Are you having e-mail problems?

January 20, 1999

I have received several support calls regarding people being unable to receive e-mail. When I get the call, I get on the internet, go the lctn server settings page and walk people through what is on that page. To better serve you and better explain what caused this, I have provided this page to help you get your e-mail back up, any time of the day.

In the past few months the e-mail system has been getting slower and slower. We have recently upgraded our e-mail server. It is now a speedy gazell - if you have your e-mail server settings correct. If not, you are not getting e-mail delivered to your computer. It is instead being stored at our server. Your computer doesn't know where to find it because it is looking it the wrong place.

For several months we have had posted on the lctn home page and CSS messages page, information about getting your e-mail settings correct before we made this upgrade. Those who made these changes suffered no e-mail errors. But don't panic, you can still correct your e-mail settings and get all the mail you've missed. Read on...

We have a special page for each mail client. Your mail client is probably either Outlook Express or Internet Mail. To find out, start your e-mail program now, if you haven't already. The title bar will either say Outlook Express or Internet Mail. If you have one of the other clients (i.e. Netscape) that will show as well. From that point, you should go to our e-mail settings page and click on the corresponding e-mail client link. On that page you will find step by step instructions on how to change your e-mail servers to the correct address.

Advanced users:
Change your outgoing mail server to
Change your incoming mail to

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