Woman Power

How 'Teen magazines and the Spice Girls are ruining it for independent females

by Nicole Ward

I think teenage fashion magazines are degrading to the spirit of women. I think the Spice Girls are degrading to the spirit of women.

Flipping through back issues of magazines like 'Teen and YM, I am amazed to find an immense amount of filler about "How to Grab Your Crush" and "Getting the Right Haircut Will Get the Right Guy." "Say Anything" is not the only part that makes me laugh. There are barely any readable articles for anyone living in the real world (unless you are counting the one on MTV).

How can one's mind ever be challenged by reading such fluff?

In addition to being completely bland in subject matter, the magazines also contain unrealistic pictures of bone-thin girls in designer threads. Apparently they are not tuned in to the diversity of young women. Even though they claim to be for "everyone," they linger in an exclusive stereotype which sends me spiraling into nausea.

I can now understand why more and more women grow up suffering from depression and eating disorders. Furthermore, they suffer from an intense eagerness to please everyone else before they please themselves. I even felt this loss of self respect as I grew up thinking I had to make everyone else happy with my appearance, my clothes, and my ideas. You have to develop individuality and independence to survive as a female in this world, and those magazines are not preaching much of a positive inspiration.

The lack of exposed female role models is another pressing issue. I know that there is an increased amount of women athletes, musicians, and other professionals that get recognition compared to what there used to be, and there are some that have a message for the world. Putting on makeup and worrying about men is not tops on every woman's daily list. But, ladies, you are not going to get as far on "girl power" as you will woman power. Females will more than likely spend the majority of their lives as women, so why not flaunt that instead?

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