Get Paid To Surf?

A different way of thinking

While surfing the web, you have to see ads on most places you go anyway, so why not try this out. This company runs a banner on the bottom of your screen. While you are surfing, different ads pop up. Ignore them, visit them, whatever, but you'll get paid money for doing it.

You aren't going to rich doing this but you can get up to $20 every other month, you can have a dinner out on somebody else's nickel or use it to pay part of your phone bill, your internet bill, doesn’t matter.

If you don't like it, you can turn it off anytime, unload it anytime - it doesn't have to run full time, but the time it runs it is adding up the dollars and cents.

They will need your mailing address to send you your check. Once you hit the link below, choose join, and fill out the basic information. Next download the banner software, install it, and reboot. The next time you get online, start your banner from the windows menu bar. You can click the down-arrow to hide the bar anytime.

Yes, I Want To Get Paid To Surf

Most advertising on the ‘net works by paying somebody who has a web page up that a lot of people who visit. An example would be a search engine like Yahoo. The owner of the web page uses the money to build a better web page, expand and for profit. This method is different; this company sells ads but doesn’t place them on any certain web page. Instead they wrote a little banner program that runs in a window separate from the web page.  This way the banner doesn’t go away when you change the web site in your browser. Also, the web page doesn’t get a cut of the money, you do.

It would be like getting paid a small amount for each commercial you watch on TV. However, the banner only earns money when you are actively using the internet browser.  This means you would not get paid to get up and make a sandwich.

Disclaimer: A third party will pay you. No one at lctn guarantees anything. Visit the page linked above for more information. A third party chooses the ads. It is currently their policy not to run any adult ads. If they ever do, you may choose to remove the banner at anytime. The third party may also modify their rates and terms at anytime, but you can also cancel anytime.