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Ok people. Here is your input to our Lauderdale Chalkboard. This is available for everyone to put in comments - which will be OPEN to everyone viewing our system (so keep it "tidy").
We discourage direct attacks on individuals, spam, and flames. There are lots a newsgroups that contain this type of bickering and will welcome a battle of wits. But here we like to keep it nice on the personal level, while disagreement on topics and ideas are fine.
Please do not post ads on the chalkboard including, but not limited to, Make Money Fast plans.
After sending your comments, you may have to hit your browser refresh button while viewing the chalkboard to see any newly added comments.
Comments will be stripped of spaces and html tags. There is no spell checking done so you may want to write the post in your word processor, spell check it there, then cut and paste it into the comment field.

Please try to limit your comments to 200 words per post. And don't post your novel here, in other words, a couple of posts a day is enough.

Things for sell/trade/swap belong on the Want Ads Page not the chalkboard.

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Category :
Comments :
Action : Even though you can specify a "handle" for your name, posts are not
anonymous. So don't post anything you wouldn't want displayed at
the town square with your name attached to it. We certainly won't
release your name without a court order, but any hacker worth their
salt will know who you are.

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