Expressing Shakespeare's Work of Art

by J. Broglin

Hearts pounded and adrenaline rushed as the Halls High library set the scene for some of Shakespeare's finest works. Among these works were Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Pyramus and Thisbe. Although the sets were few and only four actors made up the cast, students were awed at the brilliant charisma the actors portrayed.

The cast consisted of four actors Tom Kirby, Tucker Curtis, Emily Helming, and Marquez Rhyme who were professional drama students at Theatre Memphis. HHS senior, J. Baker, stated, "I thought the actors did an excellent job of interpreting Shakespeare's writings so that high school students could understand it, and even though the cast was small their point remained clear."

The Shakespeare Express was presented to two different groups, the freshmen and sophomores, and the juniors and seniors. Considering the fact that the different age groups were studying diverse aspects of Shakespeare, there were scenes presented from each play. For example, the freshmen and sophomores saw Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar while the juniors and seniors saw Macbeth and Pyramus and Thisbe.

Shakespeare Express based its program on the Tennessee English curriculum, and it was only displayed before students who had made the honor roll the previous semester. This program was meant to reward students for their hard work and tremendous effort.

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