Caught in the Web

by Robert Rodgers

This month's prize goes to Gibson's guitar site at If you're looking for a top-notch, quality guitar with a spotless history, Gibson is it.You can order guitars via mail delivery, check out guitar specs and options, or become an authorized Gibson dealer (if you own a guitar shop, of course). You can find just what you're looking for in a guitar from Gibson, and their web site is designed for just that purpose.The hands-on approach will help with any angle you can find on a Gibson product. Even if you don't play guitar, this site will let you sample the beauty of Gibson guitars. Are you interested in marketing? This site will really teach you how to successfully market a product. If you like technical things, you can see what makes up the electronics of a Gibson guitar. Overall, it's an eye-appealing, well-maintained web site that you will really enjoy.

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