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More Things To Do

This page contains all the things to do posted on the things to do section of The Lauderdale County Home Page. Newest things to do will be at the top. The first three are the same as what is on the home page. This page will keep you from missing anything if you haven't been on for a while. Please keep in mind that older external links may not work.

If you know of any cool links we should put up, let us know.


UT Martin Ripley Center

Halls Summerfest is this Saturday. Come and enjoy the fun!

Crossview Baptist Church is now linked from the religion page.

Google now has satellite images on their site. To access it click here and enter any USA address.

A Chruch in Henning has a new web site. Check out Victory Baptist Church. The link is also on the lctn Religion page. If your church has a site let us know.

The National Weather Service has really improved their web site over the past year. Some local TV stations have maps that are several minutes old. You will find some of the most recent weather maps available on the internet at Radar page. Just click a location in the US for a closer view. The Point Forecast is pretty neat, too. Click on any area, Hales Point, Barr, and you will get extrapolated forecast for that little area. This page lets you see seven days forecast various weather related data, including tempertures, precip chance, sky cover, wind, dew point, etc.

Visit Ripley's Spiller Hill Church of God in Christ on the web. If you would like your church to have a web site for free, let me know at

Take a virtual tour of the Paschal house. This is just one of the 35 reasons to visit and enjoy Lauderdale County.

NOAA put the radar loop from the big storm in Memphis on July 22. Memphis Storm - I'm not sure how long they will leave this image up, so you may want to check it out soon. It may take a while to load if you have dialup.

Congratulations to the Ripley High School Baseball Team. State Champs!!!

Jonathon Mooney's Home Page.

Check out Dry Hill Race Way. Close by fun for all.

The Bank of Ripley is making available to any Lauderdale County resident the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at the Tennessee Technolgy Center - Ripley. A fall scholarship will be given to a full time student enrolled in any course of study at the center. Application forms may be obtained from the TN Technology Center-Ripley or any location of the Bank of Ripley. For information, call 635-3368 or 635-1230. Deadline to apply is September 15, 2002. The web site for the Technology Center is

Visit the new improved and vastly updated Ripley First Baptist Church Web Site. The new pastor, Lyle Larson, is excited his ministry and the new web site.

The Bank of Ripley has made available applications for the 6th annual Mini-Grant Program. Teachers in the Lauderdale County School System may apply for the grant for various types of classroom projects. Visit the web page for more information. The site contains the guidelines, application and project forms. Lists of previous grant winners are also on the web site.

From UT Martin: Globe-Gate Research, an internationally known consultant for educators, government organizations and businesses at the University of Tennessee-Martin, has just produced a library which, at the same time, supports our institutional resources and stands on its own : The ANDY HOLT VIRTUAL LIBRARY. An excellent tool for homework and research, it contains a world catalog window free bibliographic databases periodicals list reference desk over 100,000 book reviews online digital collections (nearly one and a half million documents, with children's literature). Humanities and Fine Arts discipline-oriented resources. These resources are offered for free to the public.

What time is it? Check with the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C.

The Governor of Tennessee, Don Sundquist, visited Ripley Primary School recently. Check out this web page from LCED about the visit.

The Lauderdale County Education System has a new address on the web. It is which stands for Lauderdale County Education Network. Make it a point to stop by a visit the various school sites and keep up with the future of education in Lauderdale County.

If you have a digital camera and want prints but are tired of spending too much on ink and glossy paper to get only mediocre quality, try Sony ImageStation. They will let you store pictures at no cost and offer prints from 0.49 for 4x6s. When I signed up they had an offer for 50 prints free plus shipping.

Here is a web page some local guys put together on the sport of skating

It is baseball season! The Memphis Redbirds have a new stadium. Make sure you catch a game this year. The Redbirds are an affilate of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Give your dull IE toolbar a nice background at HotBar. There are plenty of images to choose from.

Get the latest upgrades to windows 95 or 98 at Windows Update. This includes the dreaded Y2K updates.

Seasons Greetings. Checkout these neat online Christmas cards. Silent Night and Jingle Bells.

CNN SI is CNN's Sports Illustrated site.

State of Tennessee unclaimed holdings.

Halls R.C. Flyers Club has a web page, check it out.

Ashport Baptist Church now has a place on the web. The Lauderdale County Relgion Page has links to other local churches on the 'net.

Want to try out a new search engine? How about Google. We will place a permanent link on the Lauderdale County Search Page.

With the new school year starting, may we suggest a visit to the Lauderdale County School System Web Site. The school calendar, lunches and other interesting information can be found there.

A LCTN user pointed out a new search engine, LookSmart. A link will be placed on the Lauderdale County Search Page for easy access to this and other search sites on the internet.

Last minute filers can find many of those hard to find tax form on the IRS Tax Forms Page. The forms are in PDF format so you may need Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a program that lets you print out special file types in the format that were designed. Unlike web pages, which may look different on different computers, PDF files will always print the same as long as your printer is capable.

The National Weather service has a page where they post all warnings for Tennessee. You have to refresh when there to get the most current information. A link to this site is being placed on the Lauderdale County Weather Links Page.

News Channel 3 finally got their site back up. It is greatly expanded over their previous site. The address is Check them out!

Susan found one of those "live cam" sites focused on an eagle's nest at Realfoot Lake. It refreshes itself every 5 seconds. See if you can catch an eagle in the nest.

Welcome to the web Tennessee Technology Center.

This is my favorite little JAVA app. It is a map the uses the real-time weather info from Channel 3's WeatherNet sites including Ripley High School. Make sure you click the "Display Winds" box. Click here for the Java Map and here for WeatherNet 3. The best NEXRAD and radar images go to Intellicast. For smaller more up-to-the minute images try WMC Channel 5 Weather. Also, note worthy is The Weather Channel. Their Severe Weather Alert can notify you of watches.

Still the best place on the web for books, audios, movies, music, DVD's, etc. is

About a cyber visit to the Children's Museum of Memphis?

Those of you who like Tennessee (the state that is) check out these screen savers from HiWAAY. They are large and may take a while to download.

You must visit the Lauderdale County School System Web Pages. From there you can jump to the various school pages and other information about the best school system in the country.

If you know what Rugrats, Real Monsters and Slime are then you already know all about Nickelodeon.

Get stock quotes and the like at Yahoo Quotes.

Antiques, coins, stamps, figures, jewelry, pottery, memorabilia, and all sorts of collectibles can be found at ebay. Check them out the next chance you get.

What happen with John Glenn and the Shuttle Mission? Visit NASA.GOV and find out.

Get the inside stuff going on in the Drudge Report.

The Lauderdale County Tennessee Genealogy Page has moved around some, but I have found it at I'll get it back in the quick link section for easy future reference. From this site you can dig up stuff on you ancestors. There is even a place to post queries about surnames, marriages, etc.

School is back in session. Need homework help? Try Study Web for everything from ABC programming to Zoroastrianism.

Kids, send your name to mars at NASA's Space Kids site.

This is no doubt the best weather site covering our area on the internet. WREG News Channel 3 and Automated Weather Source bring you this Comprehensive Weather Page with forecasts, doppler, and real time data from sites including Ripley High School sponsored by Bank of Ripley. The real-time java map is awesome. This is worthy of a visit several times a day!

Are worried about 2000? Check out A lot of information here about it. If you're running an older computer system or older software, chances are high that you will have have problems. Newer systems and software pose less of a threat, but can still occur.

Need a boat? try Pacific Skiffs.

If you like Titanic, check out FM100's tribute to Titantic page. Click on the banner there for a video clip of My Heart Will Go On. This requires the RealPlayer plug-in. (The clip took approx. 8 mins 33.6, 4 mins ISDN during peak access.)

College Basketball fans might want to look at College Basketball RPI. This site appears to be updated almost daily. Find out where your team ranks at anytime. The RPI is a major factor in deciding who goes to the Big Dance. Also check out Sagarin Ratings.

A user posted this on the chalkboard. The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission site lists current and past recalls and other product information. Nicely organized on one web site, the information is readily available. You won't have to worry if you missed something in the newspaper or on the news.

The movie Titanic has it's own web site, check it out. Loads of screen shots and general movie info.

The days of having to load and set up an IRQ program to chat are long gone. If you have a newer browser that supports JAVA, you can chat in your browser at Talk City. There are all kinds of topics to choose from. The attendants at the user meetings enjoyed a room called ABC where you can play a little game with acronyms. It is under the Arts & Entertainment category. This site (Talk City) can get very busy at peak times.

Get stock quotes, press releases and performance graphs at Morgan Keegan. Once your there click on Quotes and enter your ticker symbols.

Intellicast may just give The Weather Channel a run for their money. Although they don't have as many cities, Intellicast has much better radar, satellite, NEXRAD and precip charts. Check out Memphis be sure to look and the loops for radar and satellite. Looks like something you would see on TV. Some of the larger images are NOT for the bandwidth challenged. Links into Intellicast will be placed on the Lauderdale County Weather Links page for future reference.

Here's for the kids (the young ones) - Kidz Own Web Site. There lots to do. This link will be placed on the Lauderdale County Kidz Lynx page for future reference.

I don't usually put links to these nasty frame pages. But there is some good info here about Opryland. The reason I don't like frames is that ALL browsers do not support them and more often than not the author doesn't offer a non frame version, or the non frame version is outdated. New stuff is neat, but you can't leave too many people behind.

Look up a phone number or e-mail address of anyone in the US. Of course it must be listed, but most phone numbers are and some e-mail address. Yahoo! People Search.

It may just be another internet ad, but there are some neat items at TELEBRANDS.COM.

Check out the latest photos of Mars at NASA's JPL site. You can find other things on Pathfinder at MSNBC's page right here. These sites are very busy, you should expect long load times and to get bumped.

Our seniors may want to check out Third Age.

Here some of that do the right thing, touchy feely stuff : Missing Kids. Go there and glance at some pictures occasional. Who knows, you may help get a child back to their parents.

Are you hungry? Want to cook something different? Tons of recipe ideas can be found at My Menus.

Regis and Kathie Lee

The American Cancer Societyhas a page for Relay for Life. Lauderdale Countians come together recently and raised close to $200,000 for this cause.

Any John Grisham fans out there. has the first two chapters of his soon to be released The Partner on line. The link to the first chapter is on their Home Page.

Do you like horse racing? Check at Oaklawn.

WestStar at UT Martin is an interesting site. Their Sites of Interest page has lots of good links. Check it out next chance you get!

Want to talk long distance for free? Try FreeTel. The quality may be a little choppy, but hey talk to people all over the world for free.

Learn about the 'brain' of your computer at Intel.

Those new to the internet can Learn The Net. These guys might also help some of us who have been on a while.

Don't drink and drive

Want to check out the history of Lauderdale County? Lauderdale County Tennessee Genealogy. The site is being written by Ava Wilson Whitis. Although it is the developmental stages, this site looks quite nice.

All you collecters out there check out Department 56 for all the latest including the 1996 retirement list.

The site,, has a nice little dictionary, thesaurus and lots of other ways to look stuff up in their Research-It section. The Find-It section is yet another multi-purpose search page for finding things on the web.

Stock quotes and lots of other financial items can be found at Security APL.

New season in TV land? Who watches TV anymore when you got the internet? Anyways, here's a 90210 page.

Yet another catarogized index of web sites -- Galaxy.

Someone said I don't post enough freeware/shareware sites, try ZDnet. AS with all software on the internet, be careful, watch out for viruses and download at your own risk.

New season in TV land? Who watches TV anymore when you got the internet? Anyways, here's a 90210 page.

You investment types will like The Wall Street Journal. They have a two week free trail period. After that they want money, but if you take want the latest, it might be worth it to you. You make the call.

Windows 95 buffs should check out

Star Trek fans, check out This!

This one is just too cool! Preview/review all the latest movies at MovieWeb.

Centers for Disease Control - learn all about this government entity and other info in their data banks.

Do you want to spice up your desktop or web page? Try DESIGN i/O many clipart images ready to download.

Miss your soap? Need a summary? Check out Soap Dish.

Have you caught the current news? Try USA Today or CNN.

How many of you like to 'play' doctor? Not a good idea, but PharmInfo can give you all kinds of information on drugs (the legal kind) prescribed by your real doctor. You can also check out various disease information and other things in the medical community.

BrowserWatch is little area that keeps up with all the latest on browsers. Need a plug in for your NetScape? Need some reviews on IE 3.0 before you try it?

Ever wonder about what is on the net over in Europe? Check out muscat. See what you can find from this UK based search engine.

Need a to look up a telephone number? Across town? Across state? Across the US? Across the world? Try this index to Telephone Directorys on the Web.

Going anywhere? See it Travelocity can help.

Sports fan? See Sportsline. Yet another place for scores, stories and the like.

Bored? Check out Space Kitty. I would suggest you download it and read it off-line.

Haven't made vaction plans yet? Here's another idea - Six Flags

For the ladies, check out Danielle Steel's place on the web. Oh I know, I know, there are some men who might read her books as well.

Need a vacation? Check out Vacation Florida.

Check out Disney. The kids will love it.

Dyersburg has a neat little section on their page called chalkboards. You, yes YOU, can post receipes, want ads, favorite links, and miscellaneous com ments. Try it, let me know if you like it. We could do our own version, "Lauderdale" style.

Show the kids Toy Story's Page.

Music fan? Check out Life's Rock-n-Roll Gallery

If you have Windows 95 and Plus! Check out other Desktop Themes.

Sports fan? Check out ESPN and Major League Baseball.

During a period of thunderstorms on Monday afternoon, June 3, I was checking at Storm Track Five from Pinpoint 5 Weather. I wouldn't advise doing this unless you have good surge protection and a battery backup!

While setting up Government Links I found The White House f or Kids. Check it out.

There is a relatively new search engine out there called HotBot. It seems pretty busy (read slow) right now but it has potential.

Genealogy is a hot item on the internet. This is a monster page with hundreds of links. Near the botto m of this page is links to a vareity of passenger lists.

Visit ECSIS.NET's Dyersburg Home Page.

Check out the Five Day Forecast and Current Conditions for Dyersburg from The Weather Channel. You can also check the weather at hundreds of other places in the USA or several in Tennessee.

WWW.NBA.COM - Follow the NBA playoffs!

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