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The Starting Five

Guessing the starting five would be a tough undertaking. Sure Sneed and Ousley will be in there, but who else. The point guard should be a no brainer. This leaves the 2 and 3 spot.
Since I haven't seen the Tigers much, picking the best five is tough. The five best I had picked after Midnight Madness were:
PG - Shine
SG - Moody
SF - Jones
PF - Sneed
C - Ousley

The shooting gaurd was really a toss up between Moody and Chatman. The others look the best for their position at Midnight Madness. After the Tiger Club Practice, I've had a change of heart at that #2 spot.

PG - Shine
SG - Mulvagh
SF - Jones
PF - Sneed
C - Ousley

Mulvagh worked very hard in practice and played well defending both Moody and Chatman. He had the outside touch we will need to give Omar the room to work underneath.
Despite my pick, the buzz in the mainstream press is that Chapman will be the #2 man. We'll see what happens in the exhibition games.

The Bench

Given those five, each postion has one solid back up. At center, we will see the leaner James Harris giving Ousley a breather. Paris London will spell Sneed. Daniels will give Shine the breaks at point. The 2 and 3 spot we see a mix of talent coming off the bench. Seeing extended time in relief are Wise, Moody and Chatman. Jones and Wise may even get some time at #4 or #5. Such a line up would certainly pick up the pace of any game.

The Players

  • Jermaine Ousley #4 - Back for last season post season surgery on a vertibra, Ousley should be electrifing this season. Last year we saw spruts of his ability along with expression of pain on the bench. His performance at Midnight Madness and and the Tiger Club practice were less than spectacular. Perhaps a large crowd is need to get this 6-9 C/PF fired up.


  • Omar Sneed #41 - Still the work horse of the Tigers, picked as a favorite for C-USA player of the year, Sneed should again be the dominate offensive machine this season. Not blessed with the height for the position, Sneed put the hurt on opponants in the power forward position. With the addition of added big men, Omar should get some time at the #3 spot. With 2 big men on the strong side, Sneed could attack from the weak side.

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