Quality teaching Deserves to be Recognized

by J. Broglin

Do you ever think what school would be like without teachers? Honestly, how would we learn? How could we make it in the world without skills and techniques learned in school? When you think about it, HHS has some of the most creative and helpful teachers around.

Each year, a teacher from each school in Tennessee is acknowledged for their quality teaching. They are chosen from three categories: kindergarten through fourth grade, the fifth through the eighth grade, and the ninth through the twelfth grade. Teachers nominate one teacher from each school, then the nominee submits an application for the 1998 Tennessee Teacher of the Year award. Mr. Larry Keen was chosen from our school because of his outstanding achievements as a teacher.

When asked how he felt about winning this award, he exclaimed, "Winning an award gives one a sense of accomplishment, but winning an award in your chosen occupation is special." This is not the first award he has received for his style of teaching. He has also been honored three times in the past 15 years with the Outstanding Educative Award given by UT Martin.

Teaching has had a major impact on Mr. Keen's life, as well as other staff and students. "I think he teaches really well. He teaches math so we understand it better," exclaimed H. Gutierrez, sophomore. Mr. Keen has taught for 31 years and 21 of those years have been in his present position. He is currently teaching Physics, Algebra I, and Unified Geometry.

HHS students definitely think it is time for his recognition. Sophomore L. Sawyer, stated, "He's a nice teacher, and he explains stuff better than the other teachers do. He makes you think harder." Students have found that Mr. Keen's ability to teach has helped them in areas of math that other teachers have not been able to. Everyone solely agrees that Mr. Keen is certainly the best of the best!

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