Go Tigers!

by S. White

With three seconds left in the game and the scored tied at 52, M. Meeks is fouled. The fans are on their feet. Our faithful fans: some parents, some friends, and some with no affiliation with the school at all, standing in anxiety as they watch M. make the shot. The ball goes in the basket putting HHS ahead by one point. During the last three seconds of the game the fans go crazy over Halls' defeat.

This year, just like every year, HHS has always had support from the family and friends of the team players, cheerleaders, and pom pon squad. For some the crowd may make them play better or make them a little nervous. "It makes me want to play harder and do better when people come out and support our team," says basketball player, C. McCaslin, sophomore. Showing support for HHS sports can go a long way as far as winning goes. If you looked up to see empty bleachers and hear no sound of a crowd going wild, you would think no one cared enough for you to put forth an effort.

Thanks to everyone who has come out and supported all of the 1997-98 sports throughout the year. It has encouraged our teams to work harder and play their best. Hope to see you next year, as well as the remainder of this school year.

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