Masihambisane: Let Us Walk Together

by K. Bowers

"Lean on me, when you're not strong/ and I'll be your friend/ I'll help you carry on/ For it won't be long/ 'till I'm gonna need somebody to lean on/ You just call on me brother when you need a hand/ We all need somebody to lean on..."

Twins, J. and J. Trevillian are two gracious singers that preformed in our 1998 Black History Program. They chose a touching song to sing, "Lean On Me". J. and J. Trevillian, juniors, have only been singing since last year's 1997 Black History Program, in which they sang "It's So Hard To Say Good-bye." They both agreed that they chose these songs because they wanted to get their point across. Their point is that we all need someone in life, and we all need to get along. Fortunately, they have each other. They also agree that the songs they sing fit the purpose of the program.

Though they have problems of their own they are hoping that the people that attended the Black History Program would take a hint and stop the violence. The brothers believe in "love instead of violence".

"We all have pain/ we all have sorrow...", so the song says. Early life was difficult for J. when his family noticed that he couldn't walk. He was born cerebral palsy. After that, he started having a lot of surgeries. Aquaintances of J. or J. know that they are both very close to one another and their mother. It sometimes takes problems to bring us close together.

J. and J. did a very good job at our 1998 Black History Program, and we are all very proud and appreciative that they took the time to be in it.

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