------------------------

JD sent the following: Answer

this mom will be there!

------------------ Wed Sep 30 19:58:41 1998 --------------------------

Hey Me Too sent the following: Reply

This mom will also be there. Name the place and time!!!!! If we stand our ground, maybe then someone will see we mean BUSINESS.......Count me in for the full ride......T.H.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 21:31:22 1998 --------------------------

Just wondering sent the following: Food for thought

you have the right approach...but have you thought about how far you going to get when one of the so called "Prominent Local Family" names comes up in this War on Drugs... Highland Street and Rice Park are not the only neighborhoods around Ripley for Drug dealing.. just wondering.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 23:30:55 1998 --------------------------

Even another Mom sent the following: Two cents worth

I'll be there, too. Yes, I also agree that it's not only the "lower class" neighborhoods where this is taking place. It will be interesting to hear what the police have to say about this.

------------------ Wed Sep 30 23:35:34 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Well here's what I think

Prominent or not,still does'nt give them the right to be above the law.Don't do the crime,if you can't do the time.Enough local citizens know about it and all it takes is a call to a Memphis tv station.Even the cream in milk will go sour if you ignore it long enough. Let's not ignore anyone who deals in drugs.Let's put them right out front for the world to see.They don't have enough money to make me keep my mouth shut.If they convict some and let others go,then maybe we need to contact the FBI. That sh ould bring the pucker factor to about 9.9.Every time they come to town,someone goes to jail.They just love putting prominent citizens in the cell with bubba.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 06:25:31 1998 --------------------------

I heard it too sent the following: Comment

To heard that: I'm with you! In a war, they come in all sizes. We have to face the big guys in order to get to the little ones.The big ones have been getting away with all this for way too long.And you never know who's name is gonna end up on our list .So we also need to think about alternatives to going through the "right channels" in setting up this meeting.If we get too much opposition or too many rules placed on us, we should change it to a "picnic in the park" kind of thing.We have the right to as semble.I'm not saying disrespect the law in any way. Let's just make sure the law respects us.It would be nice to have the local law enforcement on our side to help with this fight but if it comes down to their jobs on the line, I don't think they are goi ng to be very cooperative.And as posted before, if we have to, the FBI would be happy to come to town and leave with a few prominant criminals.Especially if we do a lot of their investigation for them.I'm in this to the finish.I hope I'm not alone.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 06:43:22 1998 --------------------------

A Fan of Lauderdale County sent the following: Comment

The Lauderdale County Chamber of Commerce is hosting the #2 event in a series of "BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SEMINARS" to benefit those in retail, non-profit organization, industry, business and YOU ! The event is on Wednesday OCT 14 at the TN Tech Center 8-12. The sessions will feature 3 components which will impact providing superior customer service, legal issues, economic improvement and improving employee relations. The speakers are dynamic ! Don't miss this great opportunity to attend - call th e Chamber 635-9541 to register.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 13:14:08 1998 --------------------------

Lynn Gould sent the following: Reply

I've been reading this crap on the chalkboard and not saying anything because it would do no good but I am sick and tired of everyone putting down the police officers who work everyday and don't ask for anything but a little support. The majority of th e law enforcement officers in this county put forth 110% in doing their jobs. You think that one part of town should recieve 100% of the police department attention , well everyone thinks their problem is the most important and that the police should dro p everything else and take care of them. and now matter how trivial their complaint, if you don't do what they think is enough, they call the mayor and complain. we have had people call and want an officer to deliver their pizza because Domino's would not deliver to that section of town and some of them called the mayor and complained that the shift commander would not do it. now what's more important , to them it was their pizza. we we work in Rice Park area and all we hear is you only mess with black f olks and when we work the strip area we hear you scared to mess with black folks and only fool with white people. when people call and complain about loud radios on the strip and we start writing tickets we hear how we are cowards for harrassing kids and not arresting drug dealers. when we aggressively work drug areas, we are called racists because most of the street level dealers we arrest are black, regardless of the fact that the people who are calling us racist are the same people who complained abou t the drug sales in the first place. and all of this with the same number of officers that the department had before all of the recent annexation. and heaven forbid an officer who has just worked a child abuse case, a wreck with serious injuries or no tel ling what else, gets a chance to stop for a meal or just to stand down for a minute and drink a cup of coffee or soft drink and then we are lazy no good bums who don't do anything. you may be wondering why police officers stay with such a life. It's simp le no matter how much the public shows their distain and disrespect, we care about our community and the people who live here and just one thank you from someone overcomes all the petty backstabbing. We are going to keep working just as hard, even if the majority of the community has no idea what we do and continue to belittle us

------------------ Thu Oct 1 13:29:40 1998 --------------------------

LYNN GOULD sent the following: Comment

Also, everyone that I have talked to at the police department thinks that a community meeting is one of the best things that could happen. If the community works together, instead of against each other, then there is no telling what can be accomplished .

------------------ Thu Oct 1 14:36:39 1998 --------------------------

Your Average Joe sent the following: Consider this

Don't get me wrong. There are some good cops in Ripley but not all of them. If you really pay attention I haven't seen too many officers in this area that have missed alot of meals. I've spent alot of days without eating to get my job done and have done a little dance or two because I had to 'go' and couldn't. As far as belittlin g the police department, the officials that do the hiring and firing set you good cops up for it. Example: When a police officer that is off duty can run down the highway doing 90 miles an hour, drinking, with an open container in the car, and a loaded we apon and still has his job, It kinda speaks for itself. Not to mention that its a known fact that its a regular cocaine and meth amphetamine user. Now as far as everthing else I'm sick of officials in this county thinking because somebody is an average ev eryday person that makes them some kind of an idiot. I'm not blind. I've got 20/20 vision. I can see whats going on. I've seen so many things that were wrong in this county that it is sickening. I've known people to get DWI's sitting in someones driveway asleep. While I've seen a state troopers son run over a dumpster one night(right around the corner from the city hall)drunk and drag racing and never get a ticket for anything. So don't sit here and point your finger at me and tell me I'm an idoit and I d on't know what is going on.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 18:38:27 1998 --------------------------

READY! sent the following: Question

Well, anyone know of an abandoned chat room that we can use to get a few of us together on here to start the planning of this meeting.....I've got some ideas that I'd like to share.....

------------------ Thu Oct 1 19:36:36 1998 --------------------------

PHSYCO sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Tell 'em Lynn. I know you guys put up with a lot of 'bull' from me, because of loud radios. Half the time, I wouldn't blame you if you said, "Forget you!!", and went on your way. Let 'em try a while with no cops. Then they might get as crazy as me. ;~>> Later .....

------------------ Thu Oct 1 19:43:43 1998 --------------------------

TOS sent the following: Consider this

If enough users have icq, you could chat that way.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 19:56:49 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Comment

I have been reading this board for the last couple of weeks, and just thought I would ask what is the new Sheriff and his new Deputies doing about all this drug and criminal activity that is taking place in Ripley these days. I don't live in Ripley now , I did grow up there and Graduated from RHS, but some of my family still live there and I really hate to hear that the town is not safe to just go down Highland Street. Lots of luck with your town meeting and I wish you lots of sucess.

------------------ Thu Oct 1 22:18:20 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Comment

Okay everyone, I will be able to give you a day and time tomorrow. What you need to do right now is tell everyone that you know about this and get them to come. The police department will be telling us what to look for and the signs that we need to rep ort. I've read what everyone has written since yesterday and I hope everyone will be in this for the long haul. First, I'd like to say, before we start putting down the police, let's give them the chance to help us and let's all work together. That's som ething esle that we can clear up in this meeting. Maybe we can learn more about what the police are being able to do and in what areas we can help most. Give them a chance. If they don't work with us then we go somewhere esle. We're NOT going to stop til we get our town back. I'll be back tomorrow and give the day, time and place. Tell everyone. It doesn't matter which part of town you live in, come to the meeting. We're not just trying to clean up Highland, we're reclaiming OUR town. Come to the meeting and let's get out here and kick some drug dealing a#s!! Spread the word to everyone you know. Bring everyone with you. Thanks!

------------------ Thu Oct 1 22:43:23 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Well here's what I think

you go get'em average joe.nobody asked them to take their job.if they dont like it or they are waiting for a thank you for doing it,then maybe they should get a job somewhere else.i do 8-12hrs a day in a factory and i never hear thank you.all i hear is if you dont do your job the way the people who pay your salary want you to, then we will find someone who can.sound familiar, we are the people who pay your your job right or we will find someone who can.use the training to make our streets saf e again. thats your job!!!! treat everyone the same black or white. thats your job!!!!!!!! serve the people of ripley,tn.. thats your job!!!!!!! help average citizens who want to solve these problems. thats your job!!!! if you get a thank you now and then ,you probably are doing your job, if you dont, then you need to do your job!

------------------ Fri Oct 2 05:20:03 1998 --------------------------

Interested In Meeting sent the following: Suggestion

Is there anyone interested in having a "users group" meeting ? Facilities to consider: TN Tech Center - call Mr. Montgomery; Halls Junior High School - call Dr. Pam Sirman; Lauderdale Middle School - call Sara Wiles; Ripley High School - call Jon Pav letic; Lauderdale Optional School - call Jack Phillips. These have a labs and can accomadate several people. The Bank of Ripley is willing as well to faciliate. Please have Robert or someone to check. There are several new users who would like to hear information to help them to learn more effective ways to use their new equipment.

------------------ Fri Oct 2 08:37:07 1998 --------------------------

Wanting to help sent the following: Suggestion

Some people may not be able to make it for the meeting because of work schedules or other reasons, so if everyone agrees, I'd be willing to build a web page with the high points of the meeting posted. Would anyone be interested in having a page like th at to refer to?

------------------ Fri Oct 2 12:08:53 1998 --------------------------

Alan Houchens sent the following: Comment painted a very accurate picture. Unfortunately some people can not see the forest for the trees. No matter how hard an LEO tries, they can not satisfy everyone and most, who have never worn the badge and gun, can only assume what it must be like. It is sad opinions are often shaped from watching police dramas instead of involvement. G-Day.

------------------ Fri Oct 2 13:28:39 1998 --------------------------

Yeah Right!!!! sent the following: Consider this

The write up in the paper about that officer that was stopped for wreckless driving and all that sounded like it was a "police drama". One that was handled poorly to say the least.I saw that in the paper too. What is the story behind that? Who did he k now that got him out of it? Who did he know that forced the story to die?

------------------ Fri Oct 2 14:43:19 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Reply

The town meeting is set for Tuesday, October 13th at 6:30 in the city courtroom at city hall. This still gives us a week to spread the word. Everyone try to attend. I think the idea of starting a web page for the highlights of the meeting for those th at cannot attend is an excellent idea. Any way we can get the word out is worth a try. That doesn't mean that we don't need people to be at the meetings because we do. I can't say alot about the police or their department on what they have or have not don e but this seems to be heading toward an attack on them instead of the drugs, drug dealers, and gangs that are going on. All I'm trying to say is, let's meet with them and hear what they say ans try some ideas and see if they work then if they don't we wi ll try something esle. I do agree that alot of stuff comes back on the police that aren't always their fault. They can arrest these people then the courts let them go. The police have no control over this and that's where maybe we can get involved and if the police do their jobs then let's amke sure that the court does theirs. I appricate the fact that the police are going to try to work with us. They do have a job that I wouldn't want to do and maybe sometimes we do forget to say a simple thanks. Think a bout how it makes you feel in everyday life when a friend or spouse stop to say thank you. You can get alot farther with sugar than you can with salt. Anyway, I hope to finally get to meet alot of you at the meeting October 13th. Let's get the word out so we can have a strong beginning and lots of good ideas. Take this time to maybe jot down any question or comments or ideas on a piece of paper then when we are in the meeting we can address them. Thanks. I hope we can all find a way to win this fight. Hop e to see you there.

------------------ Fri Oct 2 18:45:05 1998 --------------------------

John Doe Citizen sent the following: That's the fact Jack

It just so happened that his step dad is the Police Commissioner.. thats how he got away with it..his punishment from the police department was never made public..

------------------ Fri Oct 2 18:49:45 1998 --------------------------

Yeah Right!! sent the following: Reply

Thank you John Doe Citizen, for the answer...Had someone else tell me the same thing just a while ago...guess it is all in who you know!

------------------ Fri Oct 2 19:21:51 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Well here's what I think

Things are as they always have been,There are bad officers as well as officals in almost every city.There is a majority of good officers here though as far as I know.Let's use the good ones to help fight our fight, and hope that the bad ones sit this o ne out.This meeting will happen. It's up to you and me to see that it has some positive effects on our community.Let's not strain relations with our men in blue. They are supposed to be the good guys.We will need their help and support in our struggle.Att end this meeting with an open mind and maybe we will find a solution to our problem.

------------------ Fri Oct 2 20:55:20 1998 --------------------------

Super Mom sent the following: Suggestion

Someone mentioned earlier that if enough of us have ICQ, we could get together there to discuss this and other topics in the community before and after the meeting.If your interested, my ICQ number is 20296732.Just send a message or post your ICQ numbe r here.

------------------ Sat Oct 3 08:01:03 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: Consider this

When a grief-stricken woman was sharing her feelings, her friend said sympathetically, "Sorrow does color life, doesn't it?" "Yes," the woman agreed, and then added, "but I intend to choose the colors." In today's Bible reading, the prophet Habakkuk expressed the same intention. Facing the possible loss of crops and livestock, he declared, "Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation" (3:18). The words "I will" revealed Habakkuk's belief that he could choose his response to loss--either to sink into despair or to rejoice in God's redeeming power. His decision to rejoice wasn't a denial of the pain. It was a decision of trust based on the truth that God would remain with him to be his strength and enabler (v.19). The choice to rejoice is with us every day. To refuse to choose is itself a choice. It's an unconscious consent to be overcome rather than to be an overcomer. I recently met a disabled elderly woman who exemplified this. When I inquired, "How are you," she replied cheerfully, "Just fine! If I were any better, I'd have to be twins!" Loss and pain do color life, but we can choose the color--joy! --JEY Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation. --Habakkuk 3:18

------------------ Mon Oct 5 07:34:28 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: That's the fact Jack

It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about? -Henry David Thoreau

------------------ Mon Oct 5 09:03:42 1998 --------------------------

OBSERVER sent the following: Reply

In reference to the following comment placed on Oct. 1, regarding what our new Sheriff and his Deputies were doing about the drugs and criminal activity going on in Ripley.....I'd be willing to bet "MONEY" that they are taking care of matters just fine ....if you know what i mean!!!! If you used to live here once upon a time, them you also know that part of all the problems are due to "you srcatch my back,I'll scratch yours...THE END.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 10:46:41 1998 --------------------------

donk sent the following: Comment

cops can only go so far i don't care what they do most are just getting to the end of the day. Most are useless as for doing it without them i'll be just fine. There is good and bad in everthing we should get rid of some city officals while we are at it. come play with me i'll put a six inch vally in the middle of there skull.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 11:30:10 1998 --------------------------

who sent the following: Comment

Donk.....when was the last time you did police work? P.S. How on earth did you mistype the spelling on your name....the n key and r key are not even close to one another.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 11:52:18 1998 --------------------------

irishpirate68 sent the following: Two cents worth

Hey Mom, check your E-mail

------------------ Mon Oct 5 13:29:17 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Food for thought

People are running down the police department.Heres yopur food for thought. The case where the teenager was assaulted by the black man at the intersection of Highland and Watkins was dismissed due to lack of evidence. The girl gave a positive id on her attacker,four police officers testified that the person in question was in town and in the area.The person on trial broughttwo witnesses that said he was in Memphis from 6:05pm.[exact time] to about 10:00 pm.His witnesses were his mother and his girlfrie nd. What's wrong with this picture? No wonder the police are frustrated.Judge Reviere, it doesn't take an idiot to know who to believe.Militantman maybe you should go to the justice center to set your sniper scope.Just target the long black robes.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 14:19:11 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Comment

Nobody needs to set their scope but the people do need to get together with the police and make these upstanding judges accountable for their actions. Chief King told last week that they need the people of this town to work with them because the crimin als are going free and laughing at the police and the victims in these cases. The man that did the attack and his family laughed as they left the court room. This makes it even more important to come to the meeting next Tuesday night let's get all of our facts together and make the people in power answer for their actions and and show that justice will be served in Ripley, Tn. Make criminals pay for their crimes to the point of they know that Bubba is waiting in the room for them. And if that means that s ome of our judges need to meet Bubba, so be it. If they can't uphold justice and they want to take a known drug dealers word over our police, send them to the big house because we're sick of it! Meeting: Tuesday, October 13th in the city courtroom at 6:30 p.m.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 15:48:42 1998 --------------------------

Thinkin about this.... sent the following: Question

I'll be there!!!......I'm not really educated in the way these court cases go,so I have a question. Was this done in a court that could have questioned the credibility of the witnesses? If not, that's something that needs to change! If so, the judge an d the prosecuting atorney are at fault. Am I right? I mean the attorney should have at least suggested it.(Don't bash me.. :-) Gotta ask to learn....)

------------------ Mon Oct 5 20:10:11 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Well here's what I think

thanks heard that for the target selection. the problem as i see it is the money that clouds mens souls.i've known herman for many years.he is a nice enough fellow.maybe his years are over as judge though. he's not the only one that needs to retire.thi s is one of the most corrupt counties in west tenn. i still think a bug should be dropped in the fbi's ear, before someone has to put a bullet in someone elses.i still hold that option open till after this meeting.i'll be there,and i hope everyone on this chalkboard is too.the old saying strength is in numbers should still hold true.if these officals see that there are a number of people tired of this mess ,maybe their souls will over ride their greed.way to go mom for getting the ball rolling.let's not d rop it by not being there.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 20:24:07 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Reply

'Thinking about this", no the credibilty of these witnesses were not questioned. This was in city court. But, When the judge in this county refuses to stand by the police in this county, then there's a problem. These officers are out here doing their j ob then they carry a case to court and the judge turns it back out on the streets. It might could have been questioned had this black man not been in court last Thursday for stealing a truck. Everyone knows this man and knows that he's nothing but bad new s. He and his whole family are bad news. You're right, there needs to be some changes happen in this system. Not only for the police to be able to do their jobs better but for the people that live in this county. I don't feel that we can trust our own cou rt system to protect us. Even our new judge is only slapping these people on the hand with simple 25 dollar fines and setting bail for murders at 5000. These people need to be gotten off our streets and things need to be so rough on them that they don't g et back out. Do the crime, go to jail, wait there for a hearing, go to prison and meet Bubba. That's how I feel. I'm learning as I go too but I'm starting to understand alot more on how things are done. Glad you ask the question. We all have to ask questi ons if we don't know. That's how we learn to do things better.

------------------ Mon Oct 5 21:34:25 1998 --------------------------

heard that sent the following: Tease

hey cuz, you reading me way up in ky

------------------ Mon Oct 5 21:40:58 1998 --------------------------

Prospector sent the following: Two cents worth

Snipers...Shooting of Judges...Attacking citizens without due process in a court of law...It would seem that we also have dangerous individuals on this chalkboard... As for the officers of both city and county departments I have worked with several of the officers over the past few years where Citizens were injured , burned , battered or just plain scared. These men deserve a hardy round of applause There may be a few who do not meet the high standards of the rest but judge those alone. As for the r est THANK YOU ...

------------------ Mon Oct 5 22:36:08 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Well here's what I think

prospector, we do not have a beef with the police dept, its when a city judge ties their hands that the problems start.where is due process say we have dangerous individuals on this chalkboard? your right!!!!!!!! if this meeting doesnt get re sults you may have a war on our streets.we want our town back,by any means nessessary. we want to work with the police if we can,but if the judges keep letting the criminals go we will be forced to take desperate measures.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 01:14:23 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Opinion

I'm as upset as anyone, but it's all your own faults. You voted them in Let's try not to sound like textbook rednecks.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 01:17:42 1998 --------------------------

TeeRex sent the following: Comment

When I say you voted them in, I mean as a whole. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if half the comments here are coming from well meaning citizens that have repeatedly voted in the same riff-raff election after election. Or riff-raff from the past.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 02:28:02 1998 --------------------------

CyberCop sent the following: Opinion

I'm afraid that our courts and our justice system are products of our society. We have become callous to the cries for justice from the common man and nothing shocks our social conscious anymore. Example; last week a jury of our peers found an animal guilty of killing a 22 month baby and another woman and turned right around and sentenced him to less than he had tried to plea bargain for with the DA's office. Example; last Friday night a police officer turned the corner on Highland St. and saw an an imal beating another man in the middle of the street and had cut him severely multiple times. The General Sessions Judge had him out on bond the next day so he would not get in trouble on his new job. The officers on the streets all over this country ar e bone-tired of fighting the criminals and the justice system that seems to work so well in their behalf. Why do you stay you ask? Good question. I've never been overly concerned for alot of praise or money and I certainly don't do the job for my health (the average life expectancy of a police officer is 57 years compared to 74 for the average citizen). I strongly suspect that I and 600,000 or so other officers still believe that our system can work if all citizens, not just the police, team together an d make it work. The law enforcement community has been asking for your help for many years in one form or the other. Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch, Crimestoppers, DARE, etc. are some examples. We need your help now more than ever so please com e to the meeting on the 13th and ask the tough questions of your officers, elected officials, and judges. I know that most of you support the police and you are venting your frustrations on this chalkboard. I appreciate your concern and hope that we can all come together to make Ripley a great place to live.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 10:08:58 1998 --------------------------

sent the following: That's the fact Jack

Tired of the Clinton soap opera about s*x? A report has been made public that details Presidential abuse of power and has not one word about affairs with interns and who touched who where. In its 145 page Interim Report, Judicial Watch details, with supporting evidence in 8 binders (nearly 4000 pages), impeachable offenses in Filegate, Chinagate, political abuse of the Internal Revenue Service, and other Clinton scandals. For instance, Judicial Watch's discovery in its Filegate case shows that the President had "hands on" control in illegally releasing Privacy Act materials against witnesses in the various Clinton scandals. And, in the Chinagate matter, he authorized the illegal sale of seats on Commerce Department trade missions in exchange for campaign contributions, and likely breached national security.The report concludes that Clinton likely violated federal racketeering statutes. Add to this the scurrilous scandal over the tainted blood sold to Canada and the bombing of foreign countries without even consulting his top advisors.... The President is out of control and must be put out of office before he can do any more harm. For details on the Judicial Watch report go to:

------------------ Tue Oct 6 18:47:40 1998 --------------------------

joe blow sent the following: Two cents worth

way to go cybercop. i agree with you 100%. just tell me one do we get the judges to show up at this meeting? i can see the elected officals coming because its in their best interest,but the judges dont have anything to gain. as i see it they are the root of the problem. they undermine the police, the average citizens, and make this a place a living nightmare. we need someone whos not afraid to yield a big stick and put these people behind bars. what are we going to have to do? hogtie the judg es and bring them there? judges if you want to prove to us the average joe blows of this county that you arent filling your pockets with crack money you had better show up and plead your case.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 20:48:50 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Comment

TeeRex, you're right . We are the people that put these people where they are but at the same time we can take them out of there and it's time to do just that. These judges are making a laughing stock out of the citizens in this town and the police tha t are out here trying to do their jobs. Cybercop, I have to say, I'm sorry because up until here lately I thought it was mainly the police not doing their jobs but after doing very little research on this, I found out that ya'll are up against bad odds. I t's sad to think that the judges won't work with our men in blue. I thought we were all on the same side but I was wrong. I hope that everyone will attend the meeting and I hope that we can do some good. We have turned our heads the other way and waited f or someone esle to clean things up. I guess human nature makes it easier to blame someone esle rather than get up and do something about it yourself. I hope not to ever make that mistake again. I hope others will feel the same way and help too.

------------------ Tue Oct 6 23:36:27 1998 --------------------------

Even another Mom sent the following: Question

Will the meeting next week be advertised in the newspapers? There are a lot of people who don't have the internet that need to be reached.

------------------ Wed Oct 7 12:17:14 1998 --------------------------

mom sent the following: Reply

I am trying to get in touch with the radio station and the newspapers so that the meeting can be advertised. But as of now, no I haven't done it. I plan to spend my afternoon today doing that. Be sure to tell all your friends and neighbors.

------------------ Wed Oct 7 17:20:42 1998 --------------------------

donk sent the following: Comment

It has'nt been that long ago hooter.

------------------ Wed Oct 7 18:37:07 1998 --------------------------

Anonymous sent the following: Two cents worth

Last week the suspect that shot the 22 month old baby entered a plea of guilty. As required by death penalty cases, the sentencing phase is administered by a jury. The suspect sat in jail for several months in relation to another murder in which he was later convicted. Either out of self conviction or jealosy the suspect gave police key information that lead to the arrest of or three other suspects. The suspect also admitted to his part in the murder of the child. A jury of his peers refused to sentence him to death. I know most people don't want the death of another on their con cience, but the phrase "I am my brothers keeper", rings very true in this country because we as individual citizens must sometimes cary out punishment on criminals. It may be hard to walk your brother to the electric chair but for the safety of innocent children and our families, sometimes we must. Romans chapter 13, clearly makes this relevant. We as citizens when charged with this duty must put our own inhibitions aside and do the right thing no matter how hard it is.

------------------ Wed Oct 7 20:13:21 1998 --------------------------

citizen sent the following: Reply

We not only have a responibility to do the right thing but if we sent a few of these criminals to prison or to the chair or maybe even to the tallest tree on the square, I bet there would be alot less crime. We need to make an example out of a few of t hem and I'll be willing to bet that there will be others that think before they break the law. But with the judges we have, I find it hard that they did anything to him.

------------------ Wed Oct 7 20:51:09 1998 --------------------------

militantman sent the following: Consider this

any of yall have a problem with walking someone to the electric chair? if you do.ill be more than glad to take your place. ill even throw the switch, and laugh while im doing it.i like the name given to these low lifes by cybercop. ANIMALS.once an anim al goes bad,and hurts or kills a real human. they need to cease to be a threat to other humans. if that means death for death then so be it.

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